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  1. My TA cancelled my cruise for me on March 2 (will lose my deposit). Since I booked with gift cards, my refund will be given back as gift cards. As of yet I have not rcvd them.
  2. When cancelling a cruise that was paid with gift cards, how quickly are people receiving the new gc from Carnival for the refunded amount?
  3. Do you happen to remember if the excursion called Rhythm of the Night was available at Puerto Vallarta? We did this a few years ago but we over nighted in Puerto Vallarta. My SIL wants to do this itinerary partly because of that excursion.
  4. We normally will get one drink in the lounge and get a glass of wine to take to dinner.😀
  5. Thanks that is what I thought. Someone led me to believe it was more than that, but I didn't think so.
  6. Which ships do not have a Diamond Lounge?
  7. I don't know. All I did was fill out the form and send it. They gave me the additional OBC and lowered my price by $20. I still do not know how they got that price drop. I don't see it.
  8. I have just rcvd the updated invoice from carnival. That was quick and answered my own question.🙂
  9. I have filled out a price protection form for an increase in OBC offered (price is the same). I an not sure if this is still the way it is done on carnival. I was thinking that we used to get an auto reply that the form was rcvd. I did not get one so am wondering if this is still the way price drops are done or something else?
  10. Breeze would be my choice. We have taken grand kids on Royal and Carnival. We usually take their parents as well. The grands prefer Carnival over Royal for the food options mostly.
  11. I never have a burger except I will have one on Carnival. Royal burgers are grey hockey pucks.
  12. I am pretty annoyed. In looking for a cruise for my hubby and his sister & hubby out of Miami I found an 8 night on Empress in JS's. With our discount the price was $2292 and zero OBC. Price for the newbe couple it is $2518 plus $300 OBC.
  13. I only encountered this type of thing on Sunshine a few years back. I haven't been on Carnival in a while so wanted to see if any other ships were like this. Someone else will probably reply.
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