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  1. We have sailed 21 times and discovered we had collected stuff from 17 of those cruises. We have put all of the cruise related paper in 1 1/2" binders for each cruise. They are displayed in one of our bookcases, sorted by date and destination of each cruise. It's fun to go back and remanence...
  2. Thanks to all that responded. It's been about 10 years since we last sailed with Princess. Our loyalty has been with NCL but their Haven prices have gone through the roof. We love the Haven but no suites/perks are worth that much. I thought we would go back and try Princess again. Knowing what decks have the largest balconies helps a lot....Thanks
  3. We are considering booking a Penthouse suite on the Royal Princess. I know that not all balconies are the same in size. Does anyone know which decks have the larger aft balconies?
  4. Thanks for the kind words. I think the Pride Go Go is one of the more popular brands/style scooters. I hope your dh enjoys the scooter and it helps both of you enjoy your travels.
  5. First of all, I would definitely contact the airlines. Each airline has their own protocol for mobility scooters. If you call them in advance it will save you time at the airport check in. I have flown 5 times with my RV Rider and have never been asked to remove the battery. As long as the battery is non-spillable (which EV Riders are) there should be no issues. I just bought the latest model from EV Rider and my battery has the same specs as yours and it is TSA approved. I'm not flying again until May, but I am not anticipating any problems.
  6. Pat--I hope by now you have received your scooter and you are happy with it. I just mail ordered my 2nd EV Rider scooter. It was delivered yesterday and I used it for the first time today. It is just a little bit smaller but also weighs less than my first one. Let us know what you think.
  7. So sorry for the delay in answering your question. I guess it was another senior moment on my part. I don't believe that any of the EV Rider foldable scooters have armrests. I thought it was a bit awkward at first not having armrests but I got used to it and it has not caused me any comfort issues. It actually give me more room get on and off the scooter. I understand your concern about damage to the scooter while being stowed in the baggage compartment. I have flown 5 times with the scooter and have not had any damage to the scooter...….Hope this helps.
  8. I am 6’1” and weigh about 210. I have a ev Rider auto fold+ 4 wheel scooter. The scooter has an adjustable tiller which allows the handle bars to either raise or lower the height. I have been very happy with mine.
  9. Absolutely. I’m 73 and my balance is so bad that I can’t lift it into the trunk but Teresia is able to with minimal effort. I purchased my scooter from QVC. If you access their website and search EV Rider, you will see the models available, along with some videos of QVC’s on air presentations. Good luck with what ever scooter you decide to buy. Ray
  10. You are probably right,,,as many of you know, the shopping network I am talking about is QVC. For anyone who is looking for a foldable Scooter you might want to check out QVC.
  11. Joel, If your wife is going to depend on a scooter for getting around not only on cruises but even at home for shopping and going out to dinner, I think it is best to buy a scooter. I have owned my scooter for about 4 years and have used it on cruises as well as outings like Disneyland and Sea World. I have no experience with the different brands other than the one I bought which is an EV Rider. They are available at many Medical supply stores but I bought mine from a well known shopping network. I'm not sure I can name the specific network. Once you identify the network, you can view several detailed video reviews on their network. I have been very happy with my collapsible scooter. In fact, if it becomes necessary, I will probably purchase another one. They have made significant "comfort feature" changes since I purchased mine. They now have one that folds automatically instead of manually. The measurements while folded are 18" (h); 31" (l) and 19" (w). We have never had issues in getting it into our cabin---(folded). The weight is about 45 lbs. without the battery and some of new models the weight is around 46 lbs. with the battery. As far as flying with the scooter, my experience has been the same as the other posters. I ride it up to the door of the airplane where airline personal take it down to the cargo bay and then return it to me at the end of the flight. I am also "thin skinned" when using it on cruises. I'm so concerned that I will run into someone or run over their toes in an elevator that it really stresses me out. I have to admit that for the most part fellow cruisers are thoughtful and courteous when I approach them. I am going to try and post a couple pictures of my scooter. I hope you and your wife have many more fun cruises in your future... Ray
