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  1. Why would they care? It's a cutthroat business that depends on ports of convenience and exploitation of labour. Their main objective is to make a profit - despite them saying "Your safety is our main concern" (only considering - it's bad for business when pax start dying... and word 'gets out'. Only an idiot would think a cruise line - any cruise line - cares about the pax personally. The lines (all) are very good at making the pax think they care about them when everything goes to plan. When it doesn't, the pax change from being human beings to numbers.
  2. I live in Vietnam (Vung Tau). In general, there are two seasons: hot & dry (Nov. thru April) and hot & wet (May thru Oct.). January is a good time to visit. Long sleeves and long trousers are not recommended for comfort reasons - I live in shorts, summer shirts and flip flops year round - but DO use a mosquito repellent containing DEET.
  3. It looks like the Muse has better Zodiacs than the Cloud!
  4. My TA gives me the same fare and OBC as SS; plus, I get a 4% 'rebate'... mailed as soon as the cruise goes to the 100% cancellation penalty fee date (I think this is because they're not allowed to discount SS fares).
  5. Yes, there's a 'catch' but bear with me - I asked for a quote through the SS website and received a 'Voyage Option' listing: - the Silver Privilege Fare; - 10% Early Booking Bonus discount; - 5% Venetian Society discount; - 25% single supplement; and, - $1000 NON-USED AIR CREDIT. It took about 7 seconds to write back saying "No on board credit?" Twenty minutes later, I received a second 'Voyage Option' to which $500 SBC (ship board credit) had been added.
  6. You must be prepared for any weather in Alaska - 'layers' are the key. That being said, figure out what you think you'll need... then take half the clothes and twice as much money.
  7. Yes... and they do not belong! (The sandwich 'chef' must have been Asian)
  8. On the Silver Cloud Expedition there is 'All Around Dining' - basically room service, but delivered to anywhere on the ship at any time of day when the dining venues are closed. I assume the other ships in the fleet are the same. I think I was the first person in the history of Silversea to have meals delivered to Connoisseur's Corner (The Humidor). Typically: three Shrimp Martinis, two bowls of Beef Consume and two Clubhouse Sandwiches (sans egg & cheese).
  9. All cruise lines treat their pax like mushrooms.
  10. It will dock at Tang Cang Cai port, 3 miles (5 km) from the town of Phu My (pronounced Foo Me) as it draughts too much water to go up the river into the city. http://crew-center.com/phu-my-ho-chi-minh-city-vietnam-cruise-ships-schedule-2019 Too bad... because Tang Cang Cai is a container port in the middle of a 'nowhere' industrial area 1.5+ hrs. (depending on traffic) from Saigon (HCMC). I live in Vung Tau at the end of the peninsula - 30 min. in the opposite direction of Saigon from Tang Cang Cai (Phu My). You can actually see part of Vung Tau from Tang Cang Cai port if you look to the south west.
  11. You're unlikely to get an unbiased opinion on this board.
  12. Remember this one from when you were six? - Why did the (insert favourite non-PC colloquialism) throw the clock out the window? It's taken me more than a month to re-adapt to Vietnamese afternoon temperatures of 35 degrees C with 80%+ humidity after freezing temps. at night in: Cusco, La Paz etc., and playing with the penguins and heffalump seals in the snow on South Georgia. Thank (insert favourite PC diety) for 'aircon'. However, the national electricity tariff has just risen 8.36% (ostensibly to cover rising production costs; but, in reality, because they are selling it cheap to the Chinese factories in Cambodia). I should have been a general. After a few short, 'false starts', monsoon season has truly begun here in the south. The yearly, 'mating of the flying ants' took place a couple of days ago. However, unlike last year, the torrential tropical thunderstorm downpour(s) that triggered it happened in the few hours preceding dawn. So, I did not have to do a four-hour 'cleanup' of the interior of my apartment - to get rid of many hundreds of thousands of bodies (and twice as many friggin' wings ) - because they did not come in thru every crack & crevice seeking 'the light' (as they do when it happens at night). I was thinking of 'going native' and investing in a mortar & pestle to make 'ant paste' to add to: rice, soups & stews etc. Naw... like blue cheese and Vegemite, it's an acquired taste.
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