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  1. My first day aboard a Navy ship, my CPOf sent me after 20 feet of shore line. When I asked him where I might find it he replied "In the locker with the wind shifters".
  2. I know that the Bistro on 5 was replaced by a Sushi restaurant on some of the Celebrity ships. However, I noticed on some cruise ship websites it still shows that it is on the Solstice. I wonder if these are old websites or it really does exist. I enjoyed that restaurant. Does anyone have any up to date info about Bistro on 5 on the Solstice?
  3. My wife and I are doing our initial research for our 70th birthday cruise for an end of 2018 /beginning of 2019 cruise to Australia and New Zealand. We are trying to choose between a 14 day cruise on NCL Jewel Balcony cabin for $2,079 or a 16 day cruise on Celebrity Solstice for $3,549. (Celeb's 14 day cruise is $4,049, which doesn't make much sense to me). If we went with NCL the savings for the 2 of us would be almost $3,000, which is considerable for us. We've recently sailed on Equinox and Reflection, which are Celebrity Solstice class ships in the past and loved it. Never sailed on the Solstice. We've also sailed on NCL in the past, but not on the Jewel and not in several years. We've enjoyed those cruises too. We are not "foodies" but we do like good food. I've read in other posts that the food is better on Celebrity and the entertainment is better on NCL. Both are important considerations. So considering the substantial difference in the price of the cruises, which would you do?
  4. Ahem, No food snob here, but it doesn't take much to be better than Carnival.
  5. We've been aboard the Equinox now since 4/15. We will be in Ponta Delgada, Azores tomorrow after 7 days at sea. This is my second cruise on Celebrity. First time was way back in 1998. We've cruised many times on most of the other popular cruise lines. I remember my experience on Celebrity as being a cut above the others. Not this time. Some of my observations and opinions. Others, I'm sure, will differ. 1. Service, as far as room stewards and front desk people are concerned, is great. they are all very accommodating and friendly. 2. Service in the dining rooms is a different story. Our waiters and assistant waiters are constantly forgetting things, making mistakes on our orders and have been very slow. eg: Getting raw chateaubriand, when ordered med. rare., giving 1 person cocktail sauce for their shrimp cocktail and forgetting to give the others at the table theirs, The menu clearly stated "Chilled potato soup". When the order came the bowl of soup was steaming hot. When I questioned the waiter he said "Oops, I forgot to tell you they changed it". These kitchen and waiter errors are happening very frequently. 3. The quality of the food in the MDR is just eh. Not terrible for the most part, but certainly not wonderful either. I can truthfully say that the food is no better than on NCL, Princess or RCCL in my experience. 4. The food in the Tuscan Grill, which so far is the only specialty restaurant we've tried, is outstanding. Looking forward to the Silk Harvest. 5. Entertainment is excellent. Allejandro, our Cruise Director, and his staff are doing an excellent job keeping us entertained during our 7 days out at sea. Overall, I'm a bit underwhelmed and disappointed in this cruise, although I'm loving the transatlantic crossing. Next cruise I will probably choose a different cruise line.
  6. This is about the best I can do. I got this from the Celebrity Facebook Page.
  7. I'm booked in 6208 on an east bound transatlantic cruise in April. I have done some research on it. You're correct. The balconies are a little larger for both rooms. I think 6210's balcony might be just a bit larger than 6208, but I'm not sure about that. I've been told that you don't really hear noise from the elevators when your door is closed unless you really listen for it. I would have preferred cabin 6240 or 6242 as I think the balconies wouldn't be as windy, since they are on the protected side of the hump. Also if you are going in an easterly direction as we are, the Starboard side gets the sun during the day. The Port side is shadier and cooler. Of course the opposite is true if you are going in a westerly direction.
  8. I like to use the sauna, but I don't require all the fancy stuff in the Persian Garden. I like the idea that the basic, gender specific sauna is free and available to all passengers. That is good enough for me.
  9. As a fellow amateur photographer and fellow cruise enthusiast, I noticed that the quality of your photos is excellent. The DoF in all of your photos is also excellent. Even in your indoor shots. Were these HDRs or did you have enough good light to stop way down to like F16?
  10. Thanks! The photos you posted and your remarks were very helpful as we are booked in Cabin 6208 for an upcoming TA cruise. We were concerned about the obstructions. Nice to hear, from a couple of people,that have been in this cabin, that it wasn't a big deal. Terry
  11. I know this is an old post but I noticed you didn't get a response from anyone that know anything about the Equinox cabin 6208. Did you have this cabin when you cruised? We are booked in this cabin for a cruise next April and would like to hear how you liked it. How was the obstructed view? Terry
  12. We're at the beginning stages of planning our Buenos Aires around the Horn to Valparaiso cruise for late 2015. We are trying to decide whether to go on the NCL Sun or Celebrity Infinity. We have traveled on both lines before but on neither of the specific ships. I know that Celebrity offers better entertainment and overall better food. However, the ports for the cruises are a little different. The port list for the Celebrity cruise mentions The Straits of Magellan and the Chilean Fjords, but doesn't mention the Beagle Channel or Glacier Alley. NCLs itinerary does mention the Beagle Channel. Not seeing Glacier Alley is a deal breaker for us. Can someone shed some light on this? All opinions are welcome and appreciated.
  13. That is correct. The exact address is: MS Vasilyi Surikov Severnyi Rechnoi Vokzal North River Station 52 Leningradskoe Shosse Moscow, Russia We are taking this cruise with Smartours, leaving next week.
  14. We are booked with Smartours for the end of May into June for their Cruise of the Czars. It is a 12 day river cruise on the Vasiliy Surikov from Moscow to St. Petersburg. They also do the reverse. It does all of the same ports as the other river cruises. The boat isn't as luxurious as some of the other boats, but the tour is about $2,000 cheaper than Viking. We've toured with Smartours before and have always been very happy with them.
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