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  1. Nope. we love them all. In fact we actually have outfits that we wear to make it even more fun.
  2. I would say YESSSSSS!!!! Awesome... We already pay extra for most of those things anyways. This just make sit easier to know everything is included.
  3. None of the above. We are already D+ and will still be very far away from reaching "Pinnacle". Nice to think about however.
  4. I live days at sea. The more, the better. I would definitely go on a cruise that never stopped at a port. However, my wife might have something else to say about that.
  5. You can get it (wait for it...) when you order a "Pina Colada' and just let the ice melt..😎
  6. Left. We live in Orlando and can on her within an hour of leaving home. We have sailed on her twice.
  7. We have a 16 day "Panama Canal" cruifor still booked with NCL on the "BLISS". Before you all start hating on us as not being on an RCCL cruise. We are Diamond Plus and have had 4 previous RCCL cruises cancelled due to Covid-19. This 1 NCL cruise is all we have left for this year. 🥴😎
  8. We are booked on the "Panama Canal" cruise November 29 - Dec. 15, 2020 from Miami to Los Angeles. I hope that it may still go, even with reduced capacity, mask wearing , etc... We did this same itinerary on its maiden "Panama Canal" cruise in May of 2018 and we had a BLAST!!!!!!
  9. I just repriced my November 2020 Panama Canal cruise on the "Bliss" using this new "Promo". The price is $300.00 higher and I lose 2 "Free at Sea" options.🤬
  10. One question. Haven't we all been financially impacted in one way or another? Whether it be due to job loss/furloughs/pay cuts, etc.. or 401K's . So to say that they may be affected is no big deal...
  11. I wouldn't say we are frugal, nor are we over-spenders either. We always book a balcony cabin on cruises 7 days or longer (we might do inside on a weekend cruise), usually mid-ship on a higher deck. It costs whatever it costs. We always get the unlimited drink package (not because we drink a ton, mostly for the convenience of it). We do try and save money on excursions by searching out a similar type of excursions that the cruiseline offers, only through a private, reputable company. I learned many years ago the hard way (my first time to Europe to go on a cruise) if I see something that we want to do, just put it on a credit card and pay for it when we get home. I say this because once you get home and start thinking about what you should have done while you were there, it is a lot more money to go back to Europe to try and do it next time..
  12. This happened to my wife for one of her customers as well. They will take it back and give it to the Travel Agent..
  13. That is correct, Canadian CITIZENS can get into Canada. However they would still have to 14 day self quarantine once they got there. I know this because I am a Canadian Citizen (living in the US) and I wanted to go back and visit my family for a short visit and realized that it wouldn't be worth all of the hoops that I would have to go through. (ex. 14 day self quarantine once I got to Canada and then another 14 day self quarantine once I got back to the US. I would actually spend way more time in quarantine than with my family. Also, I don't have that much vacation time from work...
  14. Well, that would make sense since you can't cruise now anyways.
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