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  1. I think many of us do that so it's disappointing this should happen. I'm a great believer in taking it up with the ship before I get off because it goes into a pit somewhere never to be heard of again, but if you come up against what uktog describes then it makes it difficult to sort the issue. I've had some truly great tours through the ship and some not so good, but they have always been of a higher standard than you describe. Azamara really need to expend energy here and not just give the standard answer and say they take all feedback seriously. They failed with your tour. Phil
  2. I’ll continue to give my opinion on posts here (which included the tonicgate thread). I’ll comment about the subject, but not make it personal. There is a big difference. Phil
  3. That's too bad you have had that experience. I've had occasion to complain before and did get some money back, albeit a token gesture. I guess my point is if you do have an issue with a tour then the first stop has to be on the ship. Otherwise you'll likely get no recompense or follow up when home. Whether that happens when on the ship of course, one can only try. Phil
  4. Did you say something whilst you were on the ship? From what you say I would want some money back, never mind anything else. I've done many Azamara excursions. Some have been excellent, some not so good, but I've never experienced one as poor as you describe. Phil
  5. Yes. That photo is date stamped 16th December which is why I said may. Phil
  6. I think Geeta, concierge is on the ship too. She is another star. If you see her please say hi from me. Phil
  7. You have to go to Ho Chi Minh. It's a fascinating place even just to walk around and watch all of the scooters! They are everywhere. Reunification Palace is very enjoyable. I love Vietnamese food. If you are going independently then have a look at TripAdvisor for some recommendations. Phil
  8. It's very festively decorated onboard. The crew will probably have a gingerbread house competition and they may be putting that together before you get off. A lot of fun. Phil
  9. I'm not sure what they do in Cartagena Ann. Would it work in Mumbai? Just seems that the way it is organised as a private tour now works best without the help of Azamara banging the "look how we help the local community" drum. More authentic. Phil
  10. No you don't. Any beverage package is fine. Phil
  11. Just to clarify to save confusion. None of the alcohol in your fridge is free, nor the half bottle of wine in the cabin (which has a note with it that's it's chargeable). The only alcohol that's free is the included four half bottles of spirit that are in the bar set up and the welcome bottle of sparkling wine. Of course you can put any of that in your fridge. All soft drinks in there are included, as they are in any cabin. Just ask your butler/room attendant for your preference. You'll get a variety, not necessarily of what you want. Just ask. Phil
  12. Good answer. It very much depends upon what one likes to do and what is needed to keep one amused. A good guest speaker makes a big difference. Phil
  13. I would hesitate them trying to involve themselves in a tour like the one Charlies Aunt did. Much better to leave that sort of thing to the locals I think. Phil
  14. Great story. Sounds like a really good tour too. Phil
  15. I've played that, but I think Five Crowns is way better. Phil
  16. Yes. If you have a beverage package you can get drinks on the package delivered, regardless of stateroom category. If you don’t have a package and are relying on the included drinks, no. You can’t have those delivered. Regardless of whether you have a package or not, the alcohol in the fridge (and the half bottle of red that they leave in the cabin) is chargeable Any category of stateroom can order room service dinner. If you are in a suite you can ask your butler to serve it course by course, otherwise it will be delivered in one go. You can order off the TV/by phoning room service if the interactive TV still isn’t available on Pursuit or can have anything off the menu that is in the main dining room for that day. Phil
  17. It took me ages to get put back on the email list and eventually, through the LCV Ambassadors in Miami, managed it. My contact profile was corrupted in some way and this took a little digging, but eventually it was sorted and continues to work (until it doesn’t because it was corrupted again). Why not email the LCV Ambassador and see if they can help out? Phil
  18. Guest Relations Officer, Dimple (previously part of the security team) is a star. As is Marta. You just need people with an attitude like they have to make all the difference to a role that is, let's face it, pretty thankless at times. Enjoy part two! Phil
  19. No. The b2b tiered OBC up to $400 is separate from the onboard booking OBC of flat $200 or $300 and is not dependent upon when you book in the cruise. Thus it is possible to have a total of $700 OBC for booking onboard. Phil
  20. I had a really enlightening conversation with the taxi driver who took me from my hotel, the Vivanta Taj President to the port in the morning to catch the ship. The hotel was pretty much right next to a slum area where he actually lived and I asked him what it was like. It quickly became apparent that in spite of our western view of this as “poverty”, he considered himself very lucky to be so far up the ladder. It’s an entire self supporting community with all the infrastructure and businesses there needs to be. The real poverty are those that live and sleep on the streets. These people are absolutely everywhere, sleeping on the pavements. It’s humbling. We don’t know how lucky we are. Phil
  21. I got it and completed it and thought it was an ok survey. Contrary to what the OP said, I didn’t think it at all US centric. And you’d be surprised. I bet there are a few guests with a $5m+ net worth. Granted it won’t be large proportion. Phl
  22. Why do you say that? I don't understand. On this thread you started there have been more suggestions than just trivia. Without knowing your particular likes it's hard to give an accurate answer, but tas are definitely more than trivia. I'm with Covepoint. I too like relaxing and not necessarily doing much other than people watch and socialise, but that might not be your thing. There's enough to keep one occupied activities wise, but depending upon your likes, it may or may not be that exciting for you. Phil
  23. I'm just saying how I have seen it. If you are posting this Celebrity cruise experience on the Azamara board as the definitive review then you are missing it. There is no doubt that Flåm, Ålesund and the like are beautiful, but go and experience the Azamara cruise. So much more. Of course there are many that are happy to do a drive by of Norway on a big ship, but as I said, totally miss so much and it's not really the same thing. I just wanted to put that out there for those coming to this board and reading of your Celebrity experience. Phil
  24. In my view and as this is the Azamara board, having done both Celebrity and Azamara to Norway, Azamara wins hands down. So much more immersive as the ships go further north. Norway is an amazing place that just gets better the further up you go. Phil
  25. I'd agree with uktog. I would try for an Azamara tour that goes to the laundry and does an overview. Ann said it. Bureaucracy rules in India. For the uninitiated, Mumbai can be daunting, but it's a wonderful place. Like all of India it attacks the senses. You need at least two days in the place to see a small part of it. The Indians are a lovely people. The car horn is directly linked to both the brake and accelerator! Phil
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