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  1. Sorry I’m confused. You don’t need internet or WiFi unless you need to download a book. Why not just download them before you leave?
  2. I did this tour in November and loved it! Learned a little bit of history along with the great food. Can't recommend it enough!
  3. One more question. If you get the chat feature, how do you connect with people? Do you have a "chat number" you can share with others? I am thinking my teen will probably want to chat with other kids that she meets on the ship. TIA
  4. SDJen

    Taxis in Freeport

    We have booked through resort for a day and will be headed to Viva Wyndham resort on our cruise stop in April. Just wondering if anyone could help with a couple questions. 1. If we grab a cab at cruise port are they actual taxis or more like once we fill a van we will go (like we experienced in St Thomas) 2. I am hoping we can set a return time with the same driver so we don't have try to find a taxi to come back. Will that work? 3. Is there any shopping close to where you get back on the ship? I have researched and it looks like the main shopping area is quite far from the port (not walkable) Thanks everyone!
  5. I have tried to research this and haven't gotten a definitive answer. Hoping someone will know. We are book in room 2288 - Category 6c on the Freedom. Per the deck plans, this room is only supposed to hold 2 people. What I would like to know is if there is a couch and if it could be made into a bed or not. I know we can split the main bed into two twins but I would like to know if the couch can be a bed too. Thanks for any input.
  6. Just wondering if you can ever get a walk up reservation for this restaurant? Or wait to book on the ship? I am just not sure if we will want to go or not. May depend on the dining room menu on a specific night. TIA
  7. New to Carnival and have a few questions about excursions. We are sailing in April. 1. If I choose a Carnival excursion now do I pay now or when on the ship? 2. What is the cancellation policy if we would change our mind? 3. What if the weather isn't great - can you cancel day of? 4. I usually book my own excursions (not through the cruise) but the one I am looking at is a decent price considering the transportation is included. Is it usually a slow process to do a cruse excursion (waiting for bus, etc...) would rather pay a little more and not waste a ton of time. Thanks for any advice. PS - the excursion I am looking at is the Segway tour on Blue Lagoon in Nassau. We are in port 7-5.
  8. Thanks so much! Those pictures look amazing. We are in port from 7-5 so hoping to get an earlier tour and have time for the beach after. Booking through Carnival I am not sure if we have any choice of times or we just take what we get.
  9. Looking for feedback on this excursion. It looks fun and has good reviews. We would probably do through cruiseline (Carnival) since it would include transportation. I am wondering how much beach time we might be able to do after the segways? Enough time to explore the island? It looks like there are only a few ferries back and forth, right? Thanks for any advice or feedback!
  10. Thanks everyone. I will do some more research!
  11. Trying to narrow down options for cruise in April and would appreciate any advice. Myself and my teenage daughter will need to get from Galveston back to IAH. We have a flight after 2 pm so trying to kill time on the ship and not the airport. Curious how the Carnival shuttle works? Do you have an assigned time/bus? Do you get your own luggage and put on the bus yourself? If anyone has done this and would share details I would appreciate it. I would rather pay a little more and not have to sit and wait at the port etc... Thanks!
  12. Sailing on the Mariner next week. Would like to spend a little time in the casino but I am not much of a gambler. Does anyone know the min. bets on blackjack? And I assume they offer quarter slot machines? Thanks!
  13. Funny but I literally just got an email from RC telling me we embark from Terminal A. Guess I wasn't patient enough! Thanks for the link too!
  14. Can someone point me to how to find out which terminal to go to for embarkation? First Royal cruise leaving Miami a week from today on Mariner of the Seas. Wondering if we will get to use the brand new terminal? TIA
  15. Hi everyone. First time on Royal coming up next week. Booked through a travel agent and have received prepaid tips as part of the package. I am wondering if we will still get something to actually hand to staff at the end of the cruise? If I still get a voucher and envelope I have the option of adding more cash for good service.
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