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  1. We purchased the unlimited digital + print photo package for our Transatlantic sailing on the Reflection last year. The photo package was a first for us, and it freed me from having to do the sole photography work during the sailing. There were three of us in our cabin, and practically every time we saw a photographer, we took a photo. Going to dinner, take a photo (or several) along the way. Leaving the ship, take a photo. Up early on deck to see the ship coming into port, say "Hi" to the photographer likely there too and take a photo. Photo, Photo, Photo. We knew them all by name after a few days! The system has facial recognition, so when any one of us in our cabin was in a photo, that photo was added automatically to the digital portion of our package. You should go to the Photo Gallery daily to see your current digital prints at the kiosk, and then also pick your latest printed prints off of the print wall; upon handing them to a Rep they will store them in a folder for you for pick up before the end of your cruise. In all, the Celebrity photo staff took a total of 297 photos of us, and we walked off the ship with the prints nearly needing another suitcase to carry them all home. We also received a link to download every one of them in digital format after the cruise. If you do the math, that comes out to less than $1 per 8x10 photo – Best deal ever, especially considering that a single 8x10 runs $25 on board.
  2. Call your TA if you have one, or the cruise line directly if not. In my experience, Celebrity will allow you to move to another cabin in the same category if it is available. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Here's a review of our Transatlantic crossing on the Reflection last April. May be helpful: https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=618032
  4. Looks like the ferry schedules have changed. Our ship arrives in Papeete at 10am, so we can't take the earlier ferry - would have been nice. Our trip is in May of 2020 (on a Sunday), so I guess we'll have to keep an eye on the schedules and see if this remains possible as we near the date. As it stands now we'll have to take the Terevau 3:05pm Papeete to Moorea ferry, tour for 3 hours, then take the 6:45pm Aremiti2 ferry back to Papeete. Super tight. ...Would hate to miss Moorea, but if the schedule doesn't improve we may have to stay on Papeete for the day. We are planning a 4x4 Jeep tour with Safari Mario on Moorea. Maybe there is something similar on Tahiti?
  5. We will be in port for the day in Papeete, and we are planning on taking the Aremeti ferry over to Moorea for a tour. Problem is: It is on a Sunday and the ferry's don't run as often, so our tour will not return to the Moorea/Viare ferry dock until just before the last ferry departs at 6:45pm. Are we crazy for depending upon making the last ferry to return to Papeete? Does the last ferry ever cancel? The ship continues to Bora Bora at 10pm, so as long as the ferry is running we should make the ship. The worst case is we'll have to fly to BB to catch the ship should there be any ferry problems. Is there a high risk here?
  6. Don't miss the ice cream in the Oceanview Cafe from 12noon (somes 11am) to 10pm. They serve several freshly made flavors, and soft serve yogurt, in either bowls or cones. They'll make the cones as high as you want. I actually made the "mistake" once of challenging the server to make it as high as possible, it was 8 inches minimum! They have multiple toppings as well. Had run after the second show to make it back nightly before closing. I considered that my exercise for the day! ; )
  7. I brought a case of Pelligrino on our last cruise, along with a case of water and a case of soda. Dropped it all off with the luggage on arrival after affixing luggage tags onto each case. They all showed up at our cabin together later in the day. Easy peasy.
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