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  1. All digital and or All Prints w/digital. At least that what was available the last time we cruise in December.
  2. According to the PTZ TV website she has indeed departed Port Canaveral..
  3. Can someone please update us on who is currently on the "Harmony of the Seas"?
  4. First let start by saying my wife and I are both D+ on RCCL. We typically cruise 3-4 times a year (long & short ones). Over the past 3 -4 years we have also cruise 1 time on Carnival (Paradise), 1 time on NCL (Bliss) and 2 times on Celebrity (cant remember the names right now). We have been cruising RCCL ships for 20+ years now and have been on almost every class, size and multiple itineraries throughout the world (ex. Eastern, Western Caribbean, Hawaii, Repositioning, transpacific, Alaska, Baltic Isles, etc.. I say this to give you a perspective as to what overall opininion I have regarding RCCL food. I will also add that as I have gotten older my food tastes have changed as well. That being said, when I step foot on an RCCL ship these days I no longer have any expectations regarding the food other than will be plenty available. In years past I used to look forward to the "Dining Experience" as far as food quality, taste and presentation goes. Now, I just go with the thought, I hope it wont be too bad?? Sometimes I will deliberately go to the windjammer to eat a meal because the food is just not that great anymore. They have definitely changed (lowered) the dining experience in the main dining room over the past few years. I am not questioning the quality of the ingredients that they use, I just don't feel that the presented end dish is that great anymore. I have filled out several surveys for them and I never get any feedback from them. I will however say that the food on the other cruiselines that I mentioned earlier were incredible. Since "Celebrity" is an RCCL company I know that they can do better on the quality of food served in the main dining room they just appear to not care to do so. That being said, I will still cruise RCCL ( I have 3 cruises booked before the end of the year) and I will still enjoy my vacation because my moto is, and always will be, "THE WORST DAY ON VACATION, IS STILL BETTER THAN THE BEST DAY OF WORK".
  5. Is this new program strictly for US passported citizens or is it for anyone with a valid passport? I ask because my wife is a US citizen and I am a Canadian citizen with both a valid Canadian passport as well as a valid "Green card". Just wondering............
  6. Welcome to "dynamic pricing" from RCCL. It's their new math.....
  7. I was on the NCL "Bliss" when it had it's maiden Panama Canal cruise May 2018 and they had a BBQ restaurant on board called "Q". I must admit it was some of the best BBQ I have ever tasted, and I would like to think that I know good BBQ when I taste it. If NCL can produce it on their ship i'm sure that RCCL can do likewise. (they had a large smoker on board, SLOW - N LOW BABY....) Can't wait to try it in the future to decide for myself
  8. No, it's not SHADY, It's Creative Pricing.....😎
  9. Very nice review of your cruise. We will be sailing on her for the 2nd, time in December. Could you please email me a copy of your spreadsheet. kgmarshall@juno.com Thanks:
  10. We were in St. Petersburg about 6 years ago (a large private group). We used SPB-TOURS and they were awesome. You need a visa to disembark the ship and their tour ticket is just that. We actually used them for several stops on our Baltic Isles cruise and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to have a great experience.
  11. Really??? What is the difference? I'm a Canadian and I am more impressed with a cruiseline promoting A WOMAN to Captain regardless of her nationality. The qualification for being a captain is not your citizenship. I have cruised on RCCl ships in the past when Captain Karin piloted the vessel. Never felt like she was inferior to any other captain male or female from any country.
  12. Call your airline up and tell them (nicely but in no uncertain terms) that the flight that they rescheduled (earlier) will not work for you and that you need to be re-booked on a later flight. Don't take no for an answer, Remember, YOU ARE THE CUSTOMER!!! Many times people just sheepishly accept what they are told by the airlines, not being aware that you can ask and usually get another option.
  13. I do know that the "laundry" chemicals that they use are from a company called "ECOLAB". Not sure which ones they use.
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