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  1. 7 days on the ship with lots of inviting indoor areas and beautiful scenery, I think it would be easy to enjoy one's self. We'll be on the other side of September 21, less than 12 hours per day of daylight and losing some minutes every day. I think you have the right outlook. Just going in with the knowledge that the weather may be gloomy from boarding in Seattle to the cruise itself. We just don't get the Fall warm and dry weather to the extant that Northern California does.
  2. Found this, which should be helpful even though it is not good news. https://www.cruisecritic.com/ab/agents/variation-a/articles.cfm?ID=3363 Passenger Z books two cruises that are back-to-back on the same ship. The first is a repositioning from San Diego to Vancouver. The second is a one-way Alaskan cruise from Vancouver to Anchorage. That passenger is essentially being transported from San Diego to Anchorage by way of Vancouver, which is not a distant foreign port since it is in North America. A violation would be triggered. Again, the cruise line is not likely to allo
  3. We sailed on her 3 years ago, Pacific Coastal. I would sail on Explorer again tomorrow if I could even with the obvious long-in-the-tooth issues that VirginiaIsForCruisers accurately described above. We have since cruised on Ovation and Allure. It's fun to have that perspective. There is no denying that the resort vacation experience was on a higher level on Ovation or Allure. However as far as Explorer goes I like the more formal main dining room, the Viking Crown Lounge for a nice view, and the less crowded buffet (realizing that this may be time of year dependent).
  4. Of the two, I'm only familiar with Omega, the prices on the Ovation two years ago were similar to those on land. If you are going to be in Seattle before or after the cruise there is an Omega boutique in Bellevue, which does have a large selection on display. If you found something that you like it is very probable that they would ship it back to your home to avoid the 10+% sales tax.
  5. I also sailed on this itinerary in 1992. The approximate order of ports was Labadee, Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel.
  6. This recent comparison on YouTube may provide some useful insights as well. Are there late night options for a sandwich, pizza or heavy snack? Yes, Cafe Promenade and Sorrentos on Deck 4 Are we going to miss lots of scheduled shows and events by selecting late dining? No. Will the swimming pools be open on cruises to cooler destinations? Are they covered? The Solarium, Deck 14 Forward is glassed-in and the pool just behind it is covered. You are in for a treat if you decide to book. The Anthem class ships are very inviting and as you will di
  7. +1 for deck 6 and Boardwalk access
  8. And similar logistics / time getting to and from the airport to the cruise terminals in both Seattle and San Francisco. The extra 3 days at sea would make a really nice difference. I think we all experience that great "vacation" feeling on days 5 & 6 of the cruise. Then the cold-hearted cruise line kicks us off of the ship on the 8th morning. Wouldn't 2 or 3 more days be nice? Yes they would!
  9. Yes, the starboard side in this instance was facing southeast with more of a view to the island.
  10. Things were more fun in the pre-social distancing days. I can attest that the Ovation sails under the Lyons Gate sans stacks. This was the 1st time she did it. My first cruise ever was on the Viking Serenade, the 4 day (Mon-Fri) Baja Cruise. Loved it, glad to see RC coming back to San Pedro.
  11. We've cruised twice with John. First time was in 2011, 12 day Mediterranean cruise out of Barcelona on the brand new Magic. John was the Cruise Director. Second time was in in 2015, 11 day Journeys cruise out of New Orleans to Bermuda ending in San Juan with calls in between. That cruise was on the Dream and John was John plus whoever the Dream's CD was at the time. Some impressions may have been ship, crew or itinerary related. But, 2 cruises with different itineraries and 4 years apart, John was a common element both times. The captain's receptions were m
  12. We really enjoyed the 4J on Magic.
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