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  1. I was given two reasons for a denial last week: casino rate (20% off - although not listed in the terms as an exclusion), and booked in February 2019.
  2. There is no pool reserved for suite guests on the Solstice class ships (suite pool is only on Edge class). Angled balcony is usually considered a plus.
  3. I agree that it’s impossible for “us” to know how they are running this, but in an attempt to avoid what appears to be a tie, I don’t bid with a zero or five as the last number.
  4. Jim_Iain has some wonderful photos of the reception with Chef Boulud on his live Summitt thread, with the invitation to the reception at post 453 and photos starting at post 465.
  5. I noticed for a Portland ME stop they described a tour to Kennebunkport as having pubs, antique stores, and a drive by of the Bush compound. I am very familiar with Kennebunkport, and there is one store in town that might be described as a high-end antique store and there are no pubs. There are a few restaurants in this charming town, and some clam/lobster roll shacks, and a few touristy type stores - and a drive by the Bush compound. I love Kennebunkport, and have been going there for more than 30 years, in all weather, and I think it is great, but the description is not accurate.
  6. The other reason to do that is so your kids will be assigned to the same muster station as you - which is the place where you go in the very unlikely event of an emergency with the ship. You will have a muster drill before you depart on the first day, where you report to your station and get instructions. There are multiple muster stations on board, assigned by location of stateroom, and unfortunately being next to each other doesn't guarantee the same station - I don't know how families traveling in separate cabins handle different muster stations. Anyone?
  7. I’d keep the suite. You want a special experience and that’s a suite. You didn’t mention how far away the kids rooms are from yours, but it sounds like ocean view versus suite is far. I would rearrange that, and put the kids in inside rooms near you. The ship might not be helpful rearranging rooms that are far apart. They don’t have to be directly across the hall, but they need to be close by. i assume that your suite comes with a beverage package, and you will need to get it removed from one child’s pass and applied to you. That is another hassle. When Luminae was first introduced the policy was that they would allow children in separate cabins traveling with parents in a suite in Luminae, not on a space available basis. You will have to pay for that. There is usually a reduced rate when you purchase every day access, which I have done many times. For approximately the same amount of money you can cruise in a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom suite on one of the bigger Royal Caribbean ships, get rid of these hassles, and have more for the kids to do. You might want to check that out. Good luck, have a great trip. Edited to add that I now see that you are traveling soon on a full ship, so you might not be able to move. Hopefully they will accommodate you, but if not, just ask for some extra keys. The ship doesn’t check to see who is sleeping where, especially if the kids are quiet in the cabin and there are no noise complaints from neighbors.
  8. I started cruising Celebrity when Horizon was new (1990), and I've been on Cruise Critic since almost the beginning. According to many reviews it's astounding that the cruise line continues to exist at all, let alone sailing full and a subsidiary of an extremely healthy company. I've sailed Crystal many times, Regent, Azamara and Cunard - and I, and plenty of others, continue not to see the impending demise of this line, at the bottom or otherwise.
  9. Just a note that on busy days when there are multiple cruise ships in town it can be very hard to get a cab back from Elbow Beach. We waited about an hour and it was hot and chaotic with many people waiting, not in any kind of line, and there was no assistance from the restaurant or hotel. I think I paid about $70 each way. Elbow sold passes to walk ups the first day, but not the second. Also, day pass people don’t sit with hotel guests - they are put in a separate area.
  10. Amy - would love to hear that you are at the gate, and had no problem. I did some internet research about this, FlyerTalk is a great resource. Apparently this is a common problem, especially with middle names. Although it is raised frequently as an issue, nobody reported being denied boarding. Some suspect that the airlines use the opportunity to generate change fees, but the common wisdom was not to pay a change fee in advance, just to show up at the airport and not bring it to anyone's attention. Hope this all worked out for you.
  11. By the way, if the mistake is something like Phillip versus Philip, and you are flying Delta on all legs, I definitely would not be worried. Do you have a Frequent Flyer account with them?
  12. Here’s my advice. Do not draw attention to it at the airport. Have a second form of identification ready to show, like a license. If someone does notice it, keep calm and ask for a supervisor if they don’t wave you through. I know you will have a sleepless night, but my name is regularly mangled (middle initial added to first name, I don’t have a middle name), and it’s never been questioned. I think the rule is that three letters can be off. Good luck to you.
  13. I was in 9200 and thought it was a great middle S3. It was inside a vestibule so no hall noise, and we didn’t hear anything in the adjoining cabin. It’s a good central location with only a thin pole obstruction on the balcony. We never saw the magic carpet move, and we heard something once that could have been it. I would not pay $1 more for any other sky suite location if this cabin was available.
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