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  1. There is always a tent at Nice Port, but it's at the Commerce quay. Of course if you are Ubering then the app will tell the driver where you are. Phil
  2. Sorry Pam. Misunderstood. How did they handle the luggage and check in at Infernet? There are no facilities there. That would be a nightmare for sure! I’ve never embarked or disembarked from that dock. Phil
  3. That’s what I said. You mentioned Infernet, but that can’t be used to disembark because they can’t handle the luggage there. Phil
  4. If it were me and as it’s not far to the airport, I’d use Uber. It works fine in Nice from my experience. Phil
  5. If you are disembarking in Nice then you’ll be at Quai du Commerce. It’s the only place that is enabled for luggage handling. I’ve embarked and disembarked from Nice a few times. If it’s purely a stop then you’ll likely be over the other side at Infernet. Phil
  6. Another reason I totally dislike this bid process. In the old days it would have been $398 maximum for the cabin. You are a regular Azamara cruiser and this is how they repay your loyalty. I'm lucky in a way. I book an outside in a position I want and am quite happy without the bid shenanigans. I don't need a balcony. And at the price I am willing to pay. None of the pricing games. Phil
  7. And of course no point in doing them if you are a solo traveller. Phil
  8. I don't even eat fish, much less kiss it! Haha. But yes. Sounds similar. All good fun to watch. Phil
  9. You said "some cruiselines". Which others? Or is Windstar the only one that you know of? I've been on Star Breeze. Nice cruise, but it was a last minute and such a steal. Phil
  10. It's certainly not the norm to get price drops after final payment. I've never got one. Which cruiselines are you talking about just out of interest? Phil
  11. Yes, they’ll have that. Probably a couple of them. There will also be a crossing the Equator polliwogs ceremony on the day the ship does that, which is fun. Phil
  12. Lunch in the MDR is nice. I like The Patio for lunch too, but it's more of a daytime grill. I'd recommend there in the evening. Very different menu and ambience, but it shuts at 8.30pm so go at around 7. Phil
  13. No. Not open on sea days. Dinner only. They will have the occasional event like Prime C for the LCV breakfast or a cooking class, but that's it. Phil
  14. You got it! But this moth was a bit of a headbanger!🤕 Phil
  15. I noticed a lot more noise and rattles on Pursuit than Journey and Quest and this I think has a lot to do with the way the ship was maintained in its previous life in the hands of P & O. I moved cabin three times on one cruise because of noise and banging from underneath the cabin. And yes. I am a bit of a pain when it comes to noise. Phil
  16. They did the same with Antarctica saying it was a limited trip they hadn’t done for a while and the ship wasn’t even full for the sailing. I know it’s a different part of the world, but all the same. Booking an itinerary to the Black Sea this far out would also make me unsure as to what it would eventually become. It’s not a stable part of the world. Phil
  17. Yes, they were in Sorrento together. I was on Pursuit earlier in the year when they did the same and got a shot of them together then. There's probably some drone footage of the latest. It's so cool when there is a meet up. We woke up Sorrento with the horn blowing as we left. Phil
  18. I totally agree. I’ve just looked at it. Crazy pricing. Wait and see it half like it did for me to Antarctica on Pursuit earlier this year. I will not play this game Azamara have going at the moment. I hate to put a dampener on the op, but much as I love Azamara it is never worth this price. I’m taking a current screen shot from the U.K. site from just now. We will see...... Phil
  19. My advice would be to get a good travel agent who knows Azamara and the terms and conditions that apply to your country of residence. Phil
  20. Yes, you will. I would also have a word with the LCV Manager or assistant and get her enrolled too. Then you'll have no problem. Phil
  21. I agree about the Tube. Forget Uber. It's quicker on the Underground and more fun. Phil
  22. I never book a hotel through Azamara now. Find a major booking site and use that. They have reviews of the hotel which you can back up using TripAdvisor. Phil
  23. Excellent blog! I love getting on the Thames Clipper from Waterloo up to Greenwich. A great way to see the city and finish in an area full of history and things to see (Cutty Sark, the Royal Observatory, the Greenwich Meridian 0° longitude). Phil
  24. That is what I did and it worked. Phil
  25. It was always like that on Azamara too. All my experiences had crew aboard the tours, so it's not just a Saga thing. Some tours were obviously more attractive than others in having crew sign up for them. I just think spaces are tighter now and they will fill them with paying guests if they can. Phil
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