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  1. Ding Ding Ding - you are the first one to give me the correct name. It was a LONG time ago Also, thanks to the others who added information about the show. At least I'm not the only one who remembered this show from Long Ago and Far Away. Gosh, I feel old so I'm off for a dry gin martini.
  2. WOW, I hate to admit it but I do remember those plastic screens! Also the screens where you could draw pictures with the host of the children's shows. I think the name of the show I remember is Rinky DInk or something close to that.
  3. Let's see. So, I give them $2.4 + million plus monthly maintenance fees. It looks nice bit I think I am missing a few things. First, I didn't see anything about daily cleaning service. Then, it appears there is a communal laundry. Does that mean they don't have laundry service? For a couple of million I have to do my own laundry. Interesting. Butler service is extra, I wonder how much. Anyway, I don't think Visa will will put that much on my card. 🙂 This reminds me of timeshare visits I did 20 years ago. Looks good but not for me.
  4. Thank you for completing your review of this trip. We were with you on this sailing and saw you around on the ship. I found it very interesting to read your comments because they give me a better understanding of what people with problems encounter. Great job. Happy sailings in the future. Hal
  5. Personally, I worry less about the future cruise line safety procedures than I do about people who think safety precautions are beneath them. We all see them everyday and there is no reason for me to believe they will not show up on a ship. I wish someone could convince me I am wrong.
  6. I think it looks good. But if I would design a new logo it would be a frosted martini glass! 🙂
  7. Song Of America 1988. I still use them daily for my tea.
  8. Oh, I'm sure they do as well a lot of people on CC. I saw how popular you were at the M&M on our January Anthem trip. We finally got caught up with our refunds from our 2 Adventure trips that were scheduled in May - and as you have said the money comes in different amounts over different days but it adds up to the correct totals. Now we are watching for the Oasis trip refunds. We can't wait to book more trips but are waiting now to see what the CDC and cruise lines are going to do and when. Checking CC daily helps to keep me sane.
  9. What is your secret? We were booked on the same two trips and figure we will be lucky to get the money by end of year. Seriously, I hope you don't mind me asking but did you fill out the online form or did you call and talk to a human? We did the online form. I'm just curious. Hal
  10. Yesterday my wife had her temp taken after driving in a hot car and it was over the limit. She was asked to sit in a cool area for 5 minutes. It was taken again and she was normal. It does happen. I would hope the cruise lines would allow this same type of process where someone can cool off for 5 minutes before taking the temp again.
  11. We used an online TA and tried to do a Lift & Shift on an Oasis trip to next year, same itinerary, date one day later, same cabin class and even same cabin. We were denied because we booked with Family & Friends rate and were told we could not shift that rate. Since Royal only will deal with the TA of record we are stuck. Rules seem to change daily no matter what the Royal web site says about honoring all offers and rates. Sorry, just venting. Not a happy camper. Edit: Oh, we do have an alternative TA we have been using previously so I will want to use them in the future rather than the online one.
  12. Just my opinion, but after having 4 cruises cancelled so far this year (I know that is not a lot to many on this board) I don't feel any cruises will go from most areas in 2020 or early 2021. We are going to hold our FCC certificates until there is a better outlook towards a firmer date. No more additional final payments to Royal or any other line until this is whole issue is resolved because they are holding enough money from us (and many others). As I said, just my opinion - sorry if it sounds too negative.
  13. Thank you very much for posting this. I found it interesting and especially the link in the article to the table of cruise ships. This gives some information of how the ships are graded now. Good article.
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