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  1. I like how old posts and new posts reflect current interests.
  2. We just got back on the Glory , our port today was Grand Turk. The green umbrellas with Grand Turk Cruise Center printed on them are free. The first three rows closest to the beach are not the cruse centers and are the ones the locals own. The locals wil try to rent any of them to you, including the cruise centers if they can. We also had a guy with a backpack try to sell us drugs right there, the drug offers happened last time we came here too! Wish Carnival or the port had better security, this is getting like Ocho Ris where we don't even get off the ship anymore.
  3. Just walk toward the water tower. About 20 minutes.
  4. Last year we used Carnival charge card which always gives a 10% discount on excursions and stacked it with the bf 10% offer, so we got 20% off our excursions. I don't why it couldn't be paid for with a gift card. I have no idea if Carnival is offering anything for bf this year, but if you can wait, I would.
  5. Last year 10% off shore excursions and spa. A few years ago 10% off gift cards. They seem to do something every year.
  6. First of all I wish you good luck on your unchosen path, my wife went through this six years ago. We had cruises booked before and after surgery including follow up chemo, radiation and herceptin because she was her2 positive. Her doctors were able to work around our vacations and we really didn't have to change any of our plans. We had insurance but it wouldn't play into reimbursement because the treatment course didn't effect dates of cruises.
  7. I have been showing me edocs on my phone the last three years, no issue whatsoever
  8. Oh, i just woke up after a seven year sleep...didn't miss a thing!
  9. This is a good hotel. Clean, good shuttle service and breakfast in the morning.
  10. We're in a good economy, people have extra discretionary money and they are spending it. All the cruise lines want a piece of it.
  11. You can screenshot your docs and show them on your device.
  12. Fdr said "significant" price hikes were coming early October, guess he is a man of his word, and pocketbook!
  13. We've been assigned these rooms twice, accepted only the first time. I really felt uncomfortable with the bathroom. One large room with slightly sloped floor for the shower from the toilet area.
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