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  1. 4 minutes ago, uktog said:

    I am also hearing that on the transpacific many will have to  stay on to Aukland because the cost of flights from Tahiti have been ruled too high to do changes there.  Its just an insight into what has to happen behind the scenes when all we have to worry about are clocks and laundry coupons.... 🙂 



    I must admit that this occurred to me. Papeete isn't the most direct place to travel from and really is in the middle of the Pacific. So either Auckland or maybe a cruise early in LA is better for many. 



  2. 7 hours ago, laurieb said:

    It appears that all three ships are going to have numerous itinerary changes; perhaps something will work for you.  We’d been looking at a few b2b options but every one of them are now closed

    Do you have any handle on the dates and ships that are involved?  When there were just two ships it was pretty much always Quest that was chartered and fairly easy to pick through any changes. Now with three ships and Azamara's keenness to cover as many itineraries as possible and thus swap around it's become quite a job to keep track of what's going on. Along with extended upcoming dry dock time for Pursuit. 


    These charters are obviously continuing to be very lucrative for Azamara. Especially with more certainty of filling the ship with a charter vs the current general pricing model which from my observations often leads to silly price drops to fill unsold cabins.


    It is very disappointing for those either booked on a cruise that's pulled or trying to plan a b2b cruise for example. I can't see it changing anytime soon.


    I will now, wherever possible, leave booking until much later. I've got no Azamara cruises booked after my b2b in January. I usually have at least four booked. That says it all for me. Too much risk of change and paying high prices.  As I have said here before, I'm not playing the game.



  3. Hopefully this link works ok.




    You can buy in increments of $25. It will let you buy 9x at a time so if you need more than $225 just add another set to your basket.


    Yes, OBC purchased this way is refundable at the prevailing exchange rate if your purchase currency is not USD. You may lose out on the conversion because of the difference in the bank sell (when you buy the OBC) and bank buy rate (when any unused OBC is refunded). 



  4. 3 hours ago, ellbon said:

    I was on Quest when it became official. She had been on a week when she started cross training. As it was a very hard cruise  due to Visa being needed, guests leaving with Medical problems with a crew member it was  a little crazy. I am not sure if she is going to do any F and B or just HD, Did hear that at some point Heike was going to train her but not sure of the rest. 

    I'd be very surprised if there was a move into food and beverage. That role has to be 'in the blood' and I don't think Ngawhira has any experience there. As I said it does look like a temporary position because it still has "to be announced" later in the year. I suspect when a replacement for Fred in the F & B role has been found. 



  5. On 11/17/2019 at 11:08 AM, cruisestitch said:

    I am in complete agreement with the comments regarding how important it is to have strong leadership and a happy crew.  I just got off an Azamara cruise and while there was nothing I could point to that was exactly wrong, it just didn’t have the same atmosphere I got from my recent X cruises.  Remember how the boss of “Fantasy Island” used to say to the staff as the new planeload of guests was arriving “Smiles, everybody, smiles!”  That must be what Capt. Leo does, too.

    That’s a pity and from my experience on Azamara not typical, but sometimes it happens.  I did Antarctica on Pursuit in January and can honestly say they were the most miserable and rude guests I have ever encountered with just a strange atmosphere.  Hardly saw the Captain or Officers. Not helped by being cold weather that made the inside of the ship very busy.  The Azamara ships don’t deal well with that.



  6. 1 hour ago, excitedofharpenden said:

    As I understand, Fred and Liesl have left Azamara.  I didn't realise Ngawhira had been promoted into the Associate HD role though. 



    I notice on the schedule that there are still “TBA” later on in the year so this looks like a temporary fill in.  I know it’s usually HD/F & B roles that combine so maybe gaps need filling.



  7. 14 hours ago, Traderboy said:

    Thank you everybody for your firsthand experiences.
    It does strange that the percentage of men in tuxes varies from 80% to a few %.
    That is basically my problem, in knowing what to bring.

    I think I will go for the middle ground with one sports jacket and a couple of ties.


    That is perfect and exactly what I do. Don't worry at all. You'll be fine. 



  8. 28 minutes ago, baytraller said:

    Have just  noticed on the Senior Officer list for the Journey that Fred Bubner no longer relieves Heike, have I missed an announcement, the relief is now Ngawhira Fleet (Quest - Guest Relations Manager).





    As I understand, Fred and Liesl have left Azamara.  I didn't realise Ngawhira had been promoted into the Associate HD role though. 



  9. 13 hours ago, Riocca said:

    Thank you Bonnie, having introduced and administered a loyalty scheme at corporate level I appreciate the difficulties but I also know the pitfalls. 

    You make a very good point. I'm afraid the whole LCV benefits thing is a mess and the more time goes on the more it gets left behind by the plethora of special deals. You've highlighted yet another absurdity. I hope Azamara are taking note. 



  10. On 11/11/2019 at 5:56 PM, Lottie A said:

    Also be prepared for many of the streets to be closed off and Grand Prix stands everywhere. It makes getting around Monaco very difficult and of course, the price of everything goes up from quite astronomical to completely astronomical! Even for a bottle of water! 

    I would much prefer to be in Nice... but then I’m not a Grand Prix fan and it is the Monaco Grand Prix Cruise I suppose. 🤣 

    Hope you have a lovely time Sail Girl. 

    If you are going to attend the Grand Prix (which is why the OP posted here), then the fact that the shopping prices go up is irrelevant and from the point of view of streets being closed and stands up everywhere this is a very positive thing for race week!



  11. Those of you who know me here from when I first started cruising on Celebrity will appreciate how enthusiastic I was about the cruiseline, but that latterly over the past five years or so the X experience has not been so rosy for me.  I have favoured Azamara since 2011 and apart from the occasional venture onto Royal, Windstar and back to Celebrity have cruised exclusively with the smaller ships of the sister company.


    i had the opportunity to cruise to Hawaii on Eclipse to celebrate a significant milestone of friends of mine and this celebration was the main reason for trying Celebrity again.  I am pleased to report that I had a fabulous time with great service from all over the ship, not just pockets of it in the suite areas.  


    This seemed like a very happy ship.  I know some don’t share my opinion of the importance of the top team on the ship (Captain and senior officers), but I really believe that their attitude filters down.  Happy Captain and officers = happy crew.  And this has a knock on effect with the guests onboard.  The whole ship was happy and I don’t think I experienced so many greetings of good morning/afternoon from other cheerful guests on any Celebrity cruise.  Captain Leo is really such a nice guy and an absolute laugh in Liars Club.


    A special mention to a wonderful team in Luminae who provided excellent service at all times.  Marjan, Lorendo, Sintu and Nertela were all fantastic.  The breakfasts served there were so good that I went every day.  It is cooked perfectly.  Ask for eggs over medium and that’s what you get.  Beautifully presented and it’s detail like this that makes a huge difference. I would say that the evening meals are still a bit limited in their offerings and the one day when I ordered from the MDR wasn’t great, but also I shout out to the buffet for lunch.  I really enjoyed it.  I had an evening meal there once when I didn’t feel like dressing up and it was very good.


    My bugbear in recent years has been the terrible music around the ship.  I was very happy to hear some very good tracks played over the public system rather than incessant beat music I’d heard before. Way better.  I will admit that I never ventured to the martini bar this cruise.  I used to love it, but maybe I wanted to preserve my good thoughts of the lack of loud music and either went to Michael’s or Ensemble.  Perhaps also those martinis at the bar are getting a bit large for me these days.


    So overall i had a wonderful time and am very pleased to report that my faith has been restored.



  12. Glad you are off and running and hoping you all have a good crossing.


    Just for info to others, that centre “Captain’s” table on the upper level is the worst spot in the dining room for noise.  In fact whenever possible I ask for a table on the lower level as the whole of the upper level is noisier.


    My recollection of Pursuit was that the space used for eggs cooked to order on Journey was used as a fresh fruit station with someone serving there.  Is that what they have?



  13. 1 hour ago, Phylhering said:

    As a follow up.  All the issues have been resolved when you get to the right people.  I now have 2 clocks. 🙂

    What I thought was fair, with the 6 free days issue, the clock and the pillows.  All resolved.  There need to be more senior staff who care about your repeat business.

    Pleased to hear of the resolution after passing it up the line.  Two clocks?  Now you are just being greedy.  Not even the big suites get two😂



  14. 2 hours ago, Host Grandma Cruising said:

    Thanks for the wave forecast, Phil, sounds as of we need to be prepared for a swell.
    We’ve arrived safely in Manchester and got to our hotel (Premier In South).See you on Wednesday norn iron, gymfreak & chesnick

    This is the wave site I use. Just click on the map area of interest and it gives a 180 hour forecast. 





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