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  1. If you are actually taking the proper precautions then I don't think anyone is talking to you. Many of us that have had strong opinions about the pandemic know full and well that everyone had to handle it differently. The only problem I have had is with the people that have not only treated it as if it was no problem at all. Many took it a step further like you are doing in this post and tried to make fun of people "living in a bubble" because they are handling it differently.
  2. 44% of new cases are in 5 states right now. New York, Michigan, Florida, New Jersey, and Michigan.
  3. You are lucky to live in a place where everyone is complying with the protocols. I can see how you would not have a realistic perspective of what is going on because you haven't had first hand experience with the don't tread on me crowd during the pandemic. Consider yourself lucky.
  4. The don't tread on me crowd refused to do all of the things you listed which is what filled up the hospitals. We wouldn't have had to shut down things for so long if they had just done the things in your list, but that would supposedly take away their freedom.
  5. Not everyone thinks loading down hospitals beyond capacity is common sense.
  6. If we had handled this with an ounce of common sense in the first place we might not be in this mess. Unfortunately the don't tread on me crowd thinks common sense flys in the face of their freedom.
  7. I don't know why anyone would be shocked. They have been canceling after the final payments since back in April when they knew there was no way any of those ships were going to sail. At least right now it is a little less shady with the vaccine being out there. The cruise industry has screwed a lot of people over since April and they have done it in the shadiest way.
  8. Realistically in the next few month the vaccine will be available to anyone willing to get it and the cruise industry will do everything in there power to get vaccines for the workers and I believe the industry will be back up and running if they don't run out of cash first. To bad people couldn't have taken a realistic approach to this the entire time. It would have saved us from a lot of typing.
  9. Hopefully they will require all passengers and crew to be vaccinated before boarding the ship.
  10. I booked a cruise yesterday for December on the Magic. Realistically, I think it will sail but if it is not looking good on September 20th they can have my $400.00 deposit/ interest free loan. I guess it will actually just be a gift.
  11. It's an interest free loan until they start selling sailings that they know are going to actually sail. It is by definition an interest free loan. Money is being given to the company for a service they know they can't provide. Interest free loan. Lol.
  12. It's not an interest free loan when I go on the cruise. When you sell something that you know isn't going to happen, in my opinion that is an interest free loan perpetrated on the best customers of the company. Especially when you have the mouthpiece of the organization practically begging people to send there money in and lying to people when he made a bet on one of those videos saying that he bet $100.00 that they would be sailing by the end of the year and every time I ask him if he made good on the bet he ignores me. I used to be a fan of the mouthpiece until his handling of the virus.
  13. I will be happy to give anyone my address and they can just send me all the money they would like and in a year I will just come back on here and say I went bankrupt and I will send you back half the money which is a far better deal than Carnival will give you.
  14. The Monopoly game was a joke and the fleecing is real in my opinion. If you like giving interest free loans to Billion dollar corporations that have had nothing but half a billion plus in losses a month for the past year. feel free.
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