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  1. There was a sign on the lido deck near the buffet/elevator area coming back after our port of call with offers. Some ships have 50% off in Red Frog Pub, others at the Casino bar.
  2. Looks like lots of points can get earned fairly quickly.
  3. Lyft uses Terminal D for Carnival. This meeting area is usually right across the street from Horizon. Google Lyft/Carnival for details and map, worked for us is March, except the drivers weren't to aware of the program and their English was not good.
  4. How will the charge go through...as an excursion?
  5. Boy, did NCL up their game. Too bad they were a no show last year on my cruise to Bermuda...er, I mean nowhere, at least no where I wanted to go.
  6. Not if they handle this like they did for our Bermuda cruise last September on the Escape with the threat of a hurricane, we got nothing. No cancellation refund, no obc, nothing. We just had a 7 day trip to nowhere, but that's all the contract guaranteed. Royal offered 50% refundable obc or cancel no fees, Carnival offered $100pp obc or cancel no fees.
  7. We booked oceanview and were upgraded to balcony. We didn't use the perk till well after expiration, seems like just an estimate to use by date.
  8. Please do let us know how 717 works out, I have been eyeing their lot, but not sure.
  9. Yeah, some of us kind of do...
  10. I wa on the Magic and Horizon during March 2019. I love that the Magic gives full access of the promenade deck entirely, period. I wish that the Jacuzzis near Ocean Plaza were removed and better casual furniture was in place. I think the Serenity area could be upgraded to a better overhanging roof or awning with upgraded couches and chairs like the Horizon. The sleeping pods are nice but not for casual drinking or reading or talking with friends new or old.
  11. I like how old posts and new posts reflect current interests.
  12. We just got back on the Glory , our port today was Grand Turk. The green umbrellas with Grand Turk Cruise Center printed on them are free. The first three rows closest to the beach are not the cruse centers and are the ones the locals own. The locals wil try to rent any of them to you, including the cruise centers if they can. We also had a guy with a backpack try to sell us drugs right there, the drug offers happened last time we came here too! Wish Carnival or the port had better security, this is getting like Ocho Ris where we don't even get off the ship anymore.
  13. Just walk toward the water tower. About 20 minutes.
  14. Last year we used Carnival charge card which always gives a 10% discount on excursions and stacked it with the bf 10% offer, so we got 20% off our excursions. I don't why it couldn't be paid for with a gift card. I have no idea if Carnival is offering anything for bf this year, but if you can wait, I would.
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