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  1. Reading the small print, I'm not sure this can be used with a travel agent booking. It does say through specific cruise lines only. Anyone have luck through a travel agent?
  2. The Allstate program is not available in New York, hopefully you live elsewhere or don't waste your time.
  3. Just off the Sunrise, 12 of 62 showed up. I received a note in my cabin and notice in the Fun Times. We went because we signed up for it, others may just get caught up in the roll call, then drop off the Earth. It was first sea day around 1pm, we worked with it and others could've too, if they cared. We go probably once every 4 cruises to the event to see how it's progressing, obviously not that well. I will say on NCL it was packed and free beer was flowing in the Brewhouse, maybe that makes the difference.
  4. I use chrome and when I have problems on Carnival's site I hit the 3 vertical dots in the top right corner and select desktop site, works for me. Good luck!
  5. We took our 50th cruise in Feb. 2017 and 75th in Mar. 2019. We applied our 50th to a cruise upcoming Dec. 2019 well over 2 1/2 years since making that level. We were asked to use our 50th before the 75th, that was the only request. Would have used it sooner but, like others waited for a journey cruise to get a better obc.
  6. The upgrade from 6a to a good balcony worked for us, the kicker is that you each get one and they each cover both people (wouldn't know about additional guest) in the cabin. We did a b2b used mine on one and wife's on the other, same cabin for both legs, both free upgrades.
  7. I just set up an Allstate Drive Wise account and this is what I get "Allstate Rewards is currently not available in New York." I guess this is not available in Western New York at this time
  8. Just off the Sunrise. Red Frog Pub happy hour on embarkation day and port days, 50% off.
  9. Tried it on the Sunrise a week ago, never again.
  10. Definitely have a favorite cabin on most Carnival ships, but I'm not going to tell!
  11. Last time the cruise lines tried to implement a fuel surcharge in the US it blew up in their face. Guests canceled so many cruises it caused them to pull back the surcharges and reduce prices just to fill the ships. That's when they started offering non refundable deposits to discourage future cancellations. I don't think they would want to go that route again.
  12. There was a sign on the lido deck near the buffet/elevator area coming back after our port of call with offers. Some ships have 50% off in Red Frog Pub, others at the Casino bar.
  13. Looks like lots of points can get earned fairly quickly.
  14. Lyft uses Terminal D for Carnival. This meeting area is usually right across the street from Horizon. Google Lyft/Carnival for details and map, worked for us is March, except the drivers weren't to aware of the program and their English was not good.
  15. How will the charge go through...as an excursion?
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