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  1. Just a bit more time to test her out. I'm sure they've been doing quite a lot of that. It's taken nearly two weeks to cross from dry dock in the Bahamas. They could probably have done it in 9 days. Phil
  2. I’ve never paid any agent commission on top of free nights. Basically it’s been the full fare prorated plus the port fees and taxes. I know what you mean about the commission, but my travel agent gets business from me in other ways and has been quite happy to take on the free night bookings. I guess you could always keep the booking direct with Azamara for that one cruise? Phil
  3. They are just sailing past Peel, Carl's hometown at 1.4kts. Phil Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Cheshire, thank you for your further report and comments which seems to mirror the general feeling. It's going to be tough on the entertainment team for a little while (and guests!) I think until some decisions are made as to how to proceed. Phil
  5. Is Captain Carl nipping home for supplies? Lol Phil Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. There is nothing wrong with the standard size cabins. They are small, but perfectly formed. I never have an issue in one and have stayed in almost all of Azamara's cabin grades from the large suites down. The storage is fine and so is the bathroom and shower. How much time do you spend in there anyway? The balcony verandas are perfectly adequate for breakfast if you want and the weather is decent. The tables out there are pretty large. I honestly don't think it's very helpful or thoughtful to say "you should have booked a Club Continent Suite" when clearly you have a balcony booked and it's the deal. Suites can be quite a bit more expensive and to me not always worth the extra expense. You'll be fine. Enjoy! Phil
  7. I've used Amazon Music on the unlimited wifi and rarely had an issue. Phil
  8. Some people love that stuff. I hate it. And yes, they do have pictures from when you check in and marked as VIP. If there was any depth to the fawning it would mean something, but there isn’t. If it’s someone that genuinely knows me and I know them then that’s very different. Phil
  9. Rijsttafel. Do the Indonesian Rijsttafel. It’s not much advertised on the ship, but well worthwhile if they are doing it. Ask one of the Maitre D's. Good value at $25 cover charge. Held in different venues depending upon weather. Usually well attended. Phil
  10. This is Celebrity’s new way to try to deal with chair hogs.;) Blast them out. This is Modern Luxury on Constellation in January in Asia. Phil
  11. I don’t disbelieve you. Of course the free wifi benefit has gone from the offer on the 30th June cruise too, which I’d forgotten about. It doesn’t matter to me because the WiFi is essentially free for me with the LCV benefit, but to others it might. To be honest I was quite surprised to see the price drop at all. I’ve commented here before that Azamara play the game and when is a sale not a sale? When it’s an Azamara sale. I can’t be bothered with it anymore. If the price sounds about right I’ll book it, if it’s a bit expensive I’ll ponder and if it’s way too much as I’m often seeing these days I’ll just pass. Phil
  12. Cabin price for June 30th Quest cruise I've looked at before is about £300 less for a cat 05 (just under 10%) than prior to the promo. I've actually already booked it to secure the cabin I wanted and took the decision that a price drop of some sort may happen, which it has. Phil
  13. In terms of evaluation of the entertainment (either here or via the cruise ship) I don't think it really matters how many cruises you've done on Azamara. All opinions have equal validity. You could say that those who have seen the old style shows many times are well positioned to give a critique of the new stuff. Equally you could say that their opinions are somewhat tainted by "the way it used to be" and it's good to get the views of a new pair of eyes and ears. It would be good to hear what some of the frequent cruisers think, but the analysis needs more than them and not weighted toward them. Well, that's my feeling. Phil
  14. There was a reasonably active roll call for the World Cruise with a few regular posters, but they don’t seem to post much to the main board. It would be useful to have their input too. They’ll have to deal with it until June! Lol Phil
  15. Thanks for the further report Steve and thoughts. Azamara seem to have some serious rethinking to do. I hope guests are feeding it back. Do we know whose bright idea the change in entertainment was? Phil
  16. I think it’s this: https://www.azamaraclubcruises.co.uk/booked-guests/onboard-packages/experience-more-packages Packaging it up like this and giving the guests a "deal" means you can’t upgrade. Phil
  17. Nadia was MCC on Connie at Christmas. I was very impressed with her. Phil
  18. No, it's not the same Joao, but agree he would be excellent. Well, he'd be excellent at whatever he does. He's been in Australia taking a sabbatical. Phil
  19. I think they should too. Seems crazy to me that you can't upgrade it for the cost difference like you can on Celebrity. Very inflexible. Azamara, if you are reading this...... Phil
  20. If you aren't particularly into the Grand Prix then I'd definitely do the second one. Monaco will be a zoo that weekend. The ports on Barcelona to Lisbon are varied and having been to them, all very nice. You get an extra night too. Phil
  21. Thanks for the report Ann. Oh dear!:( Phil
  22. Sad to say the same for me. I'm trying Solstice next month and praying they don't have the volume turned up on the ship like I've experienced before and that the food is ok. Phil
  23. I read 54. Some are CC members, but only post to roll calls. Phil
  24. I’ve got used to reading the terms and conditions since falling foul of the b2b savings if one books them at separate times. I was outside the time "window". However I was pleased at how Azamara resolved it after taking up the line. The T & Cs for the refer and receive program says 14 days between booking and application. I’m not sure when your friends booked, but if it was close in time it may well be worth emailing Le Club Voyage at the email address on the website to see if anything can be done. No guarantee, but worth a try. Phil
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