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  1. I haven't eaten any buffet food in my last ten cruises and it has significantly enhanced my cruise experience.
  2. I am glad the Bahamas is going to protect themselves from the unvaccinated. I wish more places all over the world would do the same.
  3. I completely agree. It is great to see Carnival enforce a policy for once. I guess when the life of there business depends on it they actually enforce the rules. Unlike chair hogging and hats in the MDR which I actually don't care about.
  4. Have you seen the news. As an example the number of positive tests July 1st in North Carolina was 330. August 1st 3,300 positive tests. The Delta variant is a game changer. There is a huge outbreak going on across the country right now and it is ripping through the unvaccinated population and filling the hospitals back up with Covid patients.
  5. Agreed. Unfortunately I think they baked into the new cruise contract language that will make it difficult to cancel. I will not be making my final payment on September 22nd unless things with delta have turned around significantly.
  6. Yes I believe the multi billion dollar company is going to enforce the mask policy. I know many want to believe that because they don't like the policy they can just ignore it. Many also think if they can't enforce chair hogging how are they going to enforce the masks. My answer would be that the chair hogging situation couldn't shut down the entire industry and the Virus can.
  7. The Delta variant has changed the game on the vaccine. New information calls for new policies.
  8. So glad they are adapting to what is actually going on in the United States instead of putting there head in the sand and acting like everything is fine. A month ago in North Carolina we had 330 new cases of the virus. Today we had 3,300. New information calls for new protocols. I really hope this masking indoors will keep the anti mask crowd off the ship for a while and maybe the cruise industry can get back to normal. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that my Christmas cruise will still happen.
  9. The leading Doctor on the Covid at the hospital my wife works at said the next 6 weeks are going to be a very bumpy ride. He said that the hospitilization numbers that as of a few weeks ago were down to the single digits could make it back to what they were at the height of the Pandemic. I am really hoping that my cruise in December will still be going, but I think the developments of this past week have put that possibility in serious jeopardy. I will be happy to wear a mask indoors on a ship if need be. I will not like it but I will do it to spend a week on a cruise with my family at Christmas. I hope it doesn't com to that.
  10. Hopefully no more than the 5%. With the number of vaccinated people out there that want to cruise hopefully they will wait as long as possible before opening up the industry to the risk of the unvaccinated cruiser.
  11. If they gave away all the things mentioned in the OP's original post in my opinion they would only be getting the revenue for the cabin which in my opinion is a bad business model.
  12. I am gold. I don't care when I get to Platinum Diamond or ebony. I just like having a low cost vacation. I do understand that "perks" are important to some. I am not one of them.
  13. If they include all those things, how is Carnival supposed to make any revenue off these passengers. I don't think because you have cruised a lot means Carnival should have to give you everything for free.
  14. Grab lunch and then straight in the pool for a few hours until the crowds get there.
  15. I was commenting based on what you said in your post.
  16. If you look at post #654 that is what you said.
  17. September 26th Rose Garden super spreader event right outside the White House.
  18. I am not going to read that entire article. I stand by my position that it most definitely was a super spreader event no matter which side of the political spectrum you are on.
  19. If the judge doesn't think that 712 out of 3,711 people getting the virus is not a super spreader event then I would love to know what his or her idea of a super spreader event might be.
  20. So the 712 people that got it on one cruise ship with 14 of those people dying was political rhetoric? Interesting.
  21. I'm pretty sure Amtrak got a special exemption because it was deemed essential for commuters. I don't agree with it, but at the end of the day it is really not comparable to the cruise ships which proved in March 2020 to be super spreaders.
  22. I didn't see any of the things I mentioned in my post so I am assuming you posted this link to show me I was right.
  23. Comparing the military to the Cruise industry is the definition of an apples and oranges comparison. Last time I checked the cruise industry is not necessary to keep us from being nuked by N. Korea.
  24. I have never heard of a week long trip on an Amtrak train where every person stays on the train for the whole time except for excursions and they have dance clubs and bars and a comedy club and a piano bar. That must be a really long train to fit multiple thousands of people. Does it have a water slide?
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