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  1. This will fail given NCL's inability to follow through on its commitments. We are Platinum and have been for years and have found the perks listed are basically worthless and in some cases only create frustrations. Case in point is Priority Disembarkation can be a perk when given but just recently on the EPIC we did as we always do and spoke to the Future Cruise/Latitudes Desk folks and told nothing and found that exactly what they offered NOTHING. No Priority anything and what a total mess..... I would never ever suggest that someone buy this perk. Sadly NCL seems headed in the wrong direction and don't even get me started on the Drinks Program that has only lead to overworked bar staff and poor service. The sooner they drop that dog the better!!!
  2. We are Platinum Members and thought we had a good handle on the system but learned again that its a moving target. We booked 12 months out direct with NCL for a 11 day Cruise in Jan 2020 and at booking we had no Cruise Next Certificates. The NCL Rep new we were getting ready to leave on a March NCL Cruise and told us that if we get 2 Cruise Next Certificates on the March trip that they would be able to apply them to our Jan trip. We just called and said nope it requires a new booking at the current rates which have now gone up $300. So we will watch prices thru Cruise Fish and hope for a price reduction before final payment and not buy Cruise Next Certificates going forward. Lots of lessons to be relearned I guess.
  3. Oldsweets

    What now?????

    We are disappointed as we have witnessed first hand the positive changes that tourism in Cuba had on the locals. We first traveled Cuba by bus a few years before cruises were allowed into Cuba and fell in love with the people and country. We have since visited Cuba 4 additional times by cruising and witnessed the change brought about. While tourism did not create all positive changes what did not change was the hunger we saw first hand over the years by the locals for more freedom, a chance for better lives, a relationship with America, and Democracy. Sadly the US Government State Department and our Ambassadors will do little to move Cuba forward compared to the positive impact that exposing local Cubans to American Tourist was having.
  4. Hopefully, folks who read this don't get hung up on the change from Key West to 2 days in Havana which could actually be a good thing. My main point is the lack of notification and lack of information after royal made the change with an official verbal explanation when asked what's going on of check back in a few days and see if we have updated the site.
  5. Heard through the grapevine last night that our 31 Dec on Empress of the Sea's Cuba trip was not stopping in Key West and instead adding the day to Cuba for an overnight. An internet search told me that one Key West dock was heavily damaged on 27 Nov and it is closed for 3 months for repairs. Clearly out of Royal Caribbean's control and an overnight in Havana isn't all bad but nothing from Royal about this happening. What's a bit disappointing is with today instant internet notification to booked customers as well as the ability to simply post an alert onto the Royal site about this change and as of now (10:30 17 days before departure) nothing. I just got off the phone with a very nice lady at Royal and they said they are working on fixing the lack of info and updating the excursions to reflect it is now an overnight in Havana with additional excursions. The nice lady I spoke with put me on hold and did some checking and came back and said she was told to tell me to just give it a couple days and check back to see if we have updated the information. Sadly, a better answer would have been you will get a notification updating you on everything you need to know. I would have thought that they could of foreseen this coming given the pier has been closed now since Thanksgiving. I am going to chalk it up that I am simply being impatient but on the other hand the internet makes instant information easy and cruising is all about the planning and without facts you have no ability to plan.
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