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  1. I have somewhat the same question. Since we have a refrigator (Jewel - Jan 4) I would like to keep bottled water in the room. It is just handy to have water around when you want to take some with you. My daughter also likes Can you just put a luggage tag on a case & expect it to show up?
  2. I was wondering if anyone has booked with Smartcruiser. The price of our JR. Suite has went down, do they honor price reductions?
  3. fsharp

    hiring a driver for the day

    We have booked Gerry for our NCL cruise that is there on Jan 7th. At this point in time since there is only two of us, I have booked 3 hours. Since we will only be sight seeing and not snorkling or swimming - do you think that is enough time? (If we come accross a couiple of more people to share with - we can book more) - but for just 2 of us -= is 3 hrs enough?
  4. fsharp

    hiring a driver for the day

    Nuts..... I thought since so much of the discussion on this board was about Gerry - that this was the perfect place to post it, as people would know who we were talking about...... sorry......
  5. We have booked the infamous Gerry (highly recommended by cruisers on the Cozmel board) for Cozmel private tour on Jan 7th. He drives an air conditioned station wagon that holds 4. There is only 2 of us & we would like to find another person or two to share the tour. The charge for 4 hrs is approx $100 - so split up it would be a great tour for a 'dirt cheap price:-) Any takers?
  6. fsharp

    hiring a driver for the day

    We have booked Gerry for Jan 7th. We are on the NCL cruise. There is only two of us and we are looking for a 3rd or 4th to round out the trip and share the expenses. 4 hrs - $100 dividing up the cost would be 'dirt cheap for someone who might want to share. Let me know if you have any interest.