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  1. Thank you everyone for the responses! Hopefully thing remain the same and they'll still be able to make accommodations!
  2. My youngest is a vegetarian and we're planning a Haven stay next year. Any vegetarians have luck being accommodated with something not on the regular menu?
  3. The Columbia Outlet is on my list of places to go soon. There is one 15 minutes away, but I haven't had time to make my way up there yet!
  4. This is the one I've been looking at. Thanks for posting that you love it and that it actually works! Do you fold it into it's pocket often? I was wondering how well that worked and how easy it is to fold up?
  5. This is the one I have and I've had no issues with the quality or with bringing it on board. I usually put it in my carry on bag. I've used it twice since January on RCCL and NCL and neither questioned it.
  6. Good to know! We'll be driving right through here and I love Thai!
  7. https://www.akcruiseshuttle.com/seward is who we are using. We decided to do the half day tour that makes several stops and drops you right at most hotels/RV rental places in addition to the airport. They have a 15% off coupon right now that would make the half day tour $68 and the Direct transfer $47.60 per adult plus taxes.
  8. Thank you! We'll add it to the list! Thank you for all your responses I feel much better about this now!
  9. Our reservation is at 7:30 and it says online that they open at 7, so we should be good to go. This looks interesting! Is it right off the main road? Thank you all for the great tips! Based on all you comments I think we'll have plenty of time. We have several expensive ports, so we need this one to on the lower cost side and I think it will be an enjoyable day.
  10. You can get specialty coffee though that's also for a fee, which is why I was a bit sad.
  11. This wasn't specifically asked, but there was no fresh squeezed OJ on the last morning on my last cruise in January. I was a bit sad, because it was so good!
  12. We are planning on renting a car from Avis and driving to Emerald Lake and Caribou Crossing. We arrive at 7AM and Depart at 5PM. We plan on being one of the first off the ship and hustling to Avis. Do those that have rented a car with Avis and have made the drive to Emerald Lake think we'll have enough time? My plan is to hopefully have the rental car by 8, drive to Caribou Crossing (arriving around 10), maybe pan for gold, and explore the town a little. Then we'll have lunch at Caribou Coffee (might take it to go in the car to save time), head to Emerald Lake, take a short stop at the d
  13. Yes, everything else was about the same when I compare the 2 cruises. I might even give RCCL a bit of a bump because their drink package included bottled water and specialty coffee and they offer unlimited WIFI. Price was just about even with paying for WIFI and the drink package on RCCL. If I'm traveling with the kids I'll more than likely be staying in a suite, so I'll more than likely choose NCL, but my kids are quickly outgrowing trips with us (this makes me so sad....) and once they're gone we'll be making different cruise decisions. Itinerary will play a big factor in our future choice
  14. Maybe I'm glad I couldn't have a nice soak now!
  15. Wow really? We've always had lovely Butlers. The kids would keep them hopping with requests and there was always tasty treats waiting for us when we got back on the ship. What did you ask that he /she wouldn't help with?
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