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  1. That's not the way it played out. About a month before sailing there was a price drop which was well after final payment, NCL offered several options including a future cruise credit of $550. The only catch was it had to be used on a sailing that was no more than a year later. We got the credit in 2019 with the restriction we had to book a cruise that effectively sailed before the end of October 2020, which we did, only to have that cruise cancelled due to covid. So we have a credit that we would have used but can't because nothing is sailing until at least November of 2020 af
  2. The cruise has to sail before the credit expires which is basically October 2020
  3. Let me open by saying my wife and I have been cruising over 40 years and probably well over 60 cruises completed. In recent years we have primarily been sailing NCL for various reasons, to the tune of becoming Platinum a few years ago. Last October we took a two week cruise out of NY and as a result of a price drop before sailing, received a future cruise credit for $550. When we returned home we booked three cruises on three cruise lines (including NCL in October) for sailings in 2020. You can all imagine what happened next, our 1st scheduled cruise became the first Covid 19
  4. You really are a cheerleader or completely blind. No one but RCL was calling the shots after Friday. No one but RCL chose not to sail. Your argument is like saying the lobster delivery was not available on Friday so the food vendor decided when RCL should sail Give all of us who lost out on a vacation some slack. I hope one day you pull up to a pier after waiting as long as a year with anticipation and told you should be checking the phone and we don’t know when we are sailing. Better yet I hope they tell you go home and come back tomorrow. And tomorrow I hope they tell you to
  5. My comment was in regard to someone saying it was the CDC calling the shots and not RCL, I don't really think RCL did all that bad in this except for communication. I don't know if you were sailing this trip or not but we were, and it was terrible from the first message on Thursday about delayed boarding it contained nothing about not boarding for day(s). Not until there were lines of cars at the pier (about 11:30) did they send out a message they were not sailing at all on Friday but would be on Saturday. No one was looking at their phones and even if they did, they were already making th
  6. Please don't make things up. We too were at the pier on Friday and handed a statement that the CDC cleared the Anthem to sail last Friday. Every decision to delay was RCL's no one elses. We would also have sailed if they didn't wait so long to decide boarding would start on Sunday instead of Monday.
  7. We would choose Nassau over coco cay any day of the week. Totally pissed. Wish they would give the option of not going at all and we would cancel. This is not just a change in destinations but a fundamental change in cruise. This is turning into a 5 1/2 day cruise out of the cold NY area which no one in their right mind would book if it were offered.
  8. Its been a long time since I've been on RCCL but going in a few months, Does RCCL still allow you to bring two bottles of wine, soda or water onboard? Thanks in advance for your help
  9. Thanks so much for your quick reply. Just got off the Dawn a few weeks ago and their 250 "free" package was completely useless. It took an average of 8 to 10 minutes to load a page when the "system" wasn't down and literally we could only send 8 or 9 emails on a 14 day cruise exhausting all of our "free" minutes. Just looking for another way to use this "perk", should have known you have to pay the nickle and dime king for anything to work. If anyone's wondering, yes we did talk to the internet manager and hotel customer service and the answer was basicall
  10. Hi Folks Has anyone used their 250 minute internet perk for wifi calling with their cell phone and if so how good was it? Thanks in advance for your help
  11. thanks for the quick reply, how's the internet service. We were just on NCL Dawn and it took 10+ minutes to load pages?
  12. Hi folks, Going on Anthem in February and considering the internet package. How is the internet service and is it capable of supporting wifi calling with my cell phone? Thanks
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