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  1. Thanks Peter! Perhaps we should start a sticky of "good deals spotted" on this board? Would be helpful I think, given the current Azamara pricing. Hope you and Trish are both well. Phil
  2. I did a tour that included a view from the top, but going through it on a ship was incredible. Highly recommended. Unfortunately Azamara ships, even though small by cruise ship standards aren't small enough. Do a tour on a boat that takes you through if you can't take a cruise. A very different perspective. The ruins at Corinth are wonderful too. Phil
  3. I love the Greek Islands and to be honest can go back again and again. I went through the Corinth on Windstar. Amazing! Phil
  4. Well you've been to most places Lottie so trying to find an itinerary at the right price might be a bit difficult! For me I'm happy to have the ship as a destination. Every so often an itinerary pops into my head that I'd really like to do, but even then I have a limit as to what I'll pay. Phil
  5. They work fine for me. Never had a problem and I tend to pick them if I like the look of them rather than dietary intolerances. I love the gluten free financiers. Phil
  6. Don’t give up Lottie. There are still some deals. It’s just more difficult to home into them now. See below link for one I’ve spotted. In the days when I first cruised their ethos was “we want you to come and try us”. Now it’s more like “let’s see how much we can get you to pay”. In making this comment I would freely admit that Azamara weren’t charging enough a few years ago. Now it’s gone completely the others way. Somewhere sensible would be good. https://booking.azamaraclubcruises.com/ibe/holiday?s=NJMXX20191208081720657&paxCounts=1A-0T-0C-0I,&childAges=&baseProductType=CRU&cruiseOnly=true&departureDate=20200418&lang=en&company=LON&division=LONDIR&brand=AZA&distChannel=W&currency=GBP&accessible=false&roomWise=true&searchPriceFeed=false&clientId=-1&clientGroup=Direct&subSearchType=A&productCode=TMD&useFeed=false&cabinCount=1&depGateway=LHR&sourceCountry=GB&ship=PR&ppgr=true&cruLine=AZA Phil
  7. I used to love the flyer they used to have with all the deals on it. It was easy to pick out good prices on some cruises (including reduced single supplement offers). I booked quite a few that way on the ship with the Future Cruise sales staff and it was a great tool for them to use too. I haven't seen this for ages and as was said earlier, it's all smoke and mirrors now with a deal to beat a deal that's not really a deal. Such a pity 😕 Phil
  8. It so depends who you get. It shouldn't be like this. It never was like this. Fortunately I do know who I WANT to see. I can pick up in an instant the good one. If there is nobody on the ship then I won't go. Sadly there isn't much out there now booking onboard and I'm better off waiting and doing my own research when I'm home. It hasn't been like this in the past and I feel depressed for me and the sales staff. If I book on the ship I get 10% off, but the way the prices vary now I'm better off leaving it. Not helped by all the terms and conditions attached to an Open Passage Certificate (when you don't have a specific cruise in mind, but still want to take advantage of a deal). The more complicated they make it the less I'm inclined to book. Am I alone? Phil
  9. Welcome to the world of Azamara pricing. I've said this before. All over the place. Phil
  10. Wine isn’t included in the Premium Package, only the Ultimate. Here is a link from the Azamara website showing the beers available. https://www.azamara.co.uk/booked-guests/onboard-packages/beverage-packages Phil
  11. I knew it must have been a while ago. There were definitely four smaller bottles in March 2012. Was it four litre bottles? Yikes, I’d have to go into rehab after that although I guess back then the hard stuff wasn’t included. Just the wine at mealtimes. Phil
  12. Newest ship in the fleet has an inferior set up. I heard that it's because they discontinued the contract with the previous provider used on Journey and Quest. Simple idea would be to get a new contract for all the ships. Job done! I find it odd. Not to labour the point, but it's the lack of investment in simple things like this that sometimes worries me. Phil
  13. I never remember them being litre bottles going back 7 years. They have always been 4 x 37.5cl, but as you say if you don't like one or two bottles (I am not a fan of whisky or Barcadi) they will happily switch them for one or two of the others. Phil
  14. Steve, I think you will find Sochi is the same as St Petersburg Ie you'll need to book a tour through an officially licensed company (either the ship or authorised agent) to fall under the 72 hour rule of stay. Otherwise you'd need to obtain a Russian visa yourself. That's not something that is very straightforward or economical so the tour is the way to go. Phil
  15. Those that I referred to as keeping in touch with aren't necessarily CC members. It's more general than that. Phil
  16. Did the staff tell you this? What else would you expect them to say?! Phil
  17. I agree. I am in touch with many regular Azamara cruisers and they all say the same thing. The prices are crazy and they won't be booking at this level. I think that is a pretty good bellwether of the general feeling. Phil
  18. All of the above and just to say that crew do not expect a tip as Azamara is a no tip cruiseline. If you want to tip, I like the crew welfare idea the best. I always find it so hard to pick anyone out and this goes to them all. An organised crew night with a prize raffle is one thing they do and really appreciated. Phil
  19. If you ask at the desk they will try to put you with a table for dinner. Depending upon what time you eat, I’ve noted that the busiest times for being seated are between 6.30 and 7.30pm. Not sure if you are travelling solo, but if you are then Azamara are active in that department, organising solo traveller dinners and also lunches on sea days. Regardless, Azamara guests are a friendly and socially engaging bunch. I don’t think it will take long to meet up with a regular group. Phil
  20. I think part of the answer depends upon what LCV level you are as you what you get "free" and how much value you place on those perks. The Specialties deal is $60 for the week cruise rising to $120 if you do a minimum 2 weeks. The bar set up is nothing special and space in the cabin limited anyway. Most of all, the P2 and P3s located on deck 8 under the public deck are the worst on the ship in my view. Better to be on deck 6 or 7. The cabin size is exactly the same as other veranda cabins. Personally I wouldn't pay extra for one. Phil
  21. I hope so too. Azamara seem to have had a very mutually beneficial association with Perry Golf these past 8 years. I did a Perry Golf holiday to the Algarve a few years ago. They were an excellent outfit. Phil
  22. It’s a shorter cruise. 9 nights vs 17-21 nights, so hopefully it will sell better. I counted 25 verandas and 36 OV and inside cabins available. I’m not sure whether they hold onto inventory and open it later though. I always look at the popular categories with few cabins, like the 04s to give a good idea of the popularity. Not infallible, but useful. There are just four of them on the ship and they are all available on your cruise. Phil
  23. I’m a great believer in getting the simple stuff right and the rest will follow. The ships crew are being let down by this too. Guest Relations staff and room service for a start. Phil
  24. I found the app hopeless. Very user unfriendly. Of course not everyone is going to be able to download it to a device. Phil
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