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  1. Thanks everyone. I think I'll wait until I'm on board before I book. My husband doesn't care about using it but my sister wants to use it with me. I'm trying to see if you will allow us to do that for the discount.
  2. Thank you so much for the info. We really appreciate it😊
  3. Does anyone know if there is a discount if I’m booked in a spa veranda stateroom? Thanks
  4. Can anyone tell me how to search the forums? It used to be so easy. I was able to search for things within specific categories, ie: Holland America: Nieuw Amsterdam spa pass. Now, I don't see that option. Anyhow, does anyone know how much the Spa access pass on the Nieuw Amsterdam 7 day cruise is? Is there a special on board on specific days? We like to use the thalassotherapy (hydrospa pool) daily. Thank you.😊
  5. Wow! That's so affordable. Thanks for letting us know. My daughter is so excited about riding a "pony"! Our whole group is going to be able to ride now. Can you let us know where you hired the horses? Thank you!!
  6. Yup. Couldn’t find anything. I also noticed so few people respond to other Holland America roll calls, I didn’t even bother to start one. The last few cruises we’ve been on had so few people going to the CC gatherings compared to 10-15 years ago. The NCL cruises seem the most busy but still a lot less than before. Our MSC Cruise last October was really sad. The captain n officers were there n the set up was really nice but sadly no one showed up.
  7. We couldn't find a roll call for our cruise leaving in 59 days either. When is your cruise? We are leaving March 31st for Spring Break on the Nieuw Amsterdam.
  8. Thanks! :D I'll try that to see if it'll work. We're leaving this Saturday on the Seaside. I'll post when we get back.
  9. I guess we didn't get the upgrade after all. :loudcry: Booking still shows old cabin. When I called to ask on status, they said it's not guaranteed. We've never in all 25+ cruises been offered an upgrade and then having it rescinded. Oh well. At least the OV room is a tiny bit larger. We're leaving on Saturday!!! Yay!!
  10. I was told to try to ask the front desk once we're on board whether it's possible to get the vouchers. I'll let you know if we're successful once we get back. We're leaving on Saturday!!!:D
  11. Wow, that's a long time. I just got the 1st credit back onto my card. Now waiting for the 2nd one to go through. Still can't believe that they ran my card a 2nd time 3 days after I'd already cancelled the booking. The booking was cancelled 10 minutes after it was mistakenly booked by the agency. I can't tell who's at fault, the agency or MSC. I tried to resolve with both at the same time and got conflicting info.
  12. On one of our previous cruises, the tv had ports that we were able to hook our AppleTV to. Does anyone know if that is possible on the Seaside? We just need to mirror our ipad n laptop movies. Thanks!
  13. Great idea! Don’t know why I didn’t think of that. Chase has been really good about that kind of thing. Thanks so much for the suggestion. :D
  14. Upgrade still not posted. Called TA n was told it went through. Then they checked again n said don’t know why cabin assignment didn’t show. I called MSC myself n was told we might not get the cabin!! 😢 What?? It seems they upgraded someone without their consent and we got their outside cabin. Now they’re requesting their cabin back because they’re traveling with a group n want to stay together. But they’re still considering the upgrade. Goodness gracious. We were soooo thrilled with the balcony upgrade. Especially my 7 yo. Lol. Hopefully we’ll still get it! 🤞 Cruise is next week! So excited regardless :D
  15. Help! Tried to book an MSC Cruise thru Online agency on September 8th. Received message that it didn’t go through. To try again later or to call in. Received email with same message. I called n booked with someone else. A few hours after I’ve booked the cruise, I received an email congratulating me on my booking with online agency! I hurried to call them to tell them it was a mistake n to cancel it. Since it was only hours old and their mistake, they said they would start the cancellation process with MSC. A few days later, 2nd charge was made to my card for same amount for the supposedly cancelled cruise!! I was so upset since I now have 3 charges for the same cruise. I’ve called n emailed the agency repeatedly n they kept saying MSC will take care of it. This happened for 1 whole week but no credit in site. I then called MSC to take care of this, had to talk to a supervisor because they won’t do it because I’m not a TA. Supervisor started reimbursement with accounting. It’s been another week and many more calls to MSC supervisors..Still no credits yet. We pay off all our cc end of month to avoid interests. Leaving for cruise next Saturday n need to pay off card. Has anyone had this happen to them and was able to get it resolved?
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