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  1. We'll be in an owner's suite on Mariner in November. I know that we can order room service from the main dinning room menus, but if we have the Ultimate Dining Package will we be able to order room service from the specialty restaurants? Also at Jonny Rockets are shakes and floats included with the Ultimate Dining Package?
  2. That's very helpful thank you for responding!
  3. Did you purchase insurance? I'm wondering if they're going to refund my $320 for that too? My TA is going to call this afternoon since we still haven't received any sort of letter yet to see what our options are. At this point I think I might be ready to wash my hands of MSC and continue to frequent Royal and NCL.
  4. Totally agree. I'm holding out for some communication, but worst case I'll transfer to a 4 night to avoid the huge party crowd.
  5. I was wondering the same thing. I'm not cool with being in a regular balcony not in the YC.
  6. What this doesn't specify is if you will have to pay a fare increase when you rebook. There's also no mention of this of us that booked as a 7 night.
  7. Anyone one else think they may be waiting to tell us what our options are until after the Labor Day sale ends today? They offer 125% FCC, but once the Labor Day prices go away we'll have to pay more to use our FCC.
  8. Mine has been moved too. I didn't realize that the Salsa group even had access to the YC.....
  9. We're those cruises canceled for the same reason (charter) or because of COVID? Their terms and conditions state that we need to be offered to be moved to comparable cruise.
  10. The noise right under the pool deck will be atrocious.
  11. I'll only take Miami if they cover airfare.
  12. I got nothing for ya there..... My TA has a direct call put into her MSC rep. Hopefully he gets back to her in a timely fashion. I'll share any info once I hear from her. For me personally I want my price honored for a 7 night cruise on any ship that's sails out of Port Canaveral. We can get to PC fairly easily without needing to stay in a hotel. I also think they should throw in some extra onboard credit to make up for the extra unnecessary stress they've inflicted me with.
  13. She wanted any noncharter guest to be aware that this is a salsa themed cruise. That's all the info I have. I got the impression that she's received a lot of calls/emails from outside her group. She was super nice and gave me way more info than MSC has so far.
  14. She told me that the group is willing to allow others, but that MSC needed to be upfront about it being a charter. I think she doesn't want noncharter guests upset with her business. I got the impression that she wasn't very happy with MSC either. She also was under the impression that everyone that booked as a 7 night was canceled and that those that booked a 4 or 3 night had been given the option to cancel or move.
  15. I talked with the salsa group's agent today and there's 1800 guests in their group and they have entertainment scheduled until 5 AM on the pool deck.
  16. I just saw this on the FB group.....
  17. It'll be interesting to hear what they say. TA has also gotten a response that it was supposed to be a full charter, but was switched to a partial charter and in a separate instance that it is a full charter and that there was a mistake when it was bookable for others outside the charter group for two days. That person said that most of those mistake bookings have already been canceled. MSC needs to get their you know what together. Someone made a really really big mistake..... Patience I guess it's our best bet right now.
  18. TA just got off the phone with MSC. She mentioned nothing upfront about the salsa group and just asked why we couldn't book excursions etc and she was told that the entire ship (even a group) was locked because of an itinerary change and to call back in a couple of weeks if she doesn't get an email.
  19. That makes me feel better about the COVID protocols! According to my TA who called around 11 they are only a partial charter, but who knows if the rep they talked to is correct. This will be our first experience with MSC and right now things aren't looking good for us to be repeat customers. Hopefully they somehow make it right....
  20. You emailed to ask how many attendees they have?
  21. This is my biggest concern too. I'm also worried about there being a large group of people not following the masking and social distance policies.
  22. I just saw some additional info for this cruise in one of the roll call groups. Here's what I posted there. Anyone know anything more? My TA is also going to call and ask. https://salsacruise.com/theship/ I was able to find the link. There's no mention of needing to be vaccinated when you book through them. Are they being held to the same COVID standards as everyone else? Will all the music/entertainment be Salsa? Are there going to be places regular passengers won't be allowed on the ship? According to the link when you go to book this has been in the works since before July 1st DEPOSIT: If booked prior to July 1 2021, a deposit of $200.00 per person is due at the time of booking for each person in your stateroom
  23. I wonder if it was taken down because MSC needs to see what staterooms are left after they've combined the 2 sailings? I can still see the cruise listed in my account, but still can't add any extras like internet/specialty dining.
  24. Ugh! It seems as though our cruise has disappeared from the MSC site. Hopefully that's not a bad sign for those of us that are already booked.
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