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  1. For them to bring back movies and footstools they must have had a very large number of complaints, me among them.
  2. There is a forum on s class cabins at top of Celebrity forum that should answer your question or call Celebrity directly and they can tell you. We happen to like bed by closet, it is a little tight but we prefer that vs walking around bed to access balcony. So it’s a personal preference.
  3. Sometimes you have to use this forum of late both Roll Calls and port forums are very slow and not may answers. Low participation.
  4. Contact your credit card companies they will tell you which banks won’t charge extra fees.
  5. I hope they don’t remove the over they’ve bed storage, that’s a favorite for us. We loved the footstool, too bad they removed them. Not a game changer but will probably forgo concierge Class in the future, save a little money.
  6. We recently were on Alaska cruise with a lot of OBC so we bought IPAD for our Grandson. I believe it was about $40 more than if we purchased at home but with credit basically free.
  7. We did Chilkoot bus/train combo in May. It was wonderful, smaller group. Would definitely. Book with them again. Loved doing bus first then return on the train.
  8. Recently on the Eclipse and in concierge class and did not receive a tote bag. You may just have to ask.
  9. We prefer C3 for location in particular deck 10 because you have cabins below and above. strictly personal preference, we have never had aft cabin so can’t compare.
  10. I must be missing something those posts really didn’t answer question. I too am looking for more specifics about what has been updated and what has not.
  11. We have sailed both M class and S class ships. We sailed Europe on Constellation last year and loved her. We did book Concierge to have larger stateroom. Buffet set up was probably our one negative. I do think it’s hard to judge right now until the redos are done, because of all the changes. So far what I’ve heard doesn’t sound good. We have 4 upcoming cruises with Celebrity, but I have begun looking at other cruise lines with similar itineraries because of changes.
  12. We will be in Bora Bora on a Sunday, will that affect and tours ,activities etc.?
  13. There is a complete schedule of refurbishments on Celebrity’s website. All ships are being refurbished I believe.
  14. You might have to split up.
  15. I’ve had that problem too so I just call Celebrity and make the daily reservation with them. Once you’ve done that you can go to manage reservation and make changes if you need too. If you wait until you board to book reservation you may find times you want unavailable,although just walking in the waits usually are too long.
  16. The bus lets you off right in front of gate. One of our favorite ports. Love Buza bar for the views and if you’re there late enough the sunset is incredible. Most places take credit cards but some of the small shops, like ice cream or little markets only take kunas. There is an ATM right outside the gate. We just got a few and with what little we had left bought a couple bottles of water. I think at the time it was 6 kunas to 1 US dollar?
  17. We had anytime dining on Alaska cruise in May and the dining room never seemed that busy, more people in buffet or eating really late. I was thinking maybe because much more casual cruise.
  18. There is no Uber in Vancouver yet. If you have more than carryon the sky train would be a hassle but it is very close. We took a cab very easy fast and basically opposite of traffic on weekdays and no traffic on weekends.
  19. Love Ogunquit, especially the little Harbour on the point.
  20. Jim Thank you for sharing this cruise with all of us. We have some good friends on this cruise, wish we were there, but a planned visit to our daughter and grandchildren in Virginia. Will wave as you pass by on your way to Bermuda. How many Celebrity cruises have you been on?
  21. We don't drink either it would be nice if they would offer something else.
  22. Same on our Alaska cruise in May. Selection is limited, but we eat in the buffet a lot and it doesn't change much. MDR is also very quiet and not as crazy as buffet.
  23. Hi guys Gary and Wilma here. We talked with you quite a bit on the cruise. Our daughter lives in Ashburn. Thanks for your review nice yo relive our memories. Wasn’t the cruise ,Vancouver and the weather incredible. Looking forward to day 3. Now we are gearing up for our visit to VA in 3 weeks.
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