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  1. Still following along and so enjoying. I have heard good things about Seabourn. And of course Azamara is on my radar. Still getting lots of booklets from Oceania, with their weird pricing. Cannot wait for the rest of your review and see your time back in London.
  2. Following along and so enjoying. I have never tried a martini, the one you ordered sounds especially good. I am curious, since you come from an old school cargo ship type that your father worked on, what did you think when you first heard of cruising on a cruise ship? Was this before you worked on one?
  3. Your sunset pictures are the best Norris. Can you imagine living in a place like Stavanger? Do you ever get "tired" of the scenery or just get used to it? I wouldn't.
  4. As usual, amazing photos. If I find anything on my research I will let you know! My SIL just went recently, but she and her family are just kind of wanderers without a plan and didn't have much to share, other than the Cliffs of Moher were amazing but very crowded.
  5. Thank you so much! I don't know why I didn't think of them; we used them for a tour in San Francisco, which was one of the best tours we have ever had. And, I have not heard of this museum, looking it up right now. I learn so much from posters like you, you are too kind.
  6. I am looking at all of the port stops on an Azamara Ireland cruise, I would love a good long walking tour in Dublin and possibly a half-day one in London if we have time. The cruise starts in Dublin and ends in Southampton. I want to try and get tix for Churchill's War Rooms as that is on DH's list, and one of the air museums, so much to see and so little time.
  7. No cruises for a long while, hopefully 2022. DH wants to do road trips for a while, he got tired of short port times on Caribbean cruises. He has agreed to a cruise, probably Baltic, when he retires so we can have more time. That thing called work interferes. So, I live vicariously thru cruise reviews and get ideas for when the time comes. You should see my bucket list notebook of ideas. I forgot to ask, we usually do private tours, and I saw you did quite a few on this cruise. Where do you usually look for your private tours? I have looked at CC and TA in the past, and found most good
  8. Agreed - I have read your Antartica review and the pictures are stunning . Especially the penguins. I cannot imagine having the flu on a cruise. I get my flu shot every year and still seem to get the flu every couple of years. It is the worst. We flew to Florida last Friday for a long weekend and my allergies went with me and got worse in Florida. It developed into more all week but I have to work with no sick days. Feeling better though after my day of rest, Thank you again for your amazing reviews. Looking forward to finding you on your next cruise.
  9. Thank you so much for another amazing cruise review. Under the weather all week and I forced myself to rest today which is hard. I stumbled on your review and it made my rest day very enjoyable. I don't know what I like more, castles or cathedrals, but I love all wildlife. Amazing pics and information. Thank you so much for taking the time.
  10. I love your reviews and have been thinking about you; how are you? How is your rehabilitation? Your next cruise is 2020? I have been reading about the UnCruise for Alaska. It's pretty bare bones but it really gets you in the thick of things. I really want to go back to Alaska. And Mt. Ranier is on my bucket list. Hope this finds you well. Take care.
  11. All caught up again and enjoying every minute. Norway, there aren't enough words to describe the beauty. And you always have me at waterfalls.
  12. You can feel the peace and tranquility through your lens Norris. Beautiful town. I think a walking tour or meandering as you did is the best way to feel and see and experience a city or town. I think I almost lost some coffee seeing your remark about the Home Depot card. That was a good one.
  13. Your through the bus window and between the trees shots were amazing. The troll room - I don't know Norris, but I do not like clowns and I am also finding trolls in this same category. Creepy. Your dinner looked delicious. Rick Steves is the best. I love fish but I am always afraid that it will come out whole with the head and eyes and everything at a restaurant. It happened once and I said never again. I have heard many good things about the Silly. Looking forward to seeing more of the ship. Love your song references. Big Johnny Cash fan
  14. This looks to be a beautiful port stop. Cannot wait. I love the picture of the church in the forest with the mountains behind it. Wow, simply beautiful.
  15. Delicious meal and amazing service; thank you for sharing.
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