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  1. I have not rcvd anything. Are you sailing soon? I don't leave until Sept.
  2. Yeah, I have not plans on telling him at this point. He tries to keep up with what is going on anyway. If there is a real issue he will discover it. The CDC colors, he is not watching.
  3. Is it a bad thing if I don't tell my hubby? He would probably freak.
  4. So what doe it mean when the CDC ship color changes from Green to Orange? Does this mean there is some kind of issue? I am supposed to get on Vista Sept. 4.
  5. Call to see if you can have final payment moved out. For my Sept 4 cruise that was due in June, they extended FP to July 21.
  6. My hubby and I are kind of old boring people I suppose. Carnival definitely has better lunch options. We stay on our balcony most of the time reading or checking out what is "out there" with the binoculars. At sail away we will be there sipping a cocktail or glass of wine, avoiding all the loud party noise as much as possible. If you do get a balcony make sure you check the deck plans. On the Magic there will be a board walk on the outside of the ship on deck 5. If you are on deck 6 folks walking around are able to look right on to your balcony so if you prefer not to
  7. Thanks, that is what I thought. I get mixed up between carnival and royal sometimes.
  8. I mean the complimentary ones you pick up at the bar...which size are those. The 12 pack you pre order for $5 are the small ones.
  9. Oh, one more ? Are they they large bottles or the smaller regular size waters? I drink a lot of water and since you can't bring it on anymore, I might need to pre order. Okay, I know someone will say the tap water is fine...I won't drink it.
  10. It doesn't make sense to me. I also read that if you order the case of water pre cruise that it will be in your room(delivered) I am guessing that they hope you won't go pick up the stuff...saves a few pennies.
  11. So, normally we would get complimentary waters in the cabin upon arrival. I read somewhere that now you must pick up at a bar. How many of these do we get and what size of water will they be per each platinum/diamond member?
  12. You used to be able to get a free bottle of wine in the steak house on the first night. Is that still the case? What about JiJi's, does the same apply?
  13. I ordered a combination passport/vaccine card holder.
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