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  1. found this on Royal Caribbean blog https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2013/07/31/guide-royal-caribbeans-gym-and-exercise-programs
  2. Was on the September 5th Oasis sailing. Used they gym twice. It is a vax only location so no mask required. At that time they were limiting the amount of people who could use the gym at one time but with only about 2,000 pax that was never an issue. There are wipes stationed all around the gym to wipe down the equipment when you are finished. Hope this helps. Didn't do any classes, I know some have a fee not sure if there are any that don't have a fee.
  3. Check in isn’t 90 days right now. Our cruise it was 2 weeks out.
  4. The rules for Cape Liberty aren't out yet, but I would check the website a lot, there is a dropdown for the rules for each port the sail from, and once cruising resumes from Cape Liberty it will be there too. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/the-healthy-sail-center/getting-ready-to-cruise
  5. According to Cape Liberty website parking is guaranteed for cruise passengers. http://www.cruiseliberty.com/directions_parking.html but I agree it get very busy but they are very organized.
  6. I am so sorry this happened to you and your family, especially so close to the cruise, we are on the September 5th Oasis sailing, I would be heartbroken not to be able to go. I hope everyone makes a speedy recovery and can cruise together soon.
  7. This is awesome news, we are on the September 5th sailing. First time in a CLS, so I am really looking forward to this.
  8. I've been counting the days for weeks, we sail Oasis on September 5th. Can I start packing yet? I just want a sea day, and a frothy drink in a deck chair.
  9. I've attached a link to his linkedin page you can message should be able to contact him through that. https://www.linkedin.com/in/francis-rodriguez-339745a9/
  10. I'm guessing, maybe incorrectly, you were talking about ports of call, then absolutely, they have a gangway to deck 2, but usually when you embark it's on deck 5, at least that's always been my experience, yours may have been different. I can let you know September 5th. Counting the days!!!
  11. I would think you board on deck 5 for Oasis no matter the port, those gangways are movable, the opening in the ship is not.
  12. We did a Fury catamaran tour off a Carnival ship in 2003, enjoyed it very much. Beer and Margaritas after snorkeling it was a great time.
  13. I didn't get an invitation, signed up a month or so ago, and of course being old, I don't remember how I found the link to do it.
  14. My first cruise was on Sovereign, so sad!
  15. I signed up for the Oasis test cruise, so fingers and toes are crossed. Plus, we are booked on the September 5th cruise so I want the test cruise to go well. Counting down 45 days to go.
  16. There is no cost for that it's part of the ships intranet. it's on the RC App, ... top right hand side
  17. I believe shows are or at least have been available to book 60-75 days before you sail, that said we are on Oasis September 5th and so far nothing yet. I keep hoping as that would be one more sign that we will be sailing, I keep going back and forth that we will actually get to go. Ours will be the first Sailing for Oasis, but will they bring it to Bayonne for 2 months? Fingers and toes are crossed.
  18. Scroll down on the link, it lists the amenities for each suite class https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-rooms/royal-suite-class
  19. Way back in 2003 Carnival Paradise was a completely smoke free, but as has been said before, the casino revenue was way less, so that went by the wayside. You couldn't bring any tobacco products on board at all.
  20. Yes as far as I know that has not changed.
  21. Thank you so much for all of your posts, I enjoyed and appreciated all of them, as well as all the helpful information. I'm counting the days till my September 5th cruise on Oasis, and my fingers and toes are crossed that it sails with us on board. I am so glad you had a safe and wonderful vacation!
  22. I believe that their is guest wifi for the app only. Different from the package you pay for.
  23. We are on the sailing also, and fully vaxed. i don't want to give it up, wondering how they would get to 50%.
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