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  1. Hi I just went and looked at a few of them. Very odd that they list times for places to eat, things like gym and casino, but not the bars. Noreen
  2. Hi I have to get started on the next review and will post it. I think cruise critic changed the limit on signatures so I don’t know if I will be able to link it Noreen
  3. Thank you for the confirmation. The chicken was so overdone, the waffles almost burnt. Even the sauce wasn’t maple syrup but some weird balsamic thing it sounded good on the menu so I wanted to try. The salad was very good
  4. Final Thoughts This was another great trip on Anthem of the Seas. We really like the layout of the junior suite (J1 with Large Balcony) especially the large balcony with the comfortable lounge chairs. We thought we would miss some of the perks we had with the Grand Suite last year such as breakfast in Coastal Kitchen, the Suite Sun Deck, and the special seating in the theater. Surprisingly, it was not that big a deal for us on this trip. Mainly it’s because we’ve already seen the shows so don’t worry if we see them again or not. Even the suite sun deck, while very nice, we enjoyed our balcony. We did miss breakfast in coastal kitchen a bit. On a different ship, we may want the full suite perks but on Anthem we are very happy with the junior suite. We were able to have dinner each night in Coastal Kitchen which we liked. We enjoyed the ports we visited. We enjoy the ship. The employees are very nice and seem to really care about making the guests happy. It was great cruising with Rich and Eileen. We will be back on Anthem again in June 2019 to celebrate Scott’s 50th Birthday. Any questions please ask as I love talking about our trips and cruising in general. Noreen
  5. Friday 2/15/19 - Disembark - Bayonne, NJ We did not go to the gym this morning. We showered and got dressed. We had breakfast in the dining room. We both had French toast. We also ordered fruit since they didn’t have the little buffet in the dining room today where we would normally grab some fruit. We left the ship after breakfast. We waited in the porter line to get a porter. It was moving relatively slowly. We heard that many of the porters were still helping get the luggage lined up after it comes off the ship and that they started letting passengers off too soon. When it was our turn, our porter quickly got us to the front of the customs line and out to the garage. Scott went to get the car and I waited with the luggage. While waiting for him I took a picture of the luggage sitting here. It’s a lot sadder to look at the lined up luggage waiting to go home than the picture I took of the luggage in the house before we left. Once he got the car and loaded up the luggage, we were pulling out of the garage by about 8:30am. We were home by 9:45am including stopping at the grocery store for a few items. You can’t beat the ease of cruising from Bayonne.
  6. Thursday 2/14/19 - At Sea - Continued We showered and changed for dinner with Rich and Eileen at Coastal Kitchen. Since it is the last night of the cruise most people are pretty casual. I had an outfit specifically picked out for Valentine’s night that I wanted to wear. It’s what I would wear out to dinner either at home or on a cruise. It’s not super fancy but has pink in it so thought it was good for Valentine’s Day. For appetizers I had the escargot, Scott had the Hamachi Crudo (forgot to take a picture of this) and Shrimp Cocktail, Eileen had the fennel soup, and Rich had the Pizzette. It was seafood night in the Windjammer. Rajeev brought us a plate filled with mussels, clams, scallops, and crab claws from the Windjammer for the table. For our entrees, Scott and I had the Sesame Crusted Tuna over Cauliflower fried rice; Rich and Eileen had the Lamb Shank. We also had a plate of potato croquettes and an order of the saffron linguine for the table. For dessert Eileen and I both had the sundae, Scott had Dulce Le Leche Creme Brûlée, and Rich had cookies that he got in the Windjammer. We have a little portable printer that we brought with us. Scott printed out a picture of Rajeev and put “#1” on it. We brought it to dinner and sat it on the table. Everyone got a kick out of it. Other waiters, the dining room manager, plenty of people stopped by to see what it said. We enjoyed our meals in Coastal Kitchen very much. We like having a waiter that gets to know us. We walked through the Windjammer on the way out and I took a few pictures. We stopped back at the cabin to put out the luggage. I changed out of my cute Valentine’s outfit and put on more casual clothes so we could put the Valentine’s outfit out with the luggage. We went to the casino. Scott’s free cruise voucher (he earned a free junior suite) was delivered to our cabin earlier tonight. I had to check in with the casino host to get mine (I earned a free balcony cabin). We said goodby to Rich and Eileen and some of the other people we chatted with over the course of the cruise. Rich and Eileen headed out since they have a long drive home tomorrow. We stayed until the casino closed.
