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  1. I don't care whether you consider a corporation a person or a hamster, no person or entity should dump gray water or oil or plastic into the ocean and they should be fined heavily if they are caught doing it. Common sense.
  2. North Carolina just had the highest number of cases of the virus yesterday since the beginning of the pandemic. No one knows what the next 6 months will bring, but that fact that I just typed is not a good sign for March.
  3. I'm curious if anyone knows how if they are going to sail at reduced capacity in the beginning how will they decide on a full ship who gets to sail and who is sent a letter that they are no longer booked for that particular sailing.
  4. I'll believe it when I see it. I will restate that I have said all along that it would be the end of the year before any of the ships left out of the US. Many on the boards stated they thought we would be back cruising by May early on. I will let you figure out whose predictions were more spot on. Cheers mate.
  5. It has been pointed out many times by some of the people on this board who have no idea about my financial situation that I must be poor because I don't want to give an interest free loan to a multi billion dollar company. I am not poor. I am also not rich and am not privy to hang out in many executive lounges. I will have to take your word for it.
  6. I will believe it when I see it. I would also like to say I hope it does start back, but that kind of goes against the fact that it is not a good idea to put a bunch of people on a cruise ship breathing all over each other at this time so I will not say that. But I know you parrot every word that comes out oh JH mouth as the gospel truth even though it has been shown to be false time and again over the past 6 months and you also bash JH out of the other side of your mouth which is very confusing to those of us trying to have a dialogue about the current situation. I really don't know how to talk to you about it other than we will see how it plays out over the next month or so. Cheers mate.
  7. I wouldn't want to go in an executive lounge that allows kids😂
  8. I would also rather have the executive lounge. Happy kids is more important when they are with me.
  9. My kids loved being able to walk across the hall and grab cookies and milk out of the lounge. I think they also just really liked they had a place they could go that was "exclusive" to those rooms. Guess that mindset starts early.😂
  10. One of my favorite rooms was a family Harbor. The kids loved it. There was plenty for kids of all ages. I don't think there is an age limit.
  11. Agreed . I was trying to give some perspective to the topic. I have watched a lot of cruise documentaries while being overly excited about an upcoming sailing. Just looking through some of the ones I have watched in the past today trying to find the quote made me sad about the current situation.
  12. I am skeptical that a boat can sail at 30% capacity and break even, no matter how low the fixed costs. I would love to hear a cruise executive not spinning for the media explain how they come to that conclusion. Again my realistic thought process can get me in trouble around here.
  13. Watched it a couple of years ago on Amazon Prime when I was excited about my next cruise I was going on. I believe it was about a RCL ship it was towards the end of the Documentary and they were interviewing on of the VP's that worked at the RCL Headquarters, and he made the comment about the profitability of each cruise. It is just hard to believe that a 30% cruise ship can be profitable, but it's not like cruise executives have given us any reason to doubt them recently.
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