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  1. If I was vaccinated against the poison, and I really wanted a skittle, I would.
  2. Hope not anything bad, cause we're booked on the 11/14/2022 Cruise out of Tahiti, and NCL is flying us there. Al
  3. Let's hope it is an error, my October 2021 Cruise just popped up with this too.
  4. While I hope it is a error in the system, this is generally the first step in cancelling that cruise. I know this, cause I've now seen it three times for my cruises, all cancelled with a week or two of this notice.
  5. We also did the Aft on our 2018 cruise, would recommend. Great views of the Napoli Coast.
  6. We're on the Ship right after you. While we're still holding out hope, it looks dim.
  7. We need to keep in mind that with all the ships sitting empty, with minimum employees to cover required maintenance, just covering these hard costs would be a win to the cruise companies. Could put them in a position to borrow more money to survive.
  8. Just noticed our NCL Sun cruise on December 9th now says, Cruise on Hold.
  9. I hope so too, as we're on it right after. Al
  10. We are booked on the Sun out of Port Canaveral on Dec 9th. Still haven't made final payment, which is due in 4 days, but am leaning to doing it.
  11. Don't remember it having any music, if fact, it was a rather relaxing place to just sit and watch the stars.
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