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  1. Thank you so much for this review! It was so much fun and you put in so much detail, I can take a mini vacay while reading. Count me in for a vote to your Europe review. I will keep a lookout!
  2. I am still here and following along and enjoying! Just really busy at work and other stuff. I have to say I love to snorkel but I could never ever scuba dive. Too claustrophobic! But I know I am missing out on so much stuff way down below. So glad you got to do it. Love your reviews! Will follow this to the bittersweet end!
  3. Following along and so enjoying. I have a lot of memories of Costa Maya. We went about a year and a half after Hurricane Dean. The destruction was terrible. We rented golf carts and drove around and as far out as we could (armed guards were toward the end). We then drove back to the beach area and ate lunch and bought a few things, just to help the locals out. Your visit to the ruins looks amazing.
  4. Sorry to chime in Deladane; just a few tidbits. Renting a bike to ride along the Mission Trails is awesome. Go to The Pearl; walk inside Hotel Emma and take a stroll around. Eat at one of the amazing restaurants there; its near downtown. Old Pearl Brewery was revitalized and is so unique. Our fave restaurant there is Southerly's. Favorite Mexican food place near downtown is Paloma Blanca. It is so, so good.
  5. You gave another vote to packing cubes Deladane; yes, that was a great help and I believe I need to invest in some packing cubes. New Orleans isn't too too far from San Antonio. We went just past September. Lots of oysters and Abita and hurricanes. It was a great time. I have never been able to sneak a cemetery tour in my visits there. Your tour was really interesting and just a good length of time.
  6. Well, I have lurked on your reviews long enough without chiming in. I always see your name pop up on Bimmer's reviews. You and Bimmer 09 have the most amazing reviews and photos. I enjoy taking your cruises with you! Your Paul Gauguin honeymoon cruise review was amazing. Thank you so much for taking the time to post here. I also vote you somehow sneak your Europe trip on the boards. I have one quick question for you. It seems like you take your own snorkel gear with you. We have done that as well in the past, not liking the thought of renting or borrowing, but it is so hard to pack we usually have to take an extra suitcase. Do you manage to fit it all in your suitcases with you? Is there a secret I don't know about? Following along and enjoying. Thank you!!
  7. Good afternoon! Your review of your post-stay makes me want to go back to Alaska. Not necessarily on another cruise, but maybe a land vacation. Your cabin is completely amazing. Waterfalls get me every single time. Thank you for posting and where you rented your cabin from. I put this on my bucket list. I think a land trip to Alaska may make it more towards the top of said list. Your weather for September was interesting. Both of our Alaska cruises were in June, with beautiful weather, but so many people everywhere. I think September would be better and less crowded.
  8. How can you help but not smile at penguins and especially baby chicks; that is a whole lot of chicks. You are capturing such a beautiful part of the world.
  9. I found your review Kevin's girl! I have been patiently waiting. I hope you are in full recovery mode and doing much better. It is so good to see you back and I love, love, love your pictures. This is bringing back so many amazing memories of our 2 cruises to Alaska. Both times, no bears. Not one single bear sighting. Tons of eagles. Our kayak tour in Ketchikan brought us so close to a whole family of orcas. It was one of those moments you wanted to last forever. Following along now and so enjoying!
  10. The A57A iceberg announcement was fascinating. I would have never been able to see something like this if it weren't for your pictures. Thank you. It is incredible.
  11. Your lucky shirt worked. I am seeing this world through your lens. Incredible.
  12. Finally Friday! And the penguins and whale pics! Thank you, what a wonder to seen them in such a remote and beautiful area. I am still thinking about penguins and how they move about and wondering about that cliff.
  13. So I have had a really rough week at work. And then I come here and take a deep breath and stare at glaciers, and penguins (wonderful), and whales (beyond wonderful). All is good. Thank you.
  14. And here I am, at the very end, of this witty, wonderful, wise review. You made me laugh, smile, and enjoy this adventure. You make me want to try Azamara one day. They should pay you a stipend for all of your hard work and getting more people to book. Your next Azamara booking looks beyond amazing. My SIL went to Salt on her stop in Croatia and said it was her favorite. Norway and the fjords not too far down the road for you - awesome. All of your hard work is much appreciated. Cannot wait to see you and Carol again in September, I have it on my calendar!
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