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  1. Make sure you take advantage Make sure to take advantage and sign up for the Roll Call for your sailing. also sign up for the Meet and Mingle.
  2. I have brought this problem up several weeks ago and was told you were working on fixing the problem. I see no progress in its repair. We leave in 2 1/2 weeks and we hardly have any people joining our Roll Call; for the NCL Pearl on Dec. 13, 2019. Its not just our thread but all the NCL Pearls threads have the wrong number of cruisers on that thread. Most of them show 0. Ours shows 2. This is not very encouraging for anyone to join our group with so few members. Has anyone done any investigating of this problem? To see what I am talking about go to Boards, then look for Roll Calls, then click on NCL and then look for NCL Pearl and you will see the low numbers of its members. Please advise of the status of fixing this problem. lorenzod
  3. There seems to be a problem with the NCL Roll Calls. For example ours: NCL Pearl, Dec 13, 2019 show only 2 members however we have 4 (Avatars). Other sailings show 0 members but there are several on the board. Can you help? lorenzod
  4. Nice to hear from you. Hope you are well. So exciting for you two to get together again in England. We are about to leave in one more week on the MSC Armonia again. We had such a great time with our group that we are doing it again. I will forward your letter to Sandy via Chris. I had a beautiful letter from Sandy as well. It is a shame she doesn’t use the computer. I do not have her phone number. I thought you did. Have a great trip. Marsha and Larry
  5. Think of the term "Industry Standard" We sail MSC often and they have supplied Distilled water for our CPAP. I think they are just covering their rear in case they run out.
  6. If you booked though a travel agent, enlist their support. Mine spent nearly an hour with MSC. I don't know if it helped but you need to use all the resources available to you.
  7. We are so happy this is settled, we are ready to do the happy dance!
  8. Conclusion: MSC has finally fixed the Black Card problem for my booking. Thank you MSC.
  9. I understand and agree! I see you are from Florida as are we. It is so much easier to cruise from here. No having to fly in from somewhere else. Just find what you want, clear your schedule and go, We are also top tier. ( NCL and Princess for us). They also are very good experiences.
  10. As I understand it, if one person is Black Card them the privileges go to both in the stateroom, ex Surf and Turf restaurant etc. Not sure if this correct as it came from MSC. Best of luck getting the problem resolved. I just emailed the CEO of MSC USA who I had the privilege of meeting on the MSC Orchestra many years ago. Lets see what happens. Hey, cruising is supposed to be relaxing and carefree, what can I say when faced with these type of problems.
  11. 5 days since I notified MSC as to the loss of my Black Card status. This is the thanks a cruiser who has been sailing MSC since 2009 gets. I posted a comment on their Facebook page. I have called and emailed and my travel agent has contacted them. Still missing my Black Card .
  12. Yes they are, however Platinum was the highest level offered when we did the Status Match.
  13. Yes, we live in So Florida and the rates are insanely low due to several factors (Cuba trip cancelations and hurricane season). We are also top frequent cruiser status on NCL (Platinum) and Princess( Elite). Anyhow since we are good and frequent clients it makes no sense for MSC to be doing what they are doing with regard to our Black Card status Someone from MSC must be reading these boards, get my drift? Also, read our review of the MSC Armonia from the Sept 2nd sailing. We had a very positive sailing and reviewed accordingly. We were Black card on that cruise, now 2 weeks later we are no longer Black Card. What?
  14. My wife and I cruise approximately once a month. (Yes we are retired). We sailed MSC in Sept and booked MSC for Oct. We are doing Empress in November. Looking to book for Dec. Still trying to get Black Card status straightened out. My travel choice for December will depend on getting our Black Card status successfully resolved. Our travel agent was on the phone with MSC for 30 minutes and still no resolution. He indicated there was no one in the Voyager office that had the power to fix it. This does not speak well for MSC. (Day 4 of Black Card Saga)
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