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  1. We watched this program and found it interesting but also disturbing. I think it was difficult looking at it with today's knowledge rather than what was actually known at the time. I did feel sorry for the crew as well s the passengers.
  2. We found a New Years cruise to be the best of both worlds. We could enjoy the decorations and the New Years Eve party. Another thing we enjoyed we is going on one or 2 cruises before Christmas and watching them put up the decorations. Honestly, we prefer to be home for Christmas day so we did not do any actual Christmas cruises. Maybe some day we will try one.
  3. I think going to all inclusive is a great deal. Very happy to see it coming to Celebrity.
  4. Sorry, I missed the Federal comment. I completely agree with getting rid of the 9/10 of a cent.
  5. Not a bad idea but in Pennsylvania they would get the money and immediately move it to something else then complain they need more money for infrastructure. It is a never ending cycle of taxes.
  6. Like others said the refunds come in pieces that are difficult to figure out. We found the easiest thing was to list each refund and keep a running total. In the end the total did match what we paid. It was harder when multiple cruises were canceled at the same time so it was like solving a giant puzzle but it all worked out. Keep watching and good luck.
  7. Very nice review and pictures. I was taken aback at the cost of the cocktails at the Skyview Cocktail Bar starting at £30! I hope they were good. 🙂 Thanks for the link.
  8. Ding Ding Ding - you are the first one to give me the correct name. It was a LONG time ago Also, thanks to the others who added information about the show. At least I'm not the only one who remembered this show from Long Ago and Far Away. Gosh, I feel old so I'm off for a dry gin martini.
  9. WOW, I hate to admit it but I do remember those plastic screens! Also the screens where you could draw pictures with the host of the children's shows. I think the name of the show I remember is Rinky DInk or something close to that.
  10. Let's see. So, I give them $2.4 + million plus monthly maintenance fees. It looks nice bit I think I am missing a few things. First, I didn't see anything about daily cleaning service. Then, it appears there is a communal laundry. Does that mean they don't have laundry service? For a couple of million I have to do my own laundry. Interesting. Butler service is extra, I wonder how much. Anyway, I don't think Visa will will put that much on my card. 🙂 This reminds me of timeshare visits I did 20 years ago. Looks good but not for me.
  11. Thank you for completing your review of this trip. We were with you on this sailing and saw you around on the ship. I found it very interesting to read your comments because they give me a better understanding of what people with problems encounter. Great job. Happy sailings in the future. Hal
  12. Personally, I worry less about the future cruise line safety procedures than I do about people who think safety precautions are beneath them. We all see them everyday and there is no reason for me to believe they will not show up on a ship. I wish someone could convince me I am wrong.
  13. I think it looks good. But if I would design a new logo it would be a frosted martini glass! 🙂
  14. Song Of America 1988. I still use them daily for my tea.
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