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  1. I picked out 2 on Pursuit. 3rd August for 10 nights and 13th August for 7. Not sure how long you'd want to go for. I'd love to do that as a B2B. Croatia and that part of the coast up to Split is my favourite part and there are a few ports I haven't seen. Sailing into or out of Venice is special. Those would be my picks for around that time. Phil Sorry, I looked again and you said the end of August, so these might be too early.
  2. I think I can guess what there answer would be!😉 Phil
  3. My understanding is that the crew have to pay to get to their contract start point and the cruiseline pay to get them home. Phil
  4. I'd cancel the flight if it were me. Phil
  5. Keeping fingers crossed Norn Iron that you get the money back from your credit card at least and can then deal with the deposit. Phil
  6. Unfortunately the OP is bound by non refundable deposits that we have here, hence the whole point of his posts here. Phil
  7. The weirdest one I ever did was in Bergen. It was a medieval celebration of Norway and we walked to it from the ship and down the backstreets, being "serenaded" by a Norwegian theatre group dressed up in costumes and grotesque masks and noses. Yes, it was plain weird and Captain Johannes was a bit incredulous at the whole thing and said they'll never do that again. 👺 The strawberries they served us however were the best I have ever tasted. It was the very early days of Azamazing. It was so strange that it was actually quite fun and memorable. It's one of the few I can recall readily. Phil
  8. I remember that one too. I also remember it being so hot an humid! I don't do well when it's like that. Even though I'm male and don't think I'm going through menopause I'm inclined toward a personal summer!😄 Phil
  9. I did it in 2015 I think. Much as I've loved some of the performances it's been the venues that have stuck in my mind. I'm sure there are a few that have done the piano concert in Chania. One year we were disappointed that we were unable to tender there and docked in Souda. They had the same Bouzoukakhis (sp) concert at a different venue. A hotel right by the sea. They were able to add Greek dancing too and it was just a great evening and better than the one they held at the Chania mosque. So many good memories. These are hanging on my wall at home. They were painted at the Azamazing Evening in Montevideo by the delightful Japanese onboard artist Minori. So I guess that holds a special place too. Phil
  10. Thanks Laurie for starting this thread. Hands down for atmosphere, the Odeon outdoor venue classical music performance in Ephesus as the sun set. Phil
  11. One of my favourite after White Night songs is Justin Timberlake "Can't Stop the Feeling". It's a few years old now, but a great song and a fun video if you haven't seen it. Phil
  12. Oh I wish we could name and shame on here. If I knew who the ta was I'd never use them again and tell all my friends the same thing. I'm sorry this has happened to you. Just too bad. Phil
  13. This reminds me that a dear friend on my Eclipse cruise last year told me to get this vaccine. Of course with all that is going on in the world just now I haven't done it, but need to make a point of doing so as shingles can be extremely unpleasant. I remember my dad having it. Thanks for the reminder. Phil
  14. I have a few friends that have had it since March. One thought she'd picked it up in the supermarket as that is the only place she'd been out of home to go. Had terrible breathing difficulties and is now in hospital with a collapsed lung and having an operation on Friday🤞 Each one of my friends has been so differently affected and from all age groups. Sadly one has died from it. Just not something to mess with. Just keep safe and healthy. Phil
  15. I used to feel the same way toward the beginning, but quickly decided having seen friends younger than me (and I'm younger than you) struggle with it. It is not something I want to risk. I'd also point out that the view you express is actually very selfish because you could pass it on to someone who maybe is less able to cope with getting it. Phil
  16. Despite what the WHO come out with in the way of vaccine negativity, I am really hoping that the news I hear from others proves correct. That or an effective treatment is the only thing in my view that will move us forward. Phil
  17. These restarts of cruise stories (I've read them on other boards too) have no relevance nor meaning to Azamara. Last time I looked, destination immersion was still a key selling point and I'm not sure how this will apply going forward. The stories like the Hurtigruten ship that was struck down recently mid cruise by crew testing positive for Covid-19 does little to instil confidence either. Phil
  18. It doesn't seem possible for a thread to stay away from Covid-19, no matter what the subject 😔 Phil
  19. I can't say I approve, but it's big of you to admit it😁 Phil
  20. Mea culpa! I never knew that was what it was called.☺️ Phil
  21. Okay, I just asked Alexa to play pop music from the 1990s. And on comes Tina Turner, Rolling on the River. I think I've just been beamed down to White Night ☺️ Phil
  22. I'd say effective social distancing is impossible to achieve comfortably on a cruise ship. Phil
  23. I hope so. Two70 was my favourite area of Anthem, especially the eating venue there. North Star on the other hand I thought was gimmicky. Phil
  24. This was the original post from the Azamara Team. It's so disappointing when one promises long and delivers short. Not at all professional. Phil
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