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  1. Congrats!!! My wife will be platinum on our next cruise in March on the Sunrise, and after that cruise, I'll be 5 days away from my platinum, which should be before September this year! At least I'll be able to share in some of her perks this trip in less than 46 days!
  2. Living in NY, the only lobster we are usually exposed to are the Maine Lobsters. When we cruise, we used to get the lobster tails on 7 day cruises 1st formal nights in the MDR. They damn near always ended up being overcooked, and cold by the time they reached us. I don't like eating rubber that has a fishy taste, so we stopped ordering them even though they were "free". We do the Steak House, but order anything other than lobster tails. If you live somewhere outside of the east coast, then I can understand that fresh lobster might not be something easy to get, so ANY lobster may be good to you, so I don't knock you for enjoying the ships offering. But when Maine is only a good 4 hour drive away, the fish markets in our city have fresh lobsters all of the time.
  3. Also, just tell them to add meat to the dishes instead of vegetarian meals!
  4. What I’ve learned to do, thanks to these boards, is have Indian food each night. On the first night tell your head waiter that you would like an Indian dish every night. So many of the cooks come from India, and feel pleased to cook you their foods! Each night is always something different and delicious! Plus, you can still order off the menu too! Win, Win!
  5. Just some thoughts on this topic: Ting soda is sold here in New York at Caribbean shops and Jamaican restaurants. Delicious. Blue Mountain Coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world... however, the hurricanes that have wreaked havoc in Jamaica starting in 1988 have caused the quality of the beans to decrease. It is STILL great coffee, just not what it used to be. And finally, if you love jerk chicken/pork, you will NOT have any better than what’s sold in Jamaica. BUT... the Pimento wood that it’s cooked over, that’s only native to Jamaica, is sold and shipped online. One of the places selling it is HERE.
  6. Carnival Magic entered service August, 2010. Ask yourself how old is your family car, and what condition it's in after 9 years of constant continual service by authorized company service personnel. The ship is maintained on a daily basis by dedicated staff, and bought into drydock when mechanical/cosmetic updates are needed. "She's tore up plenty, but she'll fly true".
  7. I had to read twice when I saw $60 mainstream steakhouse with tip, then I saw Georgia! Lucky you! Mainstream steakhouse here in NY with average tip costs us around $120 easy with 1 drink a piece! Man oh man, I can't wait till we retire and head south!
  8. Correct. They DO NOT add the shot to your Cheers only if you give the shot glass back. Once you take it, you are billed for the shot and glass. I don't know what others on here are drinking (joke) but you CANNOT hand back the shot glass and expect not to be charged for it, you just forfeit the glass. Their billing service does NOT work this way. If you take the shot, expect it to go against your billing account regardless what you do with the shot glass, don't be fooled. Some people posting may have not noticed a shot or two... or three on their account, but it's there.
  9. That's been my wife and I's experience as well. That Cheers Package is killer, so is the late night pizza! Never had to wait long in line, and it always tasted like Heaven when back in the cabin. That's how we ended every night, and in 4 days, we'll be on the Magic doing it allllllll again!
  10. September is the most active month of the hurricane season. The entire season runs from May 1st, thru November 30th. Typically, Carnival cruises are discounted from mid-late August thru September. This is when we cruise historically. In all of our cruises, this will/may be the first that we are effected(We are scheduled to sail 9/2/19 on Liberty).
  11. If you drink 5 drinks in a day, you’ve hit the break-even point. And that’s not even including the unlimited power drinks, specialty coffee, milkshakes, or sodas. We don’t cruise without Cheers. For us, it’s a no-brainer.
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