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  1. Neil, Fantastic book! I couldn't stop reading it once I started. One interesting note - I knew who the piano player was before you gave his name. My wife and I spent many nights on many cruises enjoying Perry. On a couple of our Celebrity Cruises they even let him do a full show which was fantastic. You helped to bring back some great memories. Again, Thanks for sharing your great memories. Hal
  2. Just picked it up. Can't wait to read it. Oh, and good luck with your book sales. Hal
  3. I have used Luggage Forward many times in the US and Internationally without any problems. I highly recommend them. Be aware that for International shipments you must supply a detailed inventory of everything in the luggage and it must be ready for shipment about 2 weeks before the sailing. Sailings from the US they pick up about one week early.
  4. Are they kidding? "VIP" and "Reserved"??? The chair hogs will be in Hog Heaven.
  5. I usually use dollars since that is the currency on the ship. To be honest, once or twice I used Euros if I had a lot left over since they can spend it during their time off outside of England. I don't think anyone would turn down any currency. Enjoy the Apex.
  6. You are correct that it was the only one of its size. We sailed on her 5 times to different locations starting in 1988 and always with Captain Eriksen. I still use the Song of America coffee cup for my daily tea. I guess we always fondly remember our first ship.
  7. Never a problem getting a chair/lounger. According to the information sheet we received numerous times in the 80's, the SOA had 1404 passengers and 1600 deck chairs. Ah, for that ratio again. 🙂
  8. We have seen a number of different times the "free" items post. Lately, the things from the cruise line show up immediately (and sometimes on the pre-cruise paperwork) but the perks from our TA show up on day 2 of the trip. However, we usually have a note in the cabin informing us of the TA perks that will be posted. Also, our TA tells us to wait 2 or 3 days and if nothing posts in our account to call them and not to contact the front desk. Anyway, we have never had a problem with any of our perks. Enjoy your cruise.
  9. We always sail AQ because of Blu but we also choose our cabin due to bad locations of some of the AQ cabins. Unless it is a great price I probably would not accept any random cabin of Celebrity's choosing. Just my opinion.
  10. Since I want a true balcony and not an IV we are restricted to the S class or go back to Holland America for newer ships. Not a problem because we really enjoyed our last HAL trip 2 years ago and are looking at them again. Also, I agree with poster Mynki concerning the cost of the Edge compared to other high class lines.
  11. We were on the Anthem 12 night cruise last month in a JS and had no trouble getting into the Coastal Kitchen the 4 nights we wanted. The other nights were in Wonderland, Chops, and our main dining room. It was fun switching around every 2 nights or so and made dining more interesting. My only recommendations are not to wait too long and to be flexible. I hope you enjoy CS - the service and food were excellent.
  12. We always sail on Aqua for Blu and yes the tables for 2 are very close. But as mentioned above it is easy to tell if the people next to you want to talk or want to have a private meal. Other than saying hello, if someone wants to have a prolonged conversation we politely respond but go back to a personal conversation. That usually takes care of the issue. I hate to sound unsocial but we enjoy a personal dinner for 2 at home and on a cruise. I agree that asking for a table at the window or asking for privacy will help. Enjoy your trip.
  13. This guy was on our 12 night and I kept wondering where the dog did his duty. Know I know! One day I saw them at Customer Service and the dog was walking very funny. I tole my DW that he had to do his number 2 (from having owned dogs over the years it is obvious) but we quickly walked the other way. Yuck!
  14. We were on the sailing before you and they had a number of gifts including wine. It was a good meeting and enjoyed listening to Dennis.
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