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  1. Seems easier to me. Once booked I will check with several of my usual TA's and then go with the best perks. Going directly to the TA's I would need to get quotes from all first. I can fill out all the info faster than having to answer each question so they can fill out forms. I also like to control the booking until the last minute that I can, so will transfer toward the end of the 90 day transfer limit. I haven't sailed on Carnival in awhile and not sure what you can get. I do seem to remember that TA's weren't allowed to give you much compared to say Royal. I don't know if that has changed or not.
  2. So I found a thread that said it is you can transfer up to 90 from date of booking provided you are not beyond final payment.
  3. I might be booking a cruise on line. How many days do I have to transfer to a travel agent?
  4. Thanks! This is what I was hoping for.
  5. The one I chose included Kendall Jackson cabernet so hopefully one of those still does.
  6. I took my 25th in Jan 2018 and did the Panama Canal. You want to do an expensive cruise because you will get 25% the cost of the cruise in OBC. I will only assume it is still that way. I haven't been on Carnival since then. It was also my hubbies 25th so we had a ton of OBC. We didn't spend it all but were able to cash some out in the casino. I ended up bringing $600 home with me. You will also get a white card for that sailing. I don't think it did anything. Also, it does not need to be the 25th, you can do it on your 30th if desired.
  7. Okay, good to know. They used to offer different levels. Do they still offer different levels? The last time I was on Carnival I was able to order it through the candy shop.
  8. I still have about 25 points to make it but we are not thrilled with Royal right now, so are checking out Carnival again. (We are almost diamond plus on Royal so would miss the free nightly drinks) We want to do the Hawaii cruise on Carnival in 2022 or 2023, the round trip from San Diego, so thought it might be nice to use that upgrade on a longer cruise.
  9. Once you are diamond, you are supposed to get a one time cabin upgrade? How does that work? If what you want is a balcony, do you book an ocean view(window room)?
  10. Does Carnival still do the 5 bottle wine packages?
  11. book it yourself and then transfer the booking to your TA if they give you OBC or some kind of benefit.
  12. Thank you, Tarquinia looks quite interesting.
  13. We are doing a B2B from Civitavecchia and are wondering what we might do on turn around day. We have been to Rome several times so are wondering what we might do closer to the port. Ideas welcome! TIA
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