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  1. I read MSC threw a family off for not following their Covid-19 protocols. They went off on their own after being told they must stay wth the ship sponsored tour. Covididiots are everywhere sadly. Phil
  2. The WHO I have found to be somewhat pessimistic in their outlook so this is encouraging. To be honest, I can deal with two years. I would not have said that at the start, but the seriousness of the situation, any news like this is good! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-53870798 Phil
  3. I have to make comment that Azamara Circle status really has very little to do with it. You have to look after yourself, apple cart or not. I'm Discoverer Platinum and am under no dillusions. I'll do whatever I need to protect my corner. They will do the same for themselves. Phil
  4. So it was reported once here on this board two years ago? And it didn't happen to you? I'd say that was a very dubious exception and not to be relied upon. Much like the Celebrity (in)consistency.
  5. As I say, the Azamara experience is just not one that can become an MSC "cruise to nowhere". If I was on Royal Caribbean Allure I think I could stick that if I could convince myself that social distancing was possible as I thought it was an amazing ship, but I would even struggle with that concept. Very sad. Phil
  6. I don't think they will want a cruise without destination immersion. Think about it. There is little to do on the ships for one thing. A big ship of MSC or Royal Caribbean, maybe, but I couldn't imagine being cooped up on Azamara for days, nice ships though they are. I also have a bad feeling about cruises like this. I hope I'm wrong, but an outbreak of Covid would be a real blow to the industry. This Covid-19 thing is not to be messed with and the situation is still extremely volatile. Look at Croatia. The UK are about to put them on the 14 day quarantine list and like France there is a scramble for people to get back before it kicks in. Phil
  7. Cheap(er) marine fuel I think is the only reason that a stop is made there. Guernsey is indeed lovely, but a day stop on a cruise isn't really long enough to do it justice. Spend longer and you have the islands of Sark and Herm to visit. Herm Bay is a stunning white sand beach. I did a family trip to Guernsey when I was younger. Memorable for the places I mentioned. My mum and dad honeymooned on Guernsey in 1956. Phil
  8. Just to continue the off topic, there's a Dale Chilhuly on the forward ceiling of deck 11 on Celebrity Constellation just before you go into the forward observation lounge. I've got photos of it somewhere, but won't share them! Celebrity ships of the past have some very interesting artwork. Phil
  9. This is a list of the included spirits, which I think is what you are asking? Phil
  10. That's another one. We had a really long day driving from the port to see the Valley of the Kings and Temples of Karnak. Probably a couple of hours each way. Everyone raved about the Valley of the Kings, but Karnak I found more impressive. If you've ever seen Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me that's the scene where the baddie Jaws drops a huge stone on his foot was filmed! I'm afraid I love all things Bond. Phil
  11. If I went back to Corfu I'd try very hard to get in a boat across the Strait Of Corfu to Albania to see Butrint National Park. It is a World Heritage Site and is an amazingly preserved archaeological area. We tried to get there when I was on Windstar, but we couldn't drum up enough interest on the ship for them to run a tour. There are many places where you really do have to get out of town to see the best. uktog mentioned Salalah. I went there on a cruise and a friend and I had an amazing day exploring the coast and local area in a 4WD. Some of it is really beautiful and bears little resemblance to the place one docks. So even if it's not great near the ship with a bit of planning you can really see some wonders. Phil
  12. I have to say that I've watched Gary Bembridge's videos from time to time because they appear on my YouTube profile as something that may be of interest. For me at least he seems in all of them to state the obvious or tell me something I already know or that I don't agree with so I've stopped watching. With the current pandemic I think he's struggling to find what to talk about! I don't really care what other people get or don't get. As has been said already, you pay for it in some way, either monetarily or with a motive. Phil
  13. Hardly a great reason for tourism, but I guess this happens. I know a couple of people who have seen all three Azamara ships in Glasgow. Quite a sight! This is a very interesting read. All the ships in and around the English Channel and what is happening: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53720419 Phil
  14. I hadn't forgotten that area of Europe. It's just not my favourite. Scenically the Norwegian Fjords are beautiful, but they aren't a port. Phil
  15. Šibenik, Croatia is high up my list. Phil
  16. I picked out 2 on Pursuit. 3rd August for 10 nights and 13th August for 7. Not sure how long you'd want to go for. I'd love to do that as a B2B. Croatia and that part of the coast up to Split is my favourite part and there are a few ports I haven't seen. Sailing into or out of Venice is special. Those would be my picks for around that time. Phil Sorry, I looked again and you said the end of August, so these might be too early.
  17. I think I can guess what there answer would be!😉 Phil
  18. My understanding is that the crew have to pay to get to their contract start point and the cruiseline pay to get them home. Phil
  19. I'd cancel the flight if it were me. Phil
  20. Keeping fingers crossed Norn Iron that you get the money back from your credit card at least and can then deal with the deposit. Phil
  21. Unfortunately the OP is bound by non refundable deposits that we have here, hence the whole point of his posts here. Phil
  22. The weirdest one I ever did was in Bergen. It was a medieval celebration of Norway and we walked to it from the ship and down the backstreets, being "serenaded" by a Norwegian theatre group dressed up in costumes and grotesque masks and noses. Yes, it was plain weird and Captain Johannes was a bit incredulous at the whole thing and said they'll never do that again. 👺 The strawberries they served us however were the best I have ever tasted. It was the very early days of Azamazing. It was so strange that it was actually quite fun and memorable. It's one of the few I can recall readily. Phil
  23. I remember that one too. I also remember it being so hot an humid! I don't do well when it's like that. Even though I'm male and don't think I'm going through menopause I'm inclined toward a personal summer!😄 Phil
  24. I did it in 2015 I think. Much as I've loved some of the performances it's been the venues that have stuck in my mind. I'm sure there are a few that have done the piano concert in Chania. One year we were disappointed that we were unable to tender there and docked in Souda. They had the same Bouzoukakhis (sp) concert at a different venue. A hotel right by the sea. They were able to add Greek dancing too and it was just a great evening and better than the one they held at the Chania mosque. So many good memories. These are hanging on my wall at home. They were painted at the Azamazing Evening in Montevideo by the delightful Japanese onboard artist Minori. So I guess that holds a special place too. Phil
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