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  1. No, unless it goes to penalties:D Phil
  2. I have been looking at a "repo" in November 2020 on Pursuit. Lovely itinerary, but too many late arrivals and early departures which for me isn’t what Azamara is about for me. We will see...... Phil
  3. Really hope they do another one. I know they will be proud of the ship. She’ll be off to Miami too (before South America) so a chance to show her off there. Phil
  4. It’s my favourite, but does have a tub and shower over rather than the walk in shower which isn’t to everyone’s liking. Phil
  5. That's the rub of course. Go and have a look at some of the Interline rates on Celebrity for "late availability". They'll make you weep and wish you work(ed) for an airline. Phil
  6. Ok, I wasn’t going going to respond again, but colour me confused. So you aren’t going on the 13th anyway and were talking about a different 2 day event? So all this is moot? As to your comment regarding having a class system, all I can say is it is everywhere and it’s called life. Phil
  7. As far as I can tell you have your invite to the event and an undertaking that possibly another will happen in NI for you to go to, so I don’t understand your speculating and stirring it up. Enjoy the event anyway. Phil
  8. How do you know what system they used? Perhaps it was done just this way. As I have said a couple of times here already, the Azamara email communication system is notoriously clunky and many here don’t get anything. People get missed out. Ya know, it’s one of the reasons I don’t post announcements like this here, or for example discuss how much I paid for a cruise on a roll call other than generally to highlight price drops. There will always be someone disappointed. A nice event on a new ship and Azamara doing their best to promote it and it just turns negative for some here. Phil
  9. LOL! Tell him I'll buy him one too. ;) Phil
  10. I'd never really given it a thought. And £25? These GPs are such rip off merchants! ;):D Phil
  11. I picked this off the BBC News website this morning. I know it was mentioned when a poster here talked of taking Tramadol, but there are a few that might be on the list for the country you are going to: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-44330909 Phil
  12. The invites were sent out by email about a week ago and as I mentioned in my post above, Azamara email receipt of all kinds can be patchy. I understand there will be a few different events going on for Pursuit prior to and during service, not all of them for LCV members and the general public. As for transparency, I think it's more about talking to the right person who knows! If you really would like to go then email LCV directly and ask them and if there are any spaces left they might be able to offer you. Don't take the lack of invite personally though. If it is popular they may run another one on a turnaround day I guess. Phil
  13. A photo of it as a chair and folded down as a bed. Phil Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Good for you! Same here. There are many who can't wait to tell you how many points and/or cruises they have and status by dropping it in general conversation. I cruise on Azamara quite a bit too and it's the same. A few love to "social climb". It's really quite funny to watch. Enjoy the moment is the way. Phil
  15. Hey Wendy, I saw your name. You and David have a great cruise! Hope you are well. Phil
  16. That relates to the airport rather than to the cruise port. It's different. https://www.gibraltar.gov.gi/new/visas-and-immigration Point 3. You don't need a visa to visit Gibraltar on a cruise ship, even if normally you require one, providing it is a stop rather than disembarkation. If you have any doubts I would speak to the office of the Gibraltar jurisdiction in your own country. Phil
  17. They are now more often than not held in the Cabaret Lounge on the first evening at 6pm so it’s not an issue any longer. I haven’t been to one in Looking Glass (now Living Room) in ages. Phil
  18. In my opinion, they are awful. I have often found the lenses to be misaligned, giving double vision. If you can take packing the heavier ones from home and carrying them around then do. I’ve got some scenic trips later this year and early next and I’m taking my image stabilising ones. Weighty to carry, but worth it. Phil
  19. I’ve done the Rijsttafel there on Journey, but only the starboard side was used. I’ve also been to an LCV event there one evening at sailaway. Yes, I agree. Public areas do get used from time to time. Perhaps I’ve just been lucky or not using the areas in question. I’ve never heard complaints from any of my friends on the ship, but if you use the Drawing Room a lot you may notice it more. Phil
  20. Indeed. I just wish all here could at least stay polite and not go on the attack. It’s always been a friendly and open board here and I believe you achieve much more that way. To be frank, those who aren’t that way show themselves up. Phil
  21. I totally agree. You just can't compare the Caribbean with the Mediterranean. A few times around the Caribbean and it's done. If the ship is your destination then fair enough. It's supply and demand. I remember three or four years ago the prices in the Med dropped off quite a bit because the North Americans weren't travelling, worried about safety in Europe. Now they are holidaying once more here and Celebrity are testing the pricing. From my experience they see what the market will stand by charging high prices and then put them down a bit so many people think they are getting a deal. If you look at it longer term the price just keeps going up and up as we all get used to "what we paid last time". Phil
  22. I think we know what the issues are surrounding the receipt of emails here in the UK. For info I didn't get an invite to this one either, but it's ok. I'm sure there will be plenty of photos! Phil
  23. It's a five hour ship visit on turnaround day. That's it. I guess they thought people in the US might not want to travel so far just for that. When the ships were reimagined a couple of years ago they did a similar event. Being from the UK I was only able to attend because I happened to be on the ship in the US at the time. Phil
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