  12. I agree with you that you feel somewhat like visitor if you don't stay in the Haven but the Perks are the same...
  13. We were in a H7 on the Bliss in Late October. It was cabin 10106. I had wanted a suite in the Haven because of mobility issues but there was nothing available. We booked the H7 and was very happy with it. The separate bedroom made the suite feel much larger than the H-5. While the walk is a bit longer than being in the Haven. It was a relatively short walk to the elevators and after boarding the elevators, it's a short ride to Deck 17 and the entrance to the Haven. About the only complaint with the H7 we had was that the balcony was very small. It was small but comfortable. I missed not being in the Haven but in the big scheme of things, it was not a big deal---not to mention the cost was less. We organized and participated in a cabin crawl which included a Haven Penthouse suite. We showed our cabin last and had several folks commenting that they liked our cabin better than the Haven Penthouse. I don't know if this will work but I am going to try and attach some pictures of our Suite.
  14. We sail in 8 days. Received our luggage tags about 2 weeks ago and NEVER received a Concierge letter. This will be our 15th cruise on NCL.
  15. I purchased my first and only scooter about 4 years ago from QVC. It is called a EV Rider. It is a low cost scooter that has served all my needs. My model does not close automatically but collapses in two steps with little effort. The weight is 67 pounds with battery and about 50 pounds without the battery. I think I payed about $1300 for it 4 years ago. EV Rider makes several models to include a new auto folding model that sells for about $ 2300 and weighs about 65 pounds. Their website has all the info. You might like to take a look...
  16. We are currently booked into an H-7 on the Bliss but have put in a High bid for an H-4. It is just the 2 of us but we really enjoy the extra room. An H4 is physically located in the Haven while our H-7 is located on Deck 10. I think the kids would enjoy having their own room and being close to all of the things the Haven has to offer. The H-4 is significantly more than the H-7 but all things considered, The H-7 is a better value for the family.
  17. Darn! Hoping your cruise was before ours. We'll share our thoughts when we get back...
  18. We have also booked cabin 10106 for a cruise in late October. We would sure like to know your thoughts of the cabin upon your return. In case you haven't seen it, there is a very good tour of the cabin at the beginning of the YouTube link. Ray
  19. Thanks for the reply. I share a lot of the same thoughts as you. Our cruise is in 60 days and I guess NCL does not post their decisions until shortly before sail date. It's a long wait. We are in Front facing penthouse suite and am hoping (and bidding) on a couple suites that are actually within the Haven complex. Time will tell! Ray
  20. We have cruised many times with NCL but this is the first time we have bid on a cabin/suite upgrade. Does anyone know what criteria they use for selection---other than bid amount? Do they ever take into consideration the number of NCL cruises a person has taken or your Latitudes level? I would suspect that those factors are not considered in the selection process but thought I would ask... Ray
  21. Hi, Thanks so much for the reply. I have heard of the software but have never used it. I think I will give it a try. If I screw up, no one else will know. Best of luck to you and your family and all of your cruise adventures. We didn't start cruising until my 50th birthday. You have plenty of time to reach the 21 cruise mark. If any of your travels bring you to Southern California please let us know... Ray
  22. Hi, Great video. We are a few years older than you and we are about to start of 21st cruise and that will probably our last because of health issues. Most of our cruises have been on NCL and the last will be on the Bliss. I really like what you did and I am thinking about doing the same with our cruising "career". Can you share with me what software you used to make the video? It might be to complicated for us old timers but thought I would give it a try. Ray
  23. I have also booked a Haven Forward Facing Suite on The Bliss on deck 10. I'm in 10106 for a 10/27/2019 cruise. The only thing I'm not happy with is the size of the balcony.
  24. On our last NCL cruise we were in an Aft facing suite. The only issue I had was the distance I had to walk to get to the Haven restaurant. Our next NCL cruise we are staying in a forward facing penthouse on deck10. The walk to the Haven will be much shorter.
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