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  1. HAL is a good choice but i would look at Princess for your cruise. I love Princess, it a our family's favorite. They do a great job in Alaska and the service is top notch.
  2. Hey baby, this gets everybody up and dancing. It is Princess cruise line's theme song.
  3. We love Princess, but for you i would go with Rccl or Carnival. They have more energy every day. Some people have suggested ships after a 4 day cruise. 6 and under are always more lively, because of the younger age group.
  4. The antigen test at cvs can be done in 15 minutes. The cruise line will accept them. Also walgreens does the same test.
  5. Can i book my own excursion to Mr. Sanchos? I have before covid, can i still go off on my own.
  6. My card will change during my cruise. Will i get the next level card at the start or the end of my cruise? I will board as a gold member but my points will move me up to emerald 3 days in.
  7. I always use an online TA. They will always give you a better deal (OBC room upgrades and others).
  8. It took 3 months for ours to come back.
  9. I always book through a TA. They can give you more stuff. Like onboard credit, cheap insurance and free upgrades. I always check with the cruise line and the TA, but have never booked through the cruise line.
  10. Please help me to remember how to put up a countdown calendar. Thanks
  11. Try Princess they are great for Alaska.
  12. St. Johns or Curacao. I have to laugh at the people that said Jamaica. I didn't feel safe on that island for one minute. How great could it be?
  13. 3 is my average. I have 2 booked right now, but i am looking every day.
  14. I can't remember how to edit my signature' Any help would be great. Thank you
  15. Back to the topic, no i will not cruise wearing a mask. If it was only for certain times then maybe. I need to get back on a ship soon. I like to cruise 3 times a year, but not this year. I got off of my last ship on March 8th. My next cruise will be January 2021.
  16. I just cruised Feb. 29 to March 8th. We had no problem with young people at the hotel or on the ship. The younger crowd sometimes livens up the cruise.
  17. I love cruising but i would say no. It's just to soon. I have a family cruise booked for January 202, i think we will be just fine. I always cruise in November but i think it might be to early for this year. Wait about 6 more months before you cruise. That would be the earliest for me.
  18. First go STEELERS. I also have claustrophobia, but i love to cruise. The inside rooms are a little hard for me. So i would at least get a window room. With that being said i have been on over 20 cruises and i hope to do 20 more. It is the best vacation you can ever go on. Have a great cruise.
  19. Caribbean Princess is also my favorite. We have had 5 family cruises on this ship.
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