  7. Thursday 2/14/19 - At Sea We went to the gym in the morning. After the normal Patisserie stop, we showered and got dressed. We walked around deck 14 and 15. It’s still very nice out, but getting cooler. We stopped at the Bionic Bar. It’s a cute novelty and fun to get a drink here. You can get non alcoholic beverages too which is what we did. There are not many Valentine’s decorations around the ship. A few things here and there but not much. We skipped breakfast today planning to have an early lunch. We went to the dining room for lunch at 11:30 when they opened. Scott had a lobster roll without the French fries. I had the chicken and waffles. I didn’t like my chicken and waffles so went up to the salad bar and had a salad made. I enjoyed the salad. They had a valentine’s dessert display set up in the dining room. We went to the 1pm Captain’s Corner in 270. Someone asked a question about diversity at the top in cruises and there aren’t many females. Diversity is a big focus at my company so it was interesting to hear about it from the cruise industry perspective too. We went to the casino for a little while. We went back to the cabin to pack.
  8. Wednesday 2/13/19 - At Sea - Continued We showered and changed for dinner at Coastal Kitchen with Rich and Eileen. We had Rajeev join us in some pictures too. For appetizers I had the truffle risotto; Scott had the salmon sashimi and shrimp cocktail; Rich had the Iceberg Wedge. I don’t remember what Eileen had but am guessing one of the things someone else had since I don’t have a separate picture. For our entree I had the lobster. It has too much stuff on it for me. I later read about ordering it naked (without all the sauce on it) so will try that next time. It was still good, I just like my food a little plainer. Scott and Eileen had lobster but they had scallops added too. Rich had the gnocchi. Rajeev also brought a plate of gnocchi for the table. For dessert I had baked alaska. Scott and Eileen had the chocolate crunchy bar. I don’t remember what Rich had. My baked alaska was really good. I am surprised Scott didn’t get it since he enjoyed it so much last trip. He ended up having some of mine. They sang happy birthday and decorated Eileen’s chocolate crunchy bar with whipped cream. We missed the Gift. We have seen it before so were OK with that. We were having such a nice time at dinner and were there longer than we thought. We went to the casino. We saw the late night comedy show with Paula Ogata at 11 in the theater. We went back to the casino until they closed.
  9. Wednesday 2/13/19 - At Sea We both went to the gym in the morning. I stopped at the Patisserie on the way back to the cabin. At home I don’t have Starbucks this often. Maybe once a week, usually on the weekend I’ll get one of these iced drinks. When we’re on a cruise, I like to get one after the gym with some bottled water. We showered and got dressed We had breakfast at Sorrento’s. I had a yogurt/granola parfait. Scott had an egg McMuffin type sandwich. We didn’t even know they served breakfast here. Rich and Eileen told us about it last night. It was pretty empty so an easy place to have breakfast. We went to trivia at 10 with Rich and Eileen in the Schooner bar. After trivia the four of us just hung out for a while. We stopped at guest services to fix an erroneous charge we noticed and ask about random credit card holds. When I was on the IPad the other day I noticed various pending charges showing up almost daily on the credit card, so just wanted to check on that and if it’s normal. The amounts were odd amounts too. It is normal but I guess I never noticed it before. Scott and I had lunch at Izumi at 1pm. They start you off with some Edamame. They brought us chopsticks and put it together like they do for kids learning to use them with a rubber band and paper. Scott showing his chop stick skills picking up the Edamame We shared a poke bowl and two different rolls. We had a salmon cream cheese roll and a Lobster in Yuzu roll. We enjoyed this a lot. The food was very good. At 2pm we went to 270 to watch the history of Royal Caribbean part 1. We walked around on deck 15 after the history show. We went to Tri Bond trivia with Rich and Eileen at 4pm in the Schooner Bar. We stayed for 5pm trivia - songs with color. We tied for first place with 19 out of 20 correct and got zipper pulls. Thanks to Rich for the win - he knew all the answers.
  10. Hi Sorry for the delay with my review. We went on another cruise and just got back. I will start getting back to this one since I will get it finished before starting to work on the review for the next trip. Thank you for your patience Noreen
  11. We haven’t tried them but will look next time on cabin TV to see when they are serving them. I like that you can get a dish from the dining room in Coastal Kitchen. Looks good.
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