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  1. I know it is frustrating but you really are better off trying to cancel by phone. You just have to be patient (I know it is hard) but if you don't reach them, you might have trouble getting your deposit back.
  2. That was my understanding, also. But, someone on our Christmas cruise roll call mentioned that she would be cruising with family including a 6 year old grandchild. So, which is it?
  3. If the policy is 100% vaccinated cruises for 2021 on Holland America, what about children under 12 who cannot yet get vaccinated?
  4. Did you call the regular HALcustomer service phone number? They are open this weekend.
  5. Does anyone know why the Facebook live video with Seth and Gus was cancelled today?
  6. You don't know if the rep gave you the right information. It might be true or she might think it is true or maybe it is not true. Hard to know.
  7. I was aware that the balconies are smaller on the spa rooms but I thought the cabin size was the same. One question I had was how the doors between the balconies would open if you had two adjoining cabins. The balcony doesn't seem wide enough to fold the door back.
  8. I have an 11 day cruise scheduled in December and the rate for Club Orange was $25 per day. I was hoping for a cheaper rate but I guess I would have to take a longer cruise!
  9. Okay, $15, but still the same question. Is it a promo only for your cruise or any cruise? Does it have a promo name or number? Thanks.
  10. Is the $12 a night promotion for Club Orange just for your sailing or is it for all sailings? I have not heard of this.
  11. I agree with the idea to keep checking. There may be cancellations. Also, it wouldn't hurt to check with HAL. It's possible one of the rooms hasn't been released from inventory. Or, if you explain your situation, maybe they could find two rooms that are adjacent.
  12. I agree. But, if they want to be competitive, it would be better. Celebrity's suite restaurant has windows.
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