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  1. Good luck finding travelers checks at any bank in the US - we've asked at many of them. And forget AAA - which is where we used to get them. From what I am being told...they have really fallen out of favor due to being so easy to counterfeit. We used to use them exclusively for our cash needs while cruising, we would just cash them at the pursers desk and then go ashore. I hate not being able to find them anywhere locally.
  2. We were in that cabin in March for two weeks. Periodically, in the morning and in the evening, we heard some sort of cart rolling around. Sometimes, back and forth, back and forth. Never long enough though for us to have to complain about it. And sometimes we heard heels clicking as people walked above our cabin. Given this, we would still take this cabin again in a heartbeat. ;)
  3. They did on our 3-11 and 3-18 Ruby cruises and they worked fine. What a great addition and time saver for all concerned. I just didn't like the figures that printed out on ours though. :D
  4. Thanks for the Live report. It is very much appreciated. We board on Sunday for two glorious weeks. Continue having fun and may your days be filled with blue skies, warm weather and smooth seas!! :)
  5. I always offer to buy them, but they just give them to me. ;)
  6. I have a full size garment bag suitcase. What I do is get a bunch of plastic bags from the dry cleaners and cut them in half. A half goes in-between each piece of clothing. Then, when I close up the suitcase, it keeps wrinkles out of the clothes. You can also use large shopping bags, like from Macy's, etc. I've been doing this for years and it works every time. :)
  7. Thank you so much for the reply. I will go there and get her some chocolate. Thanks for the link, too. :)
  8. http://www.ftlauderdalewebcam.com/ Lookin' Good!!!
  9. Best place in Phillipsburg to buy Chocolate? I have a sweet young lady of 85 who would love for me to bring her back some Dutch chocolate. Who has the best? :D
  10. Thanks for the update. I hope they get the problem fixed this time around. :)
  11. I want you to know, that yes, I did hear back from them, and it was a very long reply, addressing all of the issues. I really appreciate the time they took to send me such a long and concise e-mail. And, although we have decided to cancel, it is not due to any of the bad reviews. Hopefully some other time, we can book through them again and have a good day out on the water.
  12. Thank you everyone for your reviews and comments. I have just sent them an email, letting them know that we must cancel due to the above comments. I did ask them to respond concerning the reviews.
  13. Thank you to you both. I'm pretty sure we'll be booking! ;) Woobstr - when he gets home and I show him these pics, if he wants more I will e-mail you. Thank you for the kind offer. :)
  14. I'm looking for pictures of the Thermal Spa. Ruby to be specific, but would take any available to show DH. Think about doing this in a couple of weeks. Thnx!
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