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  1. maria_sienna

    Anyone been to Puerto Chiapas?

    Sorry, I don't remember. I can safely say though that it was definitely cheaper than the NCL tour. I believe NCL charges $99 per person. I will not pay that much for a 4-hour tour. We planned on taking a taxi to Tapachula but it was expensive for what it was. Although I also don't remember the price they quoted. For a little bit more, I thought, being able to go to the ruins sounded better. The van was nice, the group small, the tour guide did his best; in any case, there were signs and boards around the ruins and I can read. The chocolate demonstration was just ab old woman on a stage showing how it was done. I was more interested of the kiosks in the plaza selling the different chocolates. Buy some but bargain hard.
  2. maria_sienna

    Anyone been to Puerto Chiapas?

    We took the NCL Star through Panama Canal last year with a stop at this port. There is one taxi kiosk to arrange a taxi to take you to Tapachula. There was also a booth that sells tours to Tuxtla and Izapa, a Mesoamerican ruin. We took this one. They take you to Tuxtla town square for some chocolate-making demonstration, then to Izapa.
  3. maria_sienna

    Odyssey Tours??

    We have signed-up with Odyssey Tours for the Puntarenas 6 in 1 highlights tour. The itinerary of the tour: 8:30am pick up time in Puntarenas port. At the end of the dock by the gates where we will have a sign reading oddysey tours and tour name ¨6 in 1 All Puntarenas highlights¨ First stop to monkeys on their natural habitat. 10:00am Second stop to take the crocodiles river cruise on the Tarcoles river, bird watching paradise as safari through the unique mangrove forest, there will be also the spectacular jumping crocodile show when the captain of the boat feeds the largest croc with a peace of fish or chicken. 11:50pm Enjoying Lunch at local rice and beans food and also best fresh seafood. 1:15pm Enjoying Punta Leona beach, easy hiking through white sand beach surrounded by rain forest (near Carara national park). 1:45am visiting Villa Caletas amphitheater to enjoy the breathtaking ocean views, spotting toucans. 2:15pm Stop at grocery store for coffee and vanilla. 2:55pm Puntarenas city tour. 3:30pm Drop off in Puntarenas dock. I was told that it involves an "easy" hike to the beach. (No ziplining or anything strenuous.) To those who have taken this tour, just how easy a hike is this? How about the overall walking involved in this tour? We have some mobility issues and cannot walk far or climb stairs well. Thanks for any input! - Sienna
  4. maria_sienna

    Anyone have info on crew contracts or pay

    No factual information. Just anecdotal. 1.5k - 2k plus tips for junior steward 2 - 2.5k plus tips for steward 1 - 1.5k plus tips for bar waiter 900 - 1.3k for asst. cooks 1.5k - 2.5k for cooks/demi-chefs sources: Friend who works for a recruitment company in Manila. They send workers to Princess cruiseline. Friends who work at Princess, Carnival, NCL. Forum for Filipinos interested in working for cruiselines
  5. The crew gets time off. My cabin steward and I had lunch at the same Filipino restaurant at Juneau. I was just too happy to get Filipino food in Alaska of all places.
  6. maria_sienna

    Hurricane Or Cyclone

  7. maria_sienna

    Can I have some Aus Jus for my Prime Rib .

    Most wasabi in tubes, even if bought in Japan, especially in a 100 yen store, is seiyou wasabi (western wasabi). Usually a mixture of horseradish, mustard, etc. A real wasabi will cost you more than 100 yen (~$1.10).
  8. maria_sienna

    Pier in SF to Pier for Alcatraz

    0.2 miles according to Google, 5 min. walk. Alcatraz cruises is in Pier 33. http://www.alcatrazcruises.com/index.aspx This is from their webpage."Alcatraz Cruises, LLC is an authorized Concessioner of the National Park Service, Department of the Interior."
  9. maria_sienna

    Waterproof/snorkeling watches

    Just immerse it in a shallow basin of water for a couple of minutes. As one poster said, if it immediately floods, you have a warranty claim. It should at least withstand immersion for a couple of minutes. Just don't touch any of the buttons while it's under water. But, if you would like to re-test using the standard for water resistance marking, you could follow this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_Resistant_mark It might be kind of fun to experiment.:)
  10. maria_sienna

    Waterproof/snorkeling watches

    It might be a good idea. Then, you'd know whether the watch is really water resistant. Any good water resistant watch should not have any condensation, at least not if you used it properly. I think it is always a matter of the watch quality. Also, keep in mind that most of the water tests are static and done only once so your watch may not endure repeated water pressure exposure. For a really good water sports watch, it is always better to invest in a good diver's watch.
  11. maria_sienna

    Waterproof/snorkeling watches

    Here is what I bought last year: I am 5', 100 lbs. This watch does not look too big on my wrist. http://www.amazon.com/Casio-Womens-Baby-G-Black-Digital/dp/B00284ADP8
  12. maria_sienna

    Tokyo Subway question

    You can get a combo Narita Express and Suica card. See this site: http://www.jreast.co.jp/e/suica-nex/index.html They will accept credit cards but to recharge your Suica, you will need to use cash. In the airport, look for the Japan Post ATM, if you want to withdraw money. No fee on the JP ATM. Suica is preferable since you can use it on buses, trains and subways but only pay for the fare you will be using. Before you leave, you can get a refund less a fee for the card. Here is more info: http://www.jreast.co.jp/e/pass/suica.html Recharging your Suica is easy. Every train/subway station has a vending machine and they have English instructions. There are Tokyo subway/train day passes but no multi-day that I know of. The only multi-day pass I know is a JR pass. You can get 7-day, 14-day or 21-day but only valid on JR trains and buses. Since you will be staying in Tokyo, you will be using a lot of subways and not JR trains. If you have lots of luggage, and you want to ride the NEX from Narita to Tokyo, you may want to use a delivery service called Takuhaibin (http://www.narita-airport.jp/en/guide/service/list/svc_05.html). It is not a good idea to bring big or lots of luggages on the trains/subways. Or, store your luggage at the airport (http://www.narita-airport.jp/en/guide/service/list/svc_06.html).
  13. maria_sienna

    Waterproof/snorkeling watches

    Just remember to always wash your watch with freshwater after snorkeling. Salt water wears out the gaskets fast.
  14. I never call to notify my cc company if I am travelling overseas. I have never been denied transactions overseas either. I think I would rather the cc companies be suspicious of every activity regardless of where I am. I would rather they decline my transactions than allow a fraudulent charge to go through just because I notified them I will be at that place at that specific date.
  15. maria_sienna

    Smart Phone GPS in Rome ?

    There are navigation apps you can download which you can use offline as long as you download the maps you need beforehand (just like regular GPS navigator devices - Garmin, Magellan). If you are using an Android device, you can try - AndNav2, Telenav or MapDroyd. See which one you think will work with you best. As I mentioned, GPS is free since it is maintained by the US government, so, everyone, as long as you have a GPS receiver, and most smart phones have AGPS receiver, can access the civilian frequency. You only use your cell network for data to get the maps, in most cases, so you can use the navigation apps. But for those apps I mentioned, they will work with offline maps.