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  1. We were on The "Mariner" for "Superbowl" weekend (first weekend in February) we were a group of 9 and we all loved it. We live in Orlando and usually sail the "Bahamas" weekend cruises 3 - 4 times a year. First time doing it on the "Mariner" and it was AWESOME!!!!! We have since tried to re-book it for a B2B2B in September and just found out that all 3 have been cancelled. 😞 We will keep trying to get on her before she changes her itinerary next year. All in all, I would say go for it.
  2. I'm not sure about a 10 y.o. However, I can verify that a 4 y.o. is not required to get it. We took our niece and her 4 y.o. daughter on the "Harmony" last December, we had the UDP for the 3 of us and the little one just ate whatever.
  3. Where did you find that? I would love to get one for my wife...
  4. You may want to try "GO PORT CANAVERAL". They are an all inclusive travel/transportation company. They can arrange airport pick-up, hotel stay and transfers to the port and then get you back to the airport as well.
  5. Ready to cruise like, yesterday.... Sadly, the CDC & cruiselines wont let me. I am willing to wear a face covering, have my temperature regularly checked and even wear gloves and use hand sanitizer.. We currently have 3 B2B2B cruises (3/4 night cruises) booked with RCCL (Mariner of the Seas) and are hoping that they will go. Also Have a 16 day "Panama Canal" cruise with NCL (Bliss) in late November. I also hope that that still goes a scheduled.
  6. From where "RCCL" usually stops, it is almost right across the street. Very convenient. Used it last December on the 'Harmony".
  7. My wife is a travel agent as well (owns her own home based agency), It seems like she been on hold with RCCL for a minimum of 2-2 1/2 hours every day for the past 8 - 10 weeks. She just has to stay patient and often has to walk their operators through the steps to help them help her. RCCL can charge a customer in a heartbeat. However, the refund might not come until the customers heart has stopped beating.😀🙃 (very long wait times for refunds)😴😴
  8. Well, sort of. I met my now wife of almost 23 years right before I was to go on my first cruise back in 1993. I say before because I am from Canada and a friend of mine had asked me to go on a "group cruise" with him out of Tampa, Fl. I said yes, went to Tampa and we actually met at a a sort of meet & greet before the cruise we were to go on. 80+ cruises and like I said almost 23 years (all happy) later we are still going strong and are waiting for the cruise industry to open up again so the we can celebrate our 23rd, wedding anniversary in September. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, I moved to Florida (Orlando) from Toronto and she moved from Daytona Beach.
  9. Wow, I'm not sure how to respond to a post like that. you want the cruiseline to go bankrupt? What about their employees and their families and travel agents and the many other hospitality sectors that rely on cruise business . All because you can't seem to get a refund in "Your time frame". In the interest of full disclosure, my wife is a travel agent (she owns her own home based travel agency) she is the one who actually is spending hours on end cancelling cruises, arranging refunds, re-booking customers for cruises at a later date. Yet we both can''t wait to go on our next cruise, whenever that would be. Next time, when you post please think about others who may be impacted by your "HOPES". PS. You might want to change your screen name to Uncool Cruiser.....
  11. Theoretically your example is correct. However, you are leaving out 2 very important pieces of information, as was stated earlier (1) ALL of the bookings would have to be paid in full. I don't know many who could afford to do that so close together. (2) the cruiseline would have had to cancel the cruise, not the customer. That is the only way the TA still get's their commission. I know this because I am married to one.
  12. Highly unlikely for that to happen. I would suggest that you try and have either you or your husband transferred to that cabin, at least on paper.
  13. Awesome: So glad to hear you didn't give into the "Hysteria" and "Fear Mongering". Please enjoy your cruise and keep us posted. KJM
  14. We got it at the lower $39.99/p.p. price on black Friday for our Mariner cruise 2 weekends ago (Superbowl cruise). Thought it was a great deal until we found out that we wouldn't be docking at CoCo Cay due to high winds.😪
  15. Just go ahead and drop-off your check-in luggage and then go and park your car. If you have a close parking garage you can walk to the terminal and if you get a further away garage they have shuttle buses that can bring you to the cruise terminal where you will sail out of. You did however mention cruising with older ones. If that is the case I can tell you from previous experience that if you want a handicapped space they go very fast.
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