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  1. I've been sailing with HAL since 1988-our 20th anniversary cruise. I agree with the statements about people who have expectations based on other cruise lines. Being a 4 star, I've been on many ships and various length cruises. Did I have bad experiences - sort of - a couple of really interesting storms in the North Atlantic (brought George Clooney to mind) wild seas, etc--a few missed ports due to weather-a Sel-de-Mer dinner that had toooooo much food ( I am a big eater, but I couldn't finish it all) - a Pinnacle dinner that we weren't apparently the 'favored guests' -- never asked about a c
  2. Roy, I have enjoyed following your adventures and wish you many more in the years to come. To quote one of my sarcastic friends " Merry Christmas, and Festivus to the rest of you'all. Here is my fur baby who is definitely ready for treats. By the way, his ears are that way -- one up, one down -- that is what makes him a great rescue.
  3. I have done it before. The person you are buying for needs to have a Mariner number. When I did it, who I was buying it for didn't and the Future Cruise Consultant obtained the Mariner number. This may have changed - this was in 2011.
  4. I agree, I have a travel consultant that gives me a wonderful rebate. I don't understand why HAL doesn't offer the same deals with PCCs. If the PCCs get the same 'commission' as the travel agencies, I applaud them, but I don't think so.
  5. I totally agree with you on this last statement. Even when we have a Pinnacle reservation, we always tell both the other diners and our waitstaff so they know not to wait for us. And we usually have only one specialty reservation per cruise unless it's one of the really long cruises that have the 'really' special dinners - sommelier or chef's for example.
  6. On all of our cruises, 4*, we've always requested fixed dining with a larger table in order to meet new people. However, that being said our cruise this past year has convinced us to change to fixed dining, table for 2. The reason - we had a table for 6 and on the entire 10 day cruise we sat alone for 8 of those nights. Never knew if the others would come or not. So no I don't think asking for a table for 2 is rude.
  7. About Medicare, my husband had a medical issue on board one of HAL's ships. When we returned I followed the requirements for the insurance I bought, I filed with Medicare - since it's the primary insurance before my travel insurance. MEDICARE PAID the bill. You have to do your research and file with your primary insurance.
  8. I've been on Holland America Line since 1988. I have never thrown about 20's every now and then, and got good pours for all this time. Yes, things have changed. However, I have sat at the bar many a nights and watched bottles being opened. The seals were intact. This is just another person trying to disparage the cruise lines.
  9. Veendam goes into dry dock in early April this year. Your answer depends on what happens in dry dock.
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