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  1. Cruel? I don't think there was anything cruel being said here. Maybe you have your own opinion as others do but that is what makes this format work. Getting input from all sides actually makes me a more informed consumer. So thank you to everyone who takes the time to post their comments in here whether they are perceived as positive or negative.
  2. The fact that someone is asking about Formal night and people are responding indicates that it isn't a "bygone era". Just because some people would rather not partake does not take away from what it means to the people that enjoy it.
  3. I would agree with the 1st formal night - seems like some clear answers to me - have fun
  4. For many people this is there only vacation - Free cruise can't complain - It wouldn't make me happy
  5. It is this response that leads me to believe the OP is just trolling to get the necessary response to step up on his soapbox and chastise someone.
  6. So if I decide to give my cabin attendant an additional cash tip - do they keep that?
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