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  1. I loved receiving OLife today the Sirena exotic collection. Last page is Betsy and Bob toasting their wedding. Exciting to see it and knew what it was all about since I followed Bob’s blog sure hope he comes on here and others will let him and Betsy know just how many saw it,it was like seeing someone you knew but then not really but not strange as it will be a story for others to read in this OCEANIA MAILING. Hope they are both doing well
  2. Maybe my comment started some thoughts of others. I have seen these places 2times Norway Fjords,2 times greenland and Iceland and 6 to Alaska. And have seen South America I can say I enjoyed it all and how different.just feel blessed to see all this variety of scenery some only see the pictures and some don’t care to travel and some of these pix’s bring back memories and I want to get out the pictures to compare.
  3. You travel to see the beauty of the world not to compare,but you can like one thing better over another
  4. Tom the pix’s are so nice and for each one on the cruise glad it was a nice day. glad to read the seafood is enjoyable.I posted before that we thought 2 years ago it was (food) just so so. Of course chefs change that may help. was wondering if the evening entertainment always seems to be music or singing of some sort. They don't seem to put money out on much entertainment. A comic now and then helps break things up hope Iceland and Greenland are good stops with weather especially Eleanor
  5. Those pix’s such pretty countryside. One of our favorite areas for the scenery. Been 2 times but did it in July I think we had good weather. It is like Alaska you never know what month or week will be the best,you just have to go with it and grin and bear it. see some of you Oct 10th How has the food been? 2 years ago we were a little disappointed,maybe a world cruise it will be different and we will share a few weeks of it.
  6. We had a great guide with 4 of us, always liked the Beatles but really learn so much about them after that tour.
  7. I have used a shoe organizer but cut off a couple of pockets. Did not need all,take a skirt click hanger to hold it on the closet rod for needed and maybe not needed items I just bought magnet hooks that will hold at least 4 lbs and can put on a wall as they are magnetic so will see how that works will be a first. Thinking my jewelry fold up container or just a hook for clothes or whatever
  8. Liked the pictures,did not recognize any one, crew could have changed several times,but we got off in Nov 2018 when it went in to be refurbished (Insignia)
  9. For us that can not e mail keep us informed on here how things go in this new great life and Bob take care of your health problem. So glad I got involved with this world cruise I guess because we were on the last cruise before the make over. On a sad note a couple we met on a cruise 2015 Princess were on Princess 2019 cruise and before Australia she died. Husband posted the eulogy from service on the ship before he left for home. So I never thought I would be reading something sad and somethings so nice in one winters world cruise Seems HAL. Blogger had no bad reports and that is a good thing. Sad thing that world cruise captain is retiring after 2020 cruise and he writes a great blog too. So life goes on one way or another
  10. Just so wonderful. Congratulations. Where will home be when not cruising you must have roots. Bob N.Y. Betsy ???
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