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  1. Will they do this for anyone or do you have to be a pretty big gambler? It would be wonderful if the casino returned the 3% fee and I still got my 3% cashback on the credit card!
  2. From what I understand, the amount you have charged to the room from the casino will be on your final NCL bill which will be coded as travel. On my credit card you earn 3% cashback on travel.
  3. I was very surprised when looking over the Freestyle Daily (someone was nice enough to upload) that there is a discount for multiple devices for both basic and premium unlimited internet access. This is for the 7 day Getaway. Premium: 1 device - $34.99/day 2 devices - $25.99/day 4 devices - $20.99/day Basic: 1 device - $29.99/day 2 devices - $21.99/day 4 devices - $18.99/day Still cheaper to upgrade if you have one of the free offers but if you have 4 people in your group who want access and don't have the freebie, this is muc
  4. You can order any liquor (except two high end ones) with the premium plus package? You are not limited to the types listed in the premium plus description? They will deliver wine by the bottle if requested? This is great news as I will soon be cruising Haven on the Getaway and this will make me rethink about purchasing the plus package.
  5. You make a good point. Even though both cabins were paid for with the same method of payment at the same time, cabins were booked separately and each have their own confirmation number. When selecting the upgrade only one purchase was necessary since the other in the cabin is a minor.
  6. Wife and I plus our two children. Booked two cabins and "officially" my wife and I are in separate cabins since an adult needs to be in each room. I plan on purchasing the Premium Plus package upgrade since I prefer top shelf but my less picky wife will have only the premium package that came as one of the perks. My question is when I order a bottle of wine at the restaurant must I be the only one to consume it since I am the only one who has the plus package?
  7. If you use your room key instead of cash, it will be charged to your account which will be paid for by the credit card you have on file at the end of the cruise. I believe this will be coded as travel by the credit card company. Travel expenses on some credit cards will give you a 3% rebate and therefore offset the 3% fee. Correct me if I'm wrong as I have not tried this yet.
  8. Think there might be a way to not pay any fees if you have the right credit card (although I have not done this yet). Some travel cards will give you 3% cash back for purchases involving travel. If that is the card you have on file with NCL, then I think it would be coded as travel and you would receive the 3% fee back as a cash reward from the credit card.
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