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  1. Hi. We sailed in Royal Suites on both Reflection and Silhouette. Great cabins and we were completely spoiled I don’t remember the couch being a sofa bed, it was more of a sectional. I could be wrong as we weren’t looking to see if it opened to a bed. Either way, the second bathroom is a half bath (toilet and sink) rather than a full bathroom. I wasn’t sure if you were planning to share the RS with your parents (ex 4 adults) which I would definitely NOT recommend. Or if you meant your parents would be in the RS the two of them but needed to sle
  2. Hi We are booked on a Canada/New England cruise this fall With the closed borders I don’t expect it to sail. I found the attached picture on Royals website about options if booked on a Canada cruise. One option lists refund. We are booked in a suite so had to book non refundable. Should we be able to get our deposit refunded? Not FCC? Thank you Noreen
  3. I didn’t realize that they did it that way. I assumed they would combine it all into one FCC. I guess for their records to keep track of when they were issued it’s done that way, even though it’s harder for the guests.
  4. Hi. It’s getting so confusing keeping track of all the cancellations and changes. I started a spreadsheet to track mine as well as a paper backup. Hopefully soon we’ll get to cruise. I keep booking more cruises. I’m glad to hear they are letting people now stack the FCC, that should make things easier.
  5. One more question on the Canada New England cruise... the website says things like you can wait to see what happens, but also mentions being able to cancel. Does that apply to NRD suite deposits too? I would prefer a refund over FCC Thank you
  6. Thank you for that information. Since you mentioned the Canada/New England final payments being extended, we’re also booked end Sept on a 9 night Canada/New England. I’m expecting that to be cancelled too, but should I expect final payment for that one to be later than it shows on my original invoice (booked ages ago). Thank you
  7. Hi Apologies in advance if I’m imagining this, but were the final payment dates changed to be closer to the cruise? We are booked on Oasis end of July 2021 (the 9 night that doesn’t even show on the website anymore) and final payment was originally scheduled for May 1. We booked this a long time ago. I doubt it will sail. We’re booked in a suite and I would prefer not to have FCC so would probably make final payment then get a refund once cancelled. Second question, can FCC’s be stacked now? Meaning use multiple FCC on one future sailing?
  8. Hi. I saw people posting the instructions to find the review in the signature. Let me see if I can link it here directly... https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2742075-celebrity-silhouette-review-february-23-2020-march-6-2020/ Noreen
  9. Hi We were on Silhouette Feb/March 2020 after it was updated. I wrote a review/travelogue which is linked in my signature including pictures around the ship, menus where we ate, the daily planners, what we did on shore, etc. We had a great time Any questions please ask, I miss talking about cruises. Enjoy Noreen
  10. That’s why I enjoy writing these reviews. I have been re-reading my own recently and missing cruising more and more. Whenever that next cruise happens we will all appreciate it even more. Noreen
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