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  1. Well I guess I will get it in the neck here, but if you are Explorer then I don't think you are due true extra loyalty benefits under the new scheme. You really don't need to do very many Azamara cruises to achieve that status so why expect it? Be realistic. A proper LCV program rewards true loyalty. Just keep cruising Azamara and attain a higher level with appropriate benefits. Phil
  2. $5 every time for me, but your choice. Phil
  3. The wifi allowances for this cruise on Journey have increased and I have free Internet for the trip. Perhaps Miami have been listening to the discussion here. I'm pleased it seems they have made it right, for the wifi at least. Copy of letter I received is below. Phil
  4. Yes, you are totally correct. That's the issue. Loyalty seems to come low down the priority list at present. On a more positive note it is good to see Azamara providing free access to WhatsApp for crew. Not sure what, if any effect this has on the shipwide wifi bandwidth though. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22261-azamara-adds-free-whatsapp-for-crew.html Phil
  5. Forget everything that I said. LCV Host Michelle is now back and I checked with her. Apparently I booked the first cruise under a half off second person promo that included free wifi. That's why I got it. She checked my second cruise and I booked that under a different promo and will have to pay for wifi. Don't you just love all the "deals"? Not impressed. Phil
  6. Yes. I did a few weeks ago. I used an iPad. It was very slow typing, but eventually I was able to complete it. Phil
  7. Yes Tom. I totally understand that some will miss them and also agree that the casino as is on Journey in its current form is hopeless and the room just lacks the atmosphere of The Den. Phil
  8. I look forward to the day that Journey takes out the useless space that's currently the Casino and puts in The Den. A classic case in point. We are about you start six sea days (today we are in Kauia) and we thought we would pop upstairs to Living Room for the advertised afternoon tea and the place is mobbed by afternoon trivia. At least with The Den you have an extra venue to hold trivia for those that enjoy it. It's such an intrusion into what is a lovely space. Ok. Rant over. Phil
  9. Totally agree and I find this thread rather exclusive and snooty because of it. You can easily turn the observations round if you like the bigger ships with lots of amenities. Thank goodness we have such a wide choice. Phil
  10. I'm not sure of the square footage, but if you have a look at this thread there are some photos. Phil
  11. They saved him. Being on a ship at the time = no delay. His vital signs are good apparently and now he is in the best place. Phil
  12. The rumour mill will be going so just to say it was Eric's dad who was onboard and had a massive heart attack. They stabilised him and he was on his way to hospital. Hoping he is ok. Phil
  13. Out of my window just now. Helicopter and support aircraft out of San Diego. Heart attack. Phil
  14. Sorry I should have said. No. Just in an OV. Phil
  15. Just a note. I'm on Journey now and after all this discussion on wifi I have free internet for the whole voyage as Platinum, so all is well as far as I'm concerned. 👍 Phil
  16. Anchor Light, your are spot on and said it better than I have. Your point about the regulars getting Azamara to where they are and supporting them (and indeed promoting them. I have introduced many to Azamara) is well made and something I often think about when one is slapped in the face like this. And that is what it amounts to. Phil
  17. I certainly am not offended and for sure, what you say is true. I guess it comes down to emotion and the feeling of not wanting to be taken for granted. Nobody likes that and it never happens on the ship. I also feel it's good to give feedback on the subject so that Azamara know and hopefully make changes that benefit everyone. They are obviously aware of this thread. Phil
  18. Yep. Someone in Miami needs to read this thread and sort things out as rather than addressing a recognised issue it's posing more questions than it answers and is indeed a kick in the teeth for many of us. Phil
  19. Bonnie, you are really confusing me now. This from your previous post quoted as 75% discount is not on line with what you are saying here: The new redemption values apply to all loyalty guests, regardless of their stateroom. This test will help us determine a more permanent approach in the near future. Am I being thick? Phil
  20. The free nights might have worked for you and the upgrade too, but I have to tell you. I have spoken to many loyal Azamara guests, most recently just yesterday and the general consensus is the same. It's not what it used to be and quite a bit more expensive. Phil
  21. Flippin eck. Could it be made any more confusing? I need a matrix to work it out. So Bonnie, Discoverer Platinum LCV members not staying in a suite get 75% off an unlimited package under this test? Same as Discoverer and Discoverer Plus? This is more beneficial than was originally set out in the letter attachment you posted. So I guess I’m happy, but I still don’t understand the lack of differentiation of %age off between the top levels. As Riocca rightly says, the points required to move from Discoverer Plus to Platinum is huge, but all one would get is an extra 30 minutes of internet if you don’t buy the unlimited package. Platinum should have free internet. Period. I would say that whoever is working on this project doesn’t really understand the requirements to move between LCV loyalty tiers. Phil
  22. Absolutely bring your own. I believe the quality Azamara ones are still available if you ask a Guest Relations, but they are terrible. I took a pair of Canon Image Stabilising ones with me and was glad I did. Heavy, but so worth it. Phil
  23. And you know why they did that? On one stop that included a beach and on a day that turned out very wet a large number of guests just left the towels on the beach. A thoughtful idea to improve the local economy I guess. Phil
  24. Looking forward to a nice quiet evening!😎 Phil
  25. Yes. That’s exactly what I meant. Totally relevant and I’m glad that I’ve been able to voice my feelings here to this new initiative which further cements my feeling that whatever they might say at Azamara in Miami, true loyalty to their brand doesn’t count. Phil
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