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  1. Any idea what the ship is doing between end of Boston cruises and start of NY?
  2. Does anyone know if Bermuda requires the PCR test only, or would the rt-PCR be acceptable also? I can't find that on their website. Thanks
  3. Long cruises seem to be endless days on repeat, but short cruises have a very definite beginning, middle and end rhythm. I can imagine how disruptive hotel-like turnover of coming and going passengers would be on a short cruise.
  4. Cruisers can choose to stay away from the unvaccinated (check for those red wristbands in elevators and restrooms - how uncomfortable), but the crew - who live and work in tight accommodations and who also serve the vaccinated - can't.
  5. Are you connecting through Detroit, or is Detroit your home airport? The more connections you make, the larger the chance things can go wrong. Most people will tell you to arrive a day in advance. Travel delays, luggage delays, jet lag - and also the chance to see gorgeous Amsterdam.
  6. Not to aggravate anyone further, but today I received urgent "Mariner" instructions through my travel agent. She confirmed that they were sent by Crystal today. When I told her the problems with those instructions, she contacted someone senior in sales, who said they were still working on it and we would hear soon. But this Crystal person also said only vaccinated travelers can enter Bermuda so there will be no children aboard. A quick search of the Bermuda website showed that to be incorrect. Disappointing that something so fundamental hadn't been worked out yet. Cr
  7. Celebrity used to leave nice holiday gifts in the cabin. This traveling picture frame was from New Years 2020. Sorry for poor photo quality.
  8. I feel terrible that your wife got it and you will miss your cruise, that you did everything right and she still got it is especially scary. The resurgence of the virus and what I've read here has made me rethink my own behavior and improve whatever I can. I was wearing surgical masks the last few months: they are now gone in favor of three ply masks with a filter. Not N95, but better. I will continue to reevaluate how I can minimize my risk and I thank everyone who has posted about their experiences.
  9. People need to get serious the few weeks before and during the cruise. Act like you aren't vaccinated and take the same precautions that you took a year ago, to the extent possible. Wear masks, stay out of crowded indoor places, keep to your pod, avoid unvaccinated people including children. And respect each other - don't ask people to remove their masks or do anything else stupid. Some of the reports and photos of the last few cruises are frankly mind-boggling. Vaccinated or not, we are still in the middle of a pandemic. Cruising now is the ultimate luxury, but everyone needs to be smart
  10. I was in an inside S3 (not corner) on 9 and loved the location and no noise from hallway because of the vestibule. I would book that cabin again without hesitation.
  11. Ordered middle of May. Took a month to appear on their website as "in process". This week I was able to add expedited service and return mailing, as I heard delays are growing.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if Crystal allows you to use the nonrefundable portion on another cruise. These are extraordinary times and they call for extraordinary kindness. If so, I'll toss October 8 in the ring.
  13. Off topic now, but I've cruised enough to see details that others might miss. But I've also realized that a well run cruise or hotel shouldn't need me to fix them; supervisors should know exactly where the problems are, and should be proactive in fixing them (walk the halls, observe, talk to people). If they aren't, they probably don't care much about what I have to say. I appreciate reading about other people's experiences, it helps to set my own expectations. And back on track, today I booked the Seabreeze Penthouse Suite, in a return to Crystal after 18 years. Reading this th
  14. You need to consider the trip from the taxi to the ship, not just the terminal. From the terminal to the ship is often a series of "uphill" switchbacks (is that the right word?) made more difficult by carrying luggage/carryons, heat and humidity, crowds, etc. especially after a flight. I'd recommend a porter with a wheelchair.
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