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  1. Hope you are all having a wonderful trip on the beautiful Crystal Symphony! Would love to hear from you.... how was your day in Bermuda today? And how about your time aboard ship? Looking forward to our trip out of NYC!
  2. In looking at the map on the port of Bermuda referenced above, the passenger ship outside the identification code is blue and is the Crystal Symphony.
  3. We just watched the Viking Orion leave Royal Dockyard on the Port Bermuda webcam. There is a map below the live feed, and if you zoom out you will see the Crystal Symphony and its proximity to Bermuda. Not sure when she is expected, but it would be nice to see her arrive.
  4. Bon Voyage! Beautiful ship! Anxious to follow your posts. We will be leaving from New York!
  5. Well said SB44. We too will follow the rules….the Crystal “book” is impressive as is Crystal. We all are anxious to return to cruising and hopefully Bermuda will keep accepting the many people knocking on their doors. Bon voyage!
  6. That is encouraging. It is unclear how many will be aboard....but it could be as many as 800 or so (hope not) Emailing all might be problematic. Maybe they will be sent to the ship instead. It does seem though that the details will be ironed out when we hear from Crystal. So looking forward to being aboard the Symphony again! Just looked on Cruise Mapper and she is just north of Scotland. Hope they turn on the camera soon so we can watch the trip over.
  7. So let me see if I understand this. We arrive at 3PM in Bermuda and are tested(day 1)....cannot leave the ship the rest of the day since the testing takes 24 hours. The 2nd day we cannot disembark until 3 PM or whenever the results are reported (hopefully sooner) That leaves day 3 when we should be clear to disembark until 5PM when the ship leaves. Does that sound right?
  8. Here is the Symphony in Bar Harbor! A wonderful trip. Have a great day!
  9. We called Crystal and were told there was a charter between Boston and New York . No other information.
  10. Thank you Keith! November 5 NYC R/T Bermuda 2LoveToTravel, Mike and Donna
  11. I remember some years ago, we flew to St Maarten from NYC changing planes in SJU. When we looked recently, there were no connections. However that was pre Covid. Those connections may return as we, hopefully return to normal.
  12. Susiesan....I understand. And the agent at Delta asked if the cruise line was paying the increase in fare. Ha Ha! At this time Delta is not charging a change fee. But the cost is another $300. each added to our San Juan fare. We are fortunate to be in an area served by JFK and EWR. So, we can usually get non stop flights. We are just hoping that the virus abates, and we can all travel again on our favorite....Windstar.
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