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  1. Are you sure it’s Livorno? Is it listed as a shore excursion on your cruise login? I can’t see you doing an Azamazing Evening leaving Livorno at 8pm. Leaving later won’t be an issue as far as pilots for the port are concerned, but getting to Civitavecchia ontime the following day will be. You need nearly 12 hours to get from Livorno to Civitavecchia at 15 knots. Phil
  2. Have you tried registering on the Celebrity site again? You don’t use your email address to log in. You should have chosen a user name and password. Otherwise you’ll need to follow the “forgotten user name” link. If you don't think your points tally then you should contact Le Club Voyage. It’s not something Bonnie should be getting involved with IMHO. There have been changes and conversions at certain times (outlined in posts above) which make it complicated. Even the points value for balconies changed at one point, but I can’t remember when that was. It might have been when the LCV benefits were changed. Phil
  3. Do you know you can look at all the individual points for each cruise you’ve taken yourself from your Captain's Club log in? I’m presuming you are registered on the Celebrity site? Just log in and click on your welcome name top right and select Captain's Club from the drop down. Page down and all your cruises and points will be listed. Your RCI cruise won’t be there as it doesn’t count toward them. Phil
  4. I agree Lottie. Russ is such a nice guy. Warm and friendly. Describing him in the past I can say that he is one of those special people who can talk to you as if you are the only person in the room. Watch out for his silver Mamma Mia boots too! Phil
  5. I know things can change, but to be honest at this stage I wouldn’t worry. For as long as I’ve cruised to these places there has been talk of unrest and possible cancellation. It’s never happened. They are far from trouble spots at the moment. Phil
  6. It’s a real pity because I know Azamara worked really hard with their air and precruise arrangements some while ago. The previous Chief Blogging Officer, Bill Leiber went into great detail about what was being done to enhance the product and make it worthy of the cruiseline it was aiming to be. I guess the bean counters got involved and it went to pot. Phil
  7. I’m not a tea snob, but resign myself to the fact that I won’t get my "home brewed" tea when I’m on holiday. Anywhere. However having moved onto the herbal teas without milk it works fine for me. The Bunn hot water dispenser in Windows is pretty good. Bottom line, if you want a particular tea then bring your own. Phil
  8. Well I guess from tonicgate we go to teagate! It depends on your preference, but PG Tips is my favourite ordinary tea at home and you won’t get that on the ship. I drink herbal tea a lot now, especially mint and both the Twinings and Field Select both do great for me. The Twinings Ginger and Lemon is pretty good too. No issues. If I take note of what my mum used to say then it’s all about the quality of the water and its boiling temperature and warming of the pot. That is more problematic to achieve;) Phil
  9. Donna, I have had issues from time to time too. You have to watch the pricing carefully because mistakes happen. I know you are in a different marketplace to me, but doing a conversion of the rate that latter figure on the Azamara site looks correct. The US offer seems to operate differently and a promo code is required. Perhaps your ta isn't inputting it? It's all built in here in the UK. I book with a ta, but am always armed with the pricing before I call so have a rough idea of what is what. Phil
  10. Lol David. You are right of course and my view does beat yours. It’s quite a big overhang though. Sea not so blue today as we head to Victoria BC on our penultimate sea day. Phil
  11. I’m on Solstice at the moment and have found that the ship on the inside is in generally good condition. No issues from me. I have to say that I have been quite surprised at some of the outside areas which are tatty. This is the view from my balcony. I was aft on deck 6 before and the blue roof overhang was rusty and tatty too. Phil Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. The wines on Azamara are quite drinkable, but really aren’t the best and an example is that they have often passed their recommended best before drink by date. For me they are fine, but having sailed Windstar (and paid the price of a beverage package) the offers are way better than Azamara. You pays your money and takes your choice, but I won’t be kidded that I’m getting top drawer wine on Azamara. As I said they are drinkable, but not in the same class. Phil
  13. Thanks for the link. I truly hate the Daily Express for its continual sensationalist vocab. Crash? What rubbish. Same with their weather forecasts foretelling doom. At least they got the basic news out there though. Phil
  14. You did really well. This cruise is always going to be expensive because Azamara don't do many. I did the Norway Nordkapp cruise a few years ago and until they offered GTY inside cabins near sail date that was expensive too. I got an OV on this Antarctica cruise for just under £5k total with my booking onboard benefit. Never to repest deal! Phil
  15. The prices for this cruise have been all over the place. If that is the total cost for a suite for two of you then you got a great deal I think. Phil
  16. That's great to hear. And he's Italian and gotta be good at singing opera. How is that for a link to make you on track? :D Phil
  17. Been to Lucca more than once. In the rain too, but still knocks Pisa into a cocked hat. Phil
  18. If we ever did that I'd start to worry! :) Phil
  19. Go to Lucca, but maybe stop to see the Leaning Tower on the way. There really isn’t much in Pisa apart from the tower. Lucca is lovely. Much more interesting. Phil
  20. Hi Brigitte. This would leave me feeling somewhat stressed with a connecting flight. Gone are the days when Azamara flew you in a day early and put you up in a hotel. It's one of the reasons I like to DIY now. Not always possible. I hope the flights go ok for you and you'll have a chance of a bite to eat and glass of wine before the drill ;) Phil
  21. The ten metre board has a great vantage point :D Phil
  22. I agree there is much to see once you get outside Salalah. We did a private tour out last year. Had a lovely day. The coastline is quite spectacular in places. Sorry Journey missed it. Phil
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