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  1. No cruises for a long while, hopefully 2022.   DH wants to do road trips for a while, he got tired of short port times on Caribbean cruises.  He has agreed to a cruise, probably Baltic, when he retires so we can have more time.  That thing called work interferes.  So, I live vicariously thru cruise reviews and get ideas for when the time comes.  You should see my bucket list notebook of ideas.  I forgot to ask, we usually do private tours, and I saw you did quite a few on this cruise.  Where do you usually look for your private tours? I have looked at CC and TA in the past, and found most good, a few amazing, and just one or two so so.  

  2. Agreed - I have read your Antartica review and the pictures are stunning .  Especially the penguins.  


    I cannot imagine having the flu on a cruise.  I get my flu shot every year and still seem to get the flu every couple of years.  It is the worst.  We flew to Florida last Friday for a long weekend and my allergies went with me and got worse in Florida.  It developed into more all week but I have to work with no sick days.  Feeling better though after my day of rest,


    Thank you again for your amazing reviews.  Looking forward to finding you on your next cruise.

  3. Your through the bus window and between the trees shots were amazing.


    The troll room - I don't know Norris, but I do not like clowns and I am also finding trolls in this same category. Creepy.


    Your dinner looked delicious.  Rick Steves is the best.  I love fish but I am always afraid that it will come out whole with the head and eyes and everything at a restaurant.  It happened once and I said never again.  


    I have heard many good things about the Silly.  Looking forward to seeing more of the ship.


    Love your song references.  Big Johnny Cash fan here.  

  4. Love the last day and the play.  Your description of the changing of the guard and the horses had me in stitches. And your meal looked fantastic, especially the dessert. 


    I looked up what happened with Uber in London.  I knew had been banned a while back, but it went to appeal for a long, long time. It looks like they are still allowed to operate with changes made.  


    I cannot wait to see the ship and your pics soon!!

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  5. Norris - your what's to come made me dizzy with anticipation.  I cannot wait.  But, I am a HUGE WWII buff and slowly took in Churchill's War Rooms.  Wow.  Well done.  I so want to see them in person one day.  I also want to go to one of the Air Museums there.  I heard they are amazing.  We went to the WWII Museum in Nawlins back in 2005 before the Hurricane when it was just one large building.  We went back in September of last year and I had to ask a WWII veteran how to do it all in a day. It is over 4 large buildings now with another building just for movies.  We went from opening to close and probably could have stayed longer.  I always leave the memorials and museums with a huge lump in my throat and feeling very humble.


    On a side note, I love your hotel.  My view on hotels in London are (1) they are very expensive and (2) you get what you pay for.  I have tried to take a lot of Advil and dive into TA one day to see if I could find something more in my price range but the Advil wasn't working and I was getting too frustrated. I think if I do my dream trip and visit London I will have to start saving more.  


    Eagerly following along Norris!!! 

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  6. Extremely well done and so very impressed with your planning.  Thank you for all of your time and the amazing pics.  Hope your memory bank is full.


    I just got an email from Conde Nast about Norwegian Airlines.  They are on the brink of declaring bankruptcy, and if they do go under, the news is that flights to Europe will increase significantly from other carriers.  Glad you got affordable airfare!


    Thank you again!  I have enjoyed every minute.

  7. I am still here and I don't want this adventure to end.  I have so enjoyed every single minute.  Your Evan Evans bus tour was perfect for all that you did that day.  Wow, that was a lot of time in a bus without a bathroom.  You would think tour busses that travel further would be equipped.  But, they did a really good job of meeting their destinations.  Kudos again to all of your planning.  I have added so many things to my bucket list London trip.  I am really hoping it will happen in three years.  DH knows that list is already starting.  I love the pubs in London.  Which was your favorite?  


    I will be at the tail end of your blog!

  8. Thank you hiccups.  Oceania bombards me with their catalogs all the time.  Their pricing seems so confusing, but maybe its just me. But their ships look lovely and I like the size.  I have read many, many reviews about Celebrity and I am just not sold.  Far too many cons outweigh the pros on my list.  Thank you again for the info.  I will delve into Oceania's catalogs when I get the next one. 

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