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  1. I would hesitate them trying to involve themselves in a tour like the one Charlies Aunt did. Much better to leave that sort of thing to the locals I think. Phil
  2. Great story. Sounds like a really good tour too. Phil
  3. I've played that, but I think Five Crowns is way better. Phil
  4. Yes. If you have a beverage package you can get drinks on the package delivered, regardless of stateroom category. If you don’t have a package and are relying on the included drinks, no. You can’t have those delivered. Regardless of whether you have a package or not, the alcohol in the fridge (and the half bottle of red that they leave in the cabin) is chargeable Any category of stateroom can order room service dinner. If you are in a suite you can ask your butler to serve it course by course, otherwise it will be delivered in one go. You can order off the TV/by phoning room service if the interactive TV still isn’t available on Pursuit or can have anything off the menu that is in the main dining room for that day. Phil
  5. It took me ages to get put back on the email list and eventually, through the LCV Ambassadors in Miami, managed it. My contact profile was corrupted in some way and this took a little digging, but eventually it was sorted and continues to work (until it doesn’t because it was corrupted again). Why not email the LCV Ambassador and see if they can help out? Phil
  6. Guest Relations Officer, Dimple (previously part of the security team) is a star. As is Marta. You just need people with an attitude like they have to make all the difference to a role that is, let's face it, pretty thankless at times. Enjoy part two! Phil
  7. No. The b2b tiered OBC up to $400 is separate from the onboard booking OBC of flat $200 or $300 and is not dependent upon when you book in the cruise. Thus it is possible to have a total of $700 OBC for booking onboard. Phil
  8. I had a really enlightening conversation with the taxi driver who took me from my hotel, the Vivanta Taj President to the port in the morning to catch the ship. The hotel was pretty much right next to a slum area where he actually lived and I asked him what it was like. It quickly became apparent that in spite of our western view of this as “poverty”, he considered himself very lucky to be so far up the ladder. It’s an entire self supporting community with all the infrastructure and businesses there needs to be. The real poverty are those that live and sleep on the streets. These people are absolutely everywhere, sleeping on the pavements. It’s humbling. We don’t know how lucky we are. Phil
  9. I got it and completed it and thought it was an ok survey. Contrary to what the OP said, I didn’t think it at all US centric. And you’d be surprised. I bet there are a few guests with a $5m+ net worth. Granted it won’t be large proportion. Phl
  10. Why do you say that? I don't understand. On this thread you started there have been more suggestions than just trivia. Without knowing your particular likes it's hard to give an accurate answer, but tas are definitely more than trivia. I'm with Covepoint. I too like relaxing and not necessarily doing much other than people watch and socialise, but that might not be your thing. There's enough to keep one occupied activities wise, but depending upon your likes, it may or may not be that exciting for you. Phil
  11. I'm just saying how I have seen it. If you are posting this Celebrity cruise experience on the Azamara board as the definitive review then you are missing it. There is no doubt that Flåm, Ålesund and the like are beautiful, but go and experience the Azamara cruise. So much more. Of course there are many that are happy to do a drive by of Norway on a big ship, but as I said, totally miss so much and it's not really the same thing. I just wanted to put that out there for those coming to this board and reading of your Celebrity experience. Phil
  12. In my view and as this is the Azamara board, having done both Celebrity and Azamara to Norway, Azamara wins hands down. So much more immersive as the ships go further north. Norway is an amazing place that just gets better the further up you go. Phil
  13. I'd agree with uktog. I would try for an Azamara tour that goes to the laundry and does an overview. Ann said it. Bureaucracy rules in India. For the uninitiated, Mumbai can be daunting, but it's a wonderful place. Like all of India it attacks the senses. You need at least two days in the place to see a small part of it. The Indians are a lovely people. The car horn is directly linked to both the brake and accelerator! Phil
  14. I've seen cheating in the afternoon trivia where they put no answer and then write it in after the answer is given and claim it. Then there are the group marking their own papers and when the answers are given out they say "Oh yes. Now I remember" or "Oh darn I meant that" and then they get 20 out of 20. It's hilarious. Phil
  15. If you like cards and haven't got it then buy Five Crowns. It's on Amazon and is EXCELLENT fun. Phil
  16. Just to say. You get a $200 OBC each cruise for booking onboard too, $300 if you book in the first half of your cruise. If you do the latter then let them know to put code CRUISENOW2 as a booking code and you'll get the $300. If they mess it up you can sort when you are home, but less hassle if they get it right to start with. Phil
  17. I'll answer for Bonnie. Yes you will. The onboard booking discount is combinable with any current offer running on the Azamara website. Go clued up just in case the Celebrity sales person isn't sure. Phil
  18. I always play for the enjoyment. I won’t be part of a team that doesn’t and always join in with people I know. Depending upon the cruise it can be a lot of fun, fun but competitive or just too tense with the know alls thinking it’s life or death and that we’re playing for free cruise rather than a tee shirt and a pen. Last Progressive Trivia I did was a LOT of fun. I was on Corinne's (cinnamon's) team. We didn’t win, but the whole atmosphere in the room was great. Phil
  19. Good for you! My legs are getting tired just thinking about it! Lol Phil
  20. That's really not so bad. A few hours lost in Mumbai is a shame, but to be honest it is difficult to do justice to Mumbai in a day anyway. You can be there for two days and only touch the surface. At least you will arrive in Dubai in good time. Hopefully Azamara will be able to secure immigration staff to do the process before your arrival there. As I thought. An overreaction by some here. Phil
  21. I just went and had a look at photos of the spa furniture on Journey and had forgotten how much more inferior it is to Pursuit. If they want to mirror facilities across all three ships they need to change out the old furniture. There’s a big difference. If anyone from Azamara is reading this, it’s another hotel detail that should be sorted out. This is a photo I found of Journey. Phil
  22. Ah good point. That was Pursuit. Phil
  23. I have to disagree here. I liked the chairs and loungers. A bit more variety with fully reclining type, ones that are a little more upright as in to the right in this picture and comfy chairs. Depending upon sun location it is possible to find shade if you want it, but the area is smaller and therefore less room under it. Phil
  24. I've been in 8070. The balcony has a cut out because of the shape of the hull. It's the save size, just not fully open. I liked it because of extra shelter. I found it noisy overhead because of the outside public deck above. If you are being offered the accessible cabins I guess it's because it is well after final payment? Personally I wouldn't discount them. Phil
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