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  1. The holiday cruises are generally very crowded. I would assume that even with covid the ships would be more crowded than other dates. However, I don't know if HAL will limit capacity.
  2. Key West is having a boat race at the end of October - beginning of November. Could that possibly be the reason for the cancellation?
  3. I have never heard of a grace period but if there is, how would that affect the cancellation amount? Wouldn't the deposit be lost if you cancel after the payment due date?
  4. I thought Patrick & Matilda were great. One of my favorite acts.
  5. I also don't know why masks are required on a fully vaccinated ship. At a certain point, you do what you can but have to return to normal.
  6. JAM37. Sorry to hear about your TV not working. Did you try the trick of unplugging the TV and then plugging it in again? Works sometimes.
  7. It was my impression that there was always a 15 drink limit for alcoholic drinks but no limit on nonalcoholic drinks like coffee and soda. When did this change?
  8. I just realized that the notice was for NA and I'm on the Rotterdam. Maybe they are just extending the payment date for the holiday cruises. Who knows.
  9. The Rotterdam caribbean sailing on December 22, 2021 had final payment date changed to 60 days before. I was surprised to see that the cancellation schedule was changed to 60 days before also. In the past it had remained at 90 days. I was also surprised that no notice was given for this change. I only found out from somebody on cruise critic.
  10. The Zuiderdam is a vista class ship and the Eurodam is a signature class ship. Though they are similar they are not exactly the same.
  11. Could the rep have meant that there was no space available in early dining rather than they had no early dining?
  12. I'm not saying that I wouldn't wear a mask if those were the rules I agreed to. I was just wondering what changed between the first cruise when masks were not required and then the third or fourth cruise when they were.
  13. But if everyone if fully vaccinated, why do you need to wear a mask?
  14. It sounds like you have fixed early seating which is usually in the upper dining room. Did you request this? Make sure your waiter knows you are Club Orange so you will be given a special menu which will include an extra entree each day.
  15. I wish HAL would do a Fort Lauderdale to Bermuda round trip. Maybe they could add a few stops on the east coast like South Carolina and Virginia. It would be something different from the same old thing.
  16. I know it is frustrating but you really are better off trying to cancel by phone. You just have to be patient (I know it is hard) but if you don't reach them, you might have trouble getting your deposit back.
  17. That was my understanding, also. But, someone on our Christmas cruise roll call mentioned that she would be cruising with family including a 6 year old grandchild. So, which is it?
  18. If the policy is 100% vaccinated cruises for 2021 on Holland America, what about children under 12 who cannot yet get vaccinated?
  19. Did you call the regular HALcustomer service phone number? They are open this weekend.
  20. Does anyone know why the Facebook live video with Seth and Gus was cancelled today?
  21. You don't know if the rep gave you the right information. It might be true or she might think it is true or maybe it is not true. Hard to know.
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