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  1. We are on Constellation May 4, 2021 Best of Western out of Barcelona.Med. and Reflection September 4,2021 Portugal,France & Spain out of Amsterdam. We too had cancelled cruises in April and September. Decided to give up on this year, even if they start in September I don’t think they will have all the kinks worked out. Information is all over the place or none existent. I was just trying to find info on whether Constellation and Reflection will be renovated before We cruise next year, I am on roll calls for cruises I listed.
  2. If you haven’t been to Amsterdam it would be nice to stay at a hotel on the canals.
  3. Trouble with that is there is not much activity on the port website or information is old. I’ve looked at different ports recently and not much there. I think for now you need to try on the forums that are more active, even the rolls calls I have looked at have little activity.
  4. Our cruise not listed, we were on 13 night Breakaway November 9, but they have Breakaway listed for November 17. Makes no sense.
  5. We do need a vaccine, but if they come out with something by the end of the year I wouldn’t get it. Way too soon to trust it. Think of how long other vaccines have taken. Again there is still too much they don’t know about this virus and so much conflicting information, would you really be first in line?
  6. We are booked on Connie May 2021 and I will be really happy if they don’t revolutionize. Her. Don’t like the looks of the ones that have had it done already Too cold and sparse.
  7. We sailed her in 2018 and loved her. We really love the S class ships but took a chance on Constellation because of itinerary. We have her scheduled for May 2021 and are happy she may not be refurbished by then. What I’ve seen of the ships that have undergone updates , not really happy with what I see. Bottom line I will just be happy to be able to cruise again.
  8. When it comes to change in packing I will bring a couple extra books, IPad, masks,hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes and some snacks just in case and definitely extra meds.
  9. I would think in MDR you could just order a little of everything ?
  10. Not sure if you have called them, if not try that. There will be a considerable wait time. I called a few days ago about price drop and was on golf for 1 Hr 40 minutes but finally connected to agent. I have never found the email to be very helpful.
  11. I think a lot of these exceptions were already there before this. There were several posts earlier indicating insurance didn’t cover pandemics, acts of god etc.
  12. Correct me if I am wrong but from what I have seen travel insurance doesn’t cover any of those things either. I just recently looked at a travel insurance website and there were a lot of disclaimers.
  13. We have 13 Night Caribbean cruise booked for November 2020 and hoping it will still happen but not holding out much hope. Final payment early July but unless there is a miracle will not make final payment. If things turn around after that we will just book last minute. Here’s hoping things get better soon, so many people suffering and dying.
  14. Another problem with this policy we generally leave a week or two before cruise to visit other areas. I would imagine there are a lot of others out there that also extend their trips. I understand the concern of the cruise line, but what about those who are under 70 with underlying conditions. I think in that case policy should apply to all passengers.
  15. We too are booked for May,2021 and I would be happy if they didn’t revolutionized I. Don’t like what I have seen agree with previous post too IKEA! We also have September,2021 on Reflection booked, hope they leave that alone too. Nothing wrong with Solstice class ships. that said I just hope we will be able to sail again. This is such a sad time for our country and the world, hard to imagine how we will recover.
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