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  1. Thanks so much Betsynh for the pictures! Glad you liked the rooms. We will be on 7903 and 7905 next week. Imagine they are pretty similar. Can't wait for this trip!
  2. Have a great trip Betsynh! Do post pics of the room if you are able!
  3. Is there a web site that shows the charters for the various ships and lines? It would be interesting information, if only to see which ships are frequently chartered.
  4. So nice to hear that "frequent" guests will be acknowledged in some way, sb44. Long in coming, but will be much appreciated. I agree that on long voyages WIFI would be a real asset. However, there would have to be some improvements made on the WIFI reception....very slow. We like the laundry package, seems to be included on longer trips, and an additional perk for "frequent" guests would be ideal! Bring it on Windstar!
  5. We certainly are in agreement on our love for the Windsurf. She certainly is unique, and after 20 or so trips, has become our home away from home. It is a thrill to see her when she comes into view, and greeting the Captain and crew. Very special indeed. Can't wait for our next voyage!!!
  6. In looking at the new WindSurf Deck Plan (see attachment from SB44 above) the new rooms are on Deck 3 where they took 12 suites and converted them back into 24 rooms (suites have 2 bathrooms) gaining 12 rooms. On deck 2 by moving the Spa, they gained 4 more rooms....already there and used for massages. A good business move for Windstar and will increase revenue. Can't wait to see the changes. The Windsurf has always been our favorite ship!
  7. We have stayed in 501(now Officers Suite) many times. It is located on the Bridge, but is much smaller than the Bridge Suites....and with 1 bath unlike the suites on Deck 3. It is priced like a regular suite (unless that changes with the new name) We always liked its privacy, being on the Bridge Deck, but you do have to go outside to get anywhere on the ship.
  8. Interesting....Looks like Suite 501 is now going to be called The "Officers Suite".
  9. Agreed, SB44. I think we will opt for relaxing on the couch and having the option to look out. Wonder if those rooms will be redone....
  10. We are booked in Rms 7903 and 7905 in August 2019 on the Infinity. Will be sure to take some photos.
  11. Just wondered how Mama Lee is doing....and is she coming back to the ship?
  12. Well said Milepig. They are like an "old shoe" to all that love Windstar. The ships are older, but familiar and comfortable....not a luxury line, but never claimed to be. What we love and keeps us coming back are the crew, always smiling and helpful, the warm and inviting casual atmosphere and the low number of guests. Every cruise line will have people aboard who can never be satisfied, and no cruise experience is perfect, but the large number of returnees to Windstar indicates that they are doing fine. We are booked for voyage #22 in January, and can't wait!
  13. Still hopeful that there will be another sailing yacht!
  14. Congratulations to Captain Belinda! Have not traveled with her yet, but hope to in the future!
  15. Heard a while ago from one of the captains that they were going to build a new Wind Surf, and stretch the motor yachts. But from this new information it sounds like they are purchasing an existing ship??? Hope it is the Club Med ship! Sent from my iPad using Forums
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