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  1. I've seen cheating in the afternoon trivia where they put no answer and then write it in after the answer is given and claim it. Then there are the group marking their own papers and when the answers are given out they say "Oh yes. Now I remember" or "Oh darn I meant that" and then they get 20 out of 20. It's hilarious. Phil
  2. If you like cards and haven't got it then buy Five Crowns. It's on Amazon and is EXCELLENT fun. Phil
  3. Just to say. You get a $200 OBC each cruise for booking onboard too, $300 if you book in the first half of your cruise. If you do the latter then let them know to put code CRUISENOW2 as a booking code and you'll get the $300. If they mess it up you can sort when you are home, but less hassle if they get it right to start with. Phil
  4. I'll answer for Bonnie. Yes you will. The onboard booking discount is combinable with any current offer running on the Azamara website. Go clued up just in case the Celebrity sales person isn't sure. Phil
  5. I always play for the enjoyment. I won’t be part of a team that doesn’t and always join in with people I know. Depending upon the cruise it can be a lot of fun, fun but competitive or just too tense with the know alls thinking it’s life or death and that we’re playing for free cruise rather than a tee shirt and a pen. Last Progressive Trivia I did was a LOT of fun. I was on Corinne's (cinnamon's) team. We didn’t win, but the whole atmosphere in the room was great. Phil
  6. Good for you! My legs are getting tired just thinking about it! Lol Phil
  7. That's really not so bad. A few hours lost in Mumbai is a shame, but to be honest it is difficult to do justice to Mumbai in a day anyway. You can be there for two days and only touch the surface. At least you will arrive in Dubai in good time. Hopefully Azamara will be able to secure immigration staff to do the process before your arrival there. As I thought. An overreaction by some here. Phil
  8. I just went and had a look at photos of the spa furniture on Journey and had forgotten how much more inferior it is to Pursuit. If they want to mirror facilities across all three ships they need to change out the old furniture. There’s a big difference. If anyone from Azamara is reading this, it’s another hotel detail that should be sorted out. This is a photo I found of Journey. Phil
  9. Ah good point. That was Pursuit. Phil
  10. I have to disagree here. I liked the chairs and loungers. A bit more variety with fully reclining type, ones that are a little more upright as in to the right in this picture and comfy chairs. Depending upon sun location it is possible to find shade if you want it, but the area is smaller and therefore less room under it. Phil
  11. I've been in 8070. The balcony has a cut out because of the shape of the hull. It's the save size, just not fully open. I liked it because of extra shelter. I found it noisy overhead because of the outside public deck above. If you are being offered the accessible cabins I guess it's because it is well after final payment? Personally I wouldn't discount them. Phil
  12. Any suite. You can also purchase a pass if you aren't in suite, but they are limited in their sale. It's hard to give a definite answer. I've been there when it's busy. I've also been (like in June) when we were literally the only people there. There is a yellow phone on the wall that goes direct to the pool bar. Make use of it. Phil
  13. So, what's the score then? This thread has gone quiet. Was the new itinerary as I expected, ie a night on the ship at the end. How much time did you lose in Mumbai? I know that was a major thing too. Are you happy with Azamara or not? Phll
  14. hiccups, as golfers you are used to walking (I know when I played I was!). My advice is to walk into town. It's a really nice stroll along by the marina with some good places for food and drink, with the cathedral getting ever closer. If the weather is good of course. Palma is lovely. Phil
  15. Ok. Understand. Of course you have to make your own decision as regards going back to Celebrity. Personally speaking the experiences are very different and I will pay a premium for Azamara, but not way too much. Thing is, I'd rather save my money for an Azamara cruise than take a Celebrity one I'm not happy doing. The price drops on Azamara are sometimes large and this further makes a bit of joke out of another LCV benefit of booking onboard and getting a discount. But not everyone can leave booking late and Azamara realise. Of course, if they price the cruises too high and are left with lots of cabins to sell there are beginning to be price drops before final payment. Well from my observations anyway. Phil
  16. But sadly Azamara aren't listening because they are more focused on attracting new cruisers with their free WiFi deals than their loyal guests who have to pay for it unless they book under that deal. And in spite of how much on each cruise they laud the number of repeat cruisers on the sailing and how valuable those "free" nights are. I'm like Ann. Three free nights are useless. You need six at least to make it worthwhile. I'm very disappointed by how they big it up I'm afraid. I'd rather they be honest. The shipboard experience for me continues to be great , but the way the office treats us like idiots is not. Ok. Rant over. Phil
  17. That's the way it works. They also sometimes keep some cabins back in the inventory. They'll offer upgrades to categories that are marked as sold out, but they will juggle if they can to fill the ship as much as they can. Phil
  18. What do you mean if you qualify? Did the link I posted above just say sorry, you can't make a bid? Just interested. The bid system precludes some fare types (guarantees for one) so it won't let you bid if you have one of those or possibly a deeply discounted or specially rated fare. Phil
  19. Thanks for your reports Ann and excellent photos. Phil
  20. So have I and a couple of times before one too. They are more fun because you can pull the crew’s leg about the upcoming cruise and of course they are really supposed to be very discreet about the whole thing. Lottie A tells a good story of a cruise after one of the charters. Some get very prudish about these “lifestyle” cruises, but I couldn’t care less. Sorry to Ann for taking this a bit off topic, but you did throw the line in the water! Lol Phil
  21. This is incorrect. It’s the four half bottles mentioned above, plus maybe a bottle of sparkling wine on arrival. ANY other alcohol in the room is chargeable. The soft drinks mixers are unlimited (just tell your cabin attendant your.favourite). This does not take account of the swap you may get for wine instead of spirits that others have reported here. Drink up! 😉 Phil
  22. Thanks John 👍. I've never been able to, but didn't read the terms and conditions. Now I know. Phil